2015-2016 Network Predictions A Year Later

I’m going to be real with you guys I don’t always have everything on the blog figured out. This was certainly true a year ago. I remember it was a Friday morning, I had called into work for some sickness and was at home freaking out because I needed something to post (this is back where I thought my blog would crumble if I didn’t post something new every day). As some of you may have noticed I watch a lot of TV, it might be my off-limits Thursday night trip to Shondaland with ABC or on the Sunday’s when “I can’t even” and binge watch something I’ve been neglecting on my DVR, I love to get wrapped up in the pretty talking people in the picture box. There are 2 exciting times for a hardcore Network TV viewer- season/series premiere time and season Finale/new show/renewal announcement times. While I get all kinds of excited knowing Damon and Stefan Salvator will be back yet another year in Vampire Diaries, I LOVE seeing what new characters and what actors are coming to my TV next fall. So I decided I would post a prediction post as to how the shows would fair…while the idea came to me as a random space filler I actually really liked it. It was hilarious for me to go back now and review how on or off my predictions actually were.

So before we jump into the 2016-2017 shows (next week)  that are causing buzz let’s see how last year’s new shows faired.

2015-2016 Predictions

The Catch (ABC)

The Catch

Photo from ABC

I Predicted: This show will be a hit just like all of Shondra’s Shows.

Result: While it took me 3 episodes to really enjoy it, I do enjoy it. It was pushed back to a spring release (probably because of the major casting changes the network made after purchasing the series) but the series wrapped up its first season and will return in the fall.

The Grinder (FOX)

I Predicted: This show could go either way. Comedies (outside of ABC) haven’t had the longest shelf life lately.

Result: I really wanted to love this! I love Rob Lowe but at last, I checked out about 8 episodes in. Fox announced the shows cancellation earlier this month.

Wicked City (ABC)

I Predicted: Perhaps I’m bias but I can see this show doing very well. Audiences love knowing who the bad guy is and watching as the good guys try to figure it out. I don’t know what kind of longevity a series like this can have but hey, Dexter lasted 8 seasons.

Result: I loved this show! I loved the storyline, the cast, all of it but sadly I was apart of the minority. Wicked City got was killed of ABC’s schedule after only a few episodes.

Scream Queens (FOX)

Scream Queens

Photo from Fox

I Predicted: This show will be a hit if only because of it’s all-star cast and notable creators.

Result: I wasn’t a fan. At the shock of many, Screen Queens was renewed by Fox.

Uncle Buck (ABC)

I Predicted: This show will not live long.

Result: Well I was kind of right and wrong. The show got pushed back a year and is premiering on ABC June 14th.

The Real O’Neals (ABC)

I Predicted: While it seems busy, it fits the formula that seems to be working for ABC. I can see it sticking around for a while.

Result: This show had a late premier and I watched the first two episodes one morning at 3:00 a.m. and really enjoyed them but didn’t stick to it. That being said the show was renewed on ABC and I might check it out on Netflix.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW)

Crazy ex-girlfriend

Photo from the CW

I Predicted: This musical adult version of Felicity (who moves for a guy who you aren’t even involved with…seriously?) will flop.

Result: I am sorry to the musical television Gods. Not only was this one of my favorite new shows of the new seasons and not only did it get renewed but the lead Rachel Bloom landed a Golden Globe, the second for the CW network

Truth Be Told  (NBC)

I Predicted: This may be the ship to turn NBC’s Comedy lineup around or it may only last a season. I need to at least see a full episode to make a real prediction.

Results: I loved this show but sadly after 10 episodes NBC called it quits. On the plus side the show did end on a note that made for a good series finale versus a cliffhanger. So I would totally recommend watching it, you won’t feel like you got screwed.

Grandfathered (FOX)

Things I Predict: If Full House taught us anything people love watching a hot guy play with a cute baby. “Have Mercy” FOX , I think you have a hit!

Results: This show was amazing! The cast was amazing! But Fox’s decision to cancel it… not so amazing. The network announced in early May that it was canceling the show. Netflix loves Stamos so much I dunno why they don’t purchase it.

Heartbreaker (NBC)

I Predicted: Despite the fact I find the premise overdone I think it will do well. Melissa George is a wonderful actress and Hollywood keeps pumping out medical dramas because America likes them…. ER, Grey’s Anatomy, The Night Shift… to name a few.

Results: Didn’t watch it. Apparently the shows name changed to Heartbeat before it aired in early 2016 and was cancelled shortly after.

Lucifer (Fox)

I Predicted: I don’t personally plan on watching this and don’t see audiences responding well to the mid-season series.

Results: Didn’t watch it. It was renewed but apparently this was a shock.

Angel From Hell (CBS)

I Predicted: Once again my expectations for comedies are low. This duo may have been a winning pair but I worry the cheesy plot might turn off adult audiences. Could go either way.

Result: I did watch and it was a show you wanted to watch because you liked the actors but the storyline just was not a good fit for CBS in my opinion. It CBS pulled the cord early.

Dr. Ken (ABC)

I Predicted: Ken Jeong has a huge following between his work on Community and his role in the Hangover  films, so I could see it being a hit.

Results: This show was just so loveable. I enjoyed each episode. ABC renewed the comedy for a second season.

Blood & Oil (ABC)


Photo From ABC

I predicted: I don’t see it lasting, to be honest. Series like this tend to be more successful on a cable network with shorter seasons.

Result: I wanted to like this show, simply for the cast. I don’t think I got through the first episode and ABC didn’t get through the first season before pulling the plug.

So I think I might have a future in Network television because I was pretty on the money for the most part. Stay tuned for next week when we dive into the 2016-2017 schedule.

What show are you sad got the axe? What show are you happy will be back next fall? Tell me in the comments.

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2015-2016 Network Predictions A Year Later


4 Reasons You Need a Media Kit

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and have slowly been growing my brand and business. The one thing I spent too much time putting off? My media kit!  I finally made the time to sit down and create it when I received an inquiry from someone wanting to buy ad space on the site. I was floored and super excited, that they had reached out to me!  I thought, “Okay Dia, get your shit together and look professional!” so I did. Which brings me to the first reason you need a media kit…

It makes you look more professional

Having a media kit tells potential advertisers and clients that you mean business about your blog. The fact that you have an organized and set rates for your services, lets them know that you aren’t pulling numbers out of thin air when they reach out to you. It lets them know you have evaluated the worth of yourself and your site.

Having a media kit tells potential advertisers and clients that you mean business. Click To Tweet

It organizes their expectations

When you write out the amount of pageviews you have, the amount of social media traffic you have and what services you will offer at a certain price they can know what they are getting. Will you share the post on social media? How many times do you guarantee to post it? On what channels do you plan to market their product?

You can create a more custom plan once you’re in talks with the client but at least you’ve set an expectation and a bargaining starting point.

It organizes your expectations

The same way it organizes the client’s expectations it also organizes your own. More than that it helps you maintain the worth of your work and time. I recently decided to no longer write for free. It seems silly that this would even be up for debate because writing is work (although I love it). If I went to my day job and they said “We aren’t going to pay you anymore but still want you to work,” I’d say, “Bye Felicia!” I understand when you are first starting out it’s easy to want to write just to get your name out there and for certain platforms I certainly see the appeal (especially in the case where it’s a contributor network that invites you to be paid contributor after your first publication) but in the long run writing for free really only boils down to one simple truth, not only are you working for free but you’re working and making other people’s money. When someone contacts you to write an article or do a review you can respond thanking them for contacting you and with your media kit so you don’t have to send an awkward money email.

To recruit brand opportunities better

Think of it like this, if you are a freelance writer you probably have a portfolio of some of your best work so when pitching a story idea you can show off your writing style. A media kit is the same thing. It allows you to say, “Hey this is what I can do.” By sharing your social media and traffic statistics potential clients know what you are capable of.  You are saying, “Hey my reach can be your reach.”

You aren’t just emailing them asking for free products or asking them for the honor of advertising for them, you are offering them something.

Stay tuned for my post next Monday on how to build your media kit!

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4 Reasons You Need A Media Kit

I also want to say a big shout out to Erica at Coming Up Roses for inspiring me to Stop Doing FREE!

Things I Can’t Get Enough Of Lately May 2016

So last month I did a post entitled, Things I can’t get enough of lately. I started the post by saying that, I know a post called “What I do to make $4,000 a month blogging would get more traffic” but I was shocked by the amount of love this post got. I guess like myself, readers like learning about new things they should try- watching, eating, listening to, drinking, etc. So I thought why not make this a regular thing? So let’s jump right into things I can’t get enough of lately May 2016.

Aquafina sparkling water

I moved jobs and apartments within the last year, so my regular shopping spots have had to adjust depending on traffic. I’ve found myself stopping into Target to pick things up for easy convenience. I am a huge sparkling water fan and flavored water fan, as I refuse to routinely drink anything with calories that isn’t a green smoothie or doesn’t have alcohol in it.  I stumbled upon Aquafina sparkling water and I love it. I bought 2 cans the sparkling water- Lemon Lime Flavor and Black Cherry Dragonfruit. Within a week I was back in Target buying a 4 pack of each. While these don’t make the alcohol/green smoothie cut, it’s okay because they are only 10 calories!

Leinenkugels Grapefruit Shandy

I don’t drink beer that often besides the overly full feelings and beer poops I get the next days, it’s not always worth the calories…unless you’re at a sporting event watching other people exercise and then the calories don’t count….that’s how it works right?  But I love a good Shandy and Leinenkugel is my go to. They have several Shandy’s that I love; Grapefruit Shandy, Lemon Shandy, Summer Shandy to name a few but I just discovered their Watermelon Shandy and it’s delicious! If you’re looking for a light and tasty beverage to take to summer bbqs or crawfish boils (gross) then this will do it.

Side note: Not a fan of crawfish boils. I went to my first one last year and wanted to take them home as pets. That’s not the worst part, I can’t take the smell. I ended up throwing up because the smell!

Broad City

I dunno what took me so long to hop on this train! A show with Amy Poehler at the helm starring two badass millennials in New York City?!?! It’s so funny and I see myself a little in both characters.  I didn’t really think Hannibal Buress was funny until I started watching. Besides the two awesome leading ladies and show creators Illana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, they have crazy amazing guest stars; including but not limited to the aforementioned Amy Poehler, Whoopi Goldberg, Hillary Clinton, Kelly Ripa, and Tony Danza.


If you don’t already know what that stands for, then I can’t help you. Fine! Robert Downey Jr. Now this guy has had my heart since the first time I saw The Pick-Up Artist but like a fine wine RDJ has gotten so much better with time…which is ironic since he is sober. I saw Captain America this weekend and it was AMAZING! Like always, Tony Stark was there with funny witty playboy banter. And I’m definitely team #IronMan but even Chris Evans was looking damn good himself.

Sheryl Sandberg’s Commencement Speech

If you haven’t gotten the chance to listen to Facebook C.O.O’s commencement speech at the Class of 2016 Berkeley graduation then you need to! Not only does she talk about the best parts of starting a new chapter but she speaks openly about dealing with the death of her husband a little more than a year ago. It is moving, motivating and mandatory listening for all the Girl Bosses out there.

She percolates 

As I mentioned last month I’ve been getting into podcasts lately and I am loving the ladies over at she percolates. They host two podcasts a week, an interview with an amazing female business owner and then Friday Coffee Talk where they focus on a topic and discuss together.

I listened to their podcast my entire way to and from my best friend’s wedding. That’s about 7 hours of driving! It’s that good.

Panic at The Disco’s Death of a Bachelor

So I’m at one of my favorite cafe’s writing like I often do and I hear this song that just hooks me in. I pull the words from the chores and type it in to discover its Panic Disco’s Death of a Bachelor. As someone who had a bit of an emo taste in music I was in love with Panic’s music. So I didn’t hesitate to buy the whole album on Google Play.

I love the whole album but my favorite tracks; Death of a Bachelor and Don’t Threaten Me with A Good Time.

Harden My Heart

Yes, I mean the original Quarterflash version from 1981 (before I was born). I’ve heard this song sporadically over my life and of course jammed out to the Julianne Hough, Mary J. Blige version but I’d never really felt it till one day, after a bad day I heard it on the radio and was like I need this is my music collection, so I purchased it. Hi I’m Dia and I have a Google Play addiction. Now I probably listen to it at least once a day.



So my mentor Melyssa Griffin from MelyssaGriffin.com (Formerly The Nectar Collective) has been raving about this product for as long as I remember. It’s a Pinterest app that repins your Pinterest pins for you sporadically to increase your visibility, engagement and ideally Pinterest referred website traffic. There are different levels of commitment and even a free level. This way my pins are getting more attention and I don’t have to do anything.


Okay so I have been in love with this show since it premiered but since it’s Spring Premier it has really gotten back to what made it such a great show. Drama, great music and randomly awesome guest stars. Me and the boy have dubbed this the “Black Game of Thrones” because you never know what’s next.

Which brings me to my next point… Game of Thrones *SPOILERS*

This season is  AMAZING (like all of them). From the rebirth of Jon Snow, his being reunited with his long lost sister Sansa, or the ONE and only Khalessi kicking ass and burning huts only to rise from the ashes like a phoenix…or a dragon I suppose. Haha.

Once upon a time

I fell in love with Once Upon a Time on Netflix in the Fall of 2014 watching seasons 1-3, just in time for season 4 to start. Now to be honest, Once and I have had some up and downs post the Netflix honeymoon phase, the Frozen arch drug on way too long for my liking last season and this season I had no interest in King Arthur and as the season 5 finale approached I found myself more than half a season behind. I managed to catch up in time for the finale and I can say the love is rekindled and I can’t wait for season 6 next fall!

The Catch

When I heard about the Catch last year Bethany Joy Lenz was cast in it (you know Haley from One Tree Hill) and I couldn’t wait. Then after some executive decisions she was out, as well as another actor replaced by Peter Krause (you know Adam from Parenthood). Now I really wanted to like this show, as I love all things Shonda (well I don’t know about Private Practice…), but when I watched the first episode I felt unmoved. I started the 2nd and didn’t finish. But as a loyal Shondalander I gave it another try and now I’m emotionally invested in Alice Vaughn and her gang. So if you didn’t love it the first episode, I recommend at least giving it 3 episodes.

So are you into anything on my list? What is something you can’t get enough of lately?

If you’d like to see last month’s suggestions, then check that out here.

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Things I Can't Get Enough Of LatelyMay 2016