All the things I do is a community for millennial women and dreamers to come for inspiration, order and balance.

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Created in 2015 as a place for bloggers, small business owners, dreamers, multi-taskers, social media junkies and social media novices alike.  I know your life isn’t about just one thing, that you wear a lot of hats and that they all go on the same head. So I want to help any way I can to put your head in the best place for balance and success.

  • I want to share with you the tips and tricks that have worked for me! As well as the things that didn’t. I wasted my time now you won’t have to.
  • You’re entitled to your dream life! You can have the career you want without driving yourself crazy. Your side hustle doesn’t have to kill you.
  • You are a complex person and should be able to come to one place for all the hats you wear. I don’t just share tips to grow your blog, business or social media presence. I give you a great idea for date night. I share my personal favorite appetizers for you to take to that Super bowl party. I share my online dating horror stories just so you can get a laugh.
  • I understand there are bad days and want you to know you aren’t alone in them. I want to provide you with motivation when you don’t want to get out of bed to just keep going.

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Who is that girl who’s face is on every page?

That would be me, Dia Darling!


Based in San Antonio, Texas I started All The Things I Do in 2015. I was working as the Marketing Director for a com]mercial real estate company, and while I felt like I was putting my Communication- Public Relations degree to good use something was missing. When I started my job one of my favorite things about it was writing the company blog but that started to lose some of it’s appeal when I realized I felt suppressed ghost writing for my boss and being limited to topics  that didn’t necessarily inspire me. That’s when I decided to start All The Things and haven’t looked back since.

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