How to Design Your Blogger Business Card

Blogger Business Cards- What you Need to Know and What to Put On Yours

I recently published an article titled, “5 Reasons Bloggers Should Carry Business Cards,” this sparked some interesting comments and questions for me on social media. and I felt like I should follow-up and go into details about what you should have on them and why, now that you know why you should have them.

What to know:

Be sure you put your blog name and URL!

This may sound silly but I have seen cards that only have the blog logo, unless you’re the Artist Formerly known as Prince you probably can’t gain new readers or clients if all you give them to find you online is a logo.

Don’t over share.

A business card isn’t a resume, it’s a preview. Cover the basics but as far as the extra stuff goes, less is more. You don’t want a cluttered card.

What should you put on blogger business cards

Mine has:

  • Blog name
  • My name
  • My email
  • Title: Blogger/ Marketing & Event Coordinator
  • My business number
  • Twitter handle
  • URL

AND on the back

  • My QR code


Don’t feel obligated to put a number

You don’t have to put a number on your blog business card if you don’t want to. I didn’t want to put my personal number on my business cards because you never know if someone will just leave it somewhere. While you want to be available to your audience that may be TOO available.

When I purchased my cards I was attending a blogger conference with other bloggers and different brands. I wanted to give brands and potential sponsors every possible way to contact me. I’m a huge Google user so I decided to get a Google Voice number for my blog. You can use your Google Account to set up a number and even connect it to your cell phone. You can do this whatever way you prefer. I don’t get my Google Voice messages on my phone unless I’m actively working on something. I spend most of my days with my computer open so in the event I do get a call I’m not likely to miss it.

I understand that the reason you are getting a separate number for the blog is so you won’t be bothered during certain times, so I would recommend if you don’t have notifications set up you pick 2 times a day to check your voice account for messages. I suggest during your lunch break (if you work a day job) and then an hour after you get off of work.

Put your photo or a logo

Only put a photo if it is the one you are sticking with for a while. Make sure it looks clear and professional… i.e. not a selfie.

Photos have this funny way of reminding people who you are (who knew?!?)

Your tagline

While you are doing great with your blog name and URL give them a little more. At the time my tagline was simple “Millennial Woman’s Lifestyle Blog,” now it’s something more specific (Which I suggest you strongly consider before you give it some major thought so it stands out).

My new tagline: Promoting balance for the millennial woman and dreamers everywhere.

Your QR code

Getting people to your site isn’t easy (no matter how awesome it is, and I’m sure it is). Make it easier by providing them with a QR code to scan that takes them right where you want them, your blog!

What’s a QR codes?

whats a qr code

Have you seen these  little  black and white square images on marketing materials? That’s a QR code. These codes hold your URLs so people can scan them with the  camera their smartphone and be connected to your website. (Oh sweet technology.)

Social Media Handles

One of the best growth tools for my blog has been social media. Give them another way to connect, follow and see what you are all about. You don’t need to put every single social media account on there… I doubt you will see massive traffic from Myspace, pick one or two of your favorite social media platforms. Pick one you check often and have good engagement on.

You don’t have to spend a fortune!

I don’t know about you but when I started my blog I was spending more than I was making from it (you have to invest in your dreams).

There are so many sources for business cards online. I used Vistaprint for mine. Moo also makes beautiful cards. If you have an access to good printer you can even print your own when first starting out.

Well, that’s it! The low down on blogger business cards! Now tell me:

Do you have business cards? Why haven’t you gotten them yet? Did you make or buy your own? Where did you get them if you have them?

Side note: I’m not currently affiliated with Vistaprint or Moo, I just think they both make great business cards 🙂


    • I think its so important if you are considering making it a business or going to conferences. If you aren’t sure start with a small order or make them at home.

    • You totally should Sarah! Start small and get 100 or so. Remember to carry them with you everywhere. I had one reader tell me she even keeps hers on her when she goes running (fitness blogger 🙂 )

    • Haha yes I want to update mine but I want to use more of them up. I’m in the process of rebranding and probably will once I finish since I’ll be offering new services.

  1. I’m a graphic designer as well so I have always designed my own cards 🙂 I’ve always had a separate business card for my blogs and I think every blogger needs them. I’m always bummed when I meet another blogger but they don’t have a card to give me, and then I can’t find them online later :(. These are great tips! I never do a QR code because I prefer to have a large photo on the back that represents my blog & shows brands my skills & style (it’s just more in line with my brand; everyone is different!) and I agree: MOO is fantastic for printed cards! Thanks for sharing your blogger business card tips!

    • Thanks for the thoughtful comment! I agree… it’s the best way to make sure you don’t copy it down wrong and you get to the right place.
      It’s kind of like…well I hope they find me lol

  2. I went back and forth about putting a QR code on mine. In the end I didn’t because I found that most people didn’t know how to use them really well. But I think for blogger-to-blogger interactions the QR codes are golden. – Katy

    • I would use your logo if you plan on keep it for a while or if you have a profession photo on your site use that. Do whatever you feel more comfortable with.

  3. I have been thinking about getting some business cards but I keep putting it off, one of the reasons being I don’t know what to put on it so I’m glad I came across this post. I will be looking into getting this done soon! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This was super helpful. Thanks for posting this. I always forget that I can have business cards for the things I do. I blog but rarely share it with other people. I need to get a business card and put myself out there!

    • Yes! Lana omg yes! Please put yourself out there and show the world what the Joy Blog is all about. You never know when you’re meeting a sponosor, future business partner or future best blogger friends 🙂

  5. Great advice on the business cards. I think it’s really important today to include your Social Media Handles. As technology continues to grow – it offers another avenue for someone to find you or your business. Often times, i think people would rather communicate through social media than email because they know they will get a quick response.

      • Sorry about that. Yeah, you had some great points. I’ve bookmarked the page and your blog. Oh, by the way, the Google Voice. That is new to me….will look into that for sure.

  6. I’m a huge believer of needing a business card. When I first started blogging, I really didn’t see the importance of it until I was talking to someone about my blog and they asked if I had a card. After that, I went home and made them and carry them with me always. I love your tip about adding a QR code, mind blown! Of course, it makes perfect sense!!! Thanks so much for sharing this I will be updating my next batch with those on them.

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