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What Is Productivity Coaching?

When I hosted my first productivity coaching call, I couldn’t help but realize how much it resembled therapy. You are presenting all your vulnerable shit to a virtual stranger with the hopes they can make sense of it all. As someone who goes to and is a strong advocate of therapy, I know how scary it can be.

I wanted to take some time to address some of the common fears people have when they decide to work with a productivity coach.

They are going to think I’m a hopeless hot mess.
By deciding to get coaching you are proving you aren’t hopeless. A large part of any coaching success is being able to recognize the need for it and being willing to put in the work. You can do this, if you can do that.

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Where do most people fail with productivity?
Most people fail with productivity for two reasons. They try too many solutions at once and they lack accountability. It’s important to remember these two things.
1. Getting productive isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s an ongoing process. Some days will be better than others. Trying to do all the things or use all the apps at once will only contribute to your overwhelm and stress. That’s why even at my shortest level of 1 on 1 coaching I offer more than one interaction.
2. Many people know what they need to do, but when trying to build an online business, you don’t have anyone to keep you accountable but yourself. If you have the safety net of a day job or amply employed spouse, it can be easy to be easy on yourself. When you make the commitment to do productivity coaching your coach commits to keeping you on track. A coach can’t do the work for you, but they will be in your ear cheering you on and calling you out on your shit.

I’m just getting started.
This is a very good time to nail down your productivity style and build good habits and systems. If you had a client who wanted to train for a marathon a year away, you wouldn’t tell them to call you in 9 months and just enjoy Netflix and pizza in the meantime. You’d want to start building the foundation of good habits for the best possible results in the long run.


I’ve been at this for a while; it’s too late to rewrite history
It’s never too late to learn new things. If you’ve been building your business for a while and aren’t where you want to be there is room to grow. If anything you have useful data for identifying your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll be able to contribute to your productivity improvement from the lessons you’ve learned in your previous trial and error.

I don’t have the time
You know the charity commercials from the 90’s that would tell viewers, “For the cost of 1 cup of coffee a day you can make a difference in a child’s life.” Coaching is like that if you just make a small sacrifice you can make a huge difference in your life. Maybe you just need to skip that extra hour of tv you watch before bed. Maybe you need to wake up an hour earlier for coaching calls or implementation sessions. Maybe you need to find a gym that’s closer to your house to cut down on your commute and save half an hour. Even the busiest people make time for the things they deem necessary.

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If you are ready to start your productivity coaching you can review my different packages here or contact me for a consult call.

5 Productivity Myths

We all have a specific productivity style. Some of us find ourselves the most driven when the world is quiet in the early morning and we can just beast mode through our projects and work. Others of us find that motivation doesn’t hit until the sun goes down and our counterparts are winding down.
While we might have things in common, each of us has a unique style and finding it is the first step in getting shit done and reaching our goals. That being said a lot of people often find themselves cockblocked by common myths about productivity. Well, today I am here to help you realize those myths are complete crap and how you can address them.

Myth 1: You Can’t Schedule Creativity

How many times have you found yourself cozy in bed minutes from dreamland when your mind develops the best idea? Or maybe for you, it’s in the shower or during a long drive. It never seems to happen when you sit down with hours to work. That seems to be when your brain has tumbleweeds blowing around and you don’t have a single good idea.
Trust me; I get it. While you can’t control when creativity strikes you can learn what triggers yours and set yourself up for creative success. By planning for the things, you can control, like blog post topics or your post formats you can optimize the time you have. If you are a trainer, you can design your ideal workout method to train. While you may not have each step laid out, you can have the outline in place.
For example, you know that your ideal workout for your client is 10 minutes of warm up, legs, arms, ab work, then cool down. You can sit down and fill in the blanks later.
Perhaps you are making a 7-day meal plan for a client. You may not be able to think of all 21 meals and 14 snacks, but you know what nutrition guidelines you want to have.
You know you want three proteins, five vegetables, three fruits, two starches and one fat. When you look at this outline, it’s a lot easier to fill in the blanks. Productivity isn’t about forcing anything it’s about cultivating what works.

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Myth 2: I Don’t Have Time to Create or Maintain Systems

Have you ever had a friend call you crying? She just got dumped by that boyfriend you never really liked in a text message and she is crushed. Changes are this call didn’t happen when you were conveniently down the street from her house with a bottle of her favorite wine chilled in the passenger seat. You were probably on the way to the gym, making dinner or writing that week’s blog post. Well, I’m sure you didn’t say, “I don’t have time for your crisis right now, I’m too busy,” click. You probably sat down to talk to her about all the reasons she deserves better, or you ran to the grocery store to pick up wine and a frozen pizza to take over.
The same goes with systems. You decide what you make time for. The best thing about systems is while they may take some initial time to set up and tweak once they are in place you’ll find that you save tons of time.

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Myth 3: I Have Too Much Inconsistency In My Life to Maintain Systems 

Life is inconsistent. Your doctor probably doesn’t call with your test results and say, “Is it a convenient time for you to have some irregular cells on your pap smear?” Your grandmother didn’t call the week before she passed to make sure, “It was a good time for her to die.”
You’ve probably heard of this lady, Sheryl Sandberg, writer of Lean In and COO of this dinky little website called Facebook (maybe you’ve heard of it?). Life didn’t ask her if it was a good time for her husband to succumb to a heart attack while they were on vacation in 2015. When she experienced this heartbreaking loss she didn’t close up shop and gave up on life, in fact, she co wrote her second best seller Option B, as a result of it.
Life is going to be inconsistent, setting up systems will help you maintain productivity even when life happens. By working ahead, identifying your triggers for productivity and lack of motivation you can better address them. If life weren’t inconsistent, we wouldn’t have the need we do for productive systems.

Myth 4: I’m Already Productive; I’m Constantly Busy

Busy and productive aren’t the same thing. You could spend 3 hours planning out your Quarter 3 business plan but until you actually put those ideas into practice, you’re just doing busy work.
Identifying the difference between productive and busy is a major key to overcoming the things that waste so much of our time.
A few ways to determine if a task is a busy task or a productive one is by asking yourself these three questions before working on it. I recommend doing this rapid fire style, so you don’t have time to talk yourself into believing the busy is productive.

  • Is this a money making activity?
  • Is there a tangible result I can identify once this task is complete?
  • Is this a necessary task to get me to my ultimate goal?

To have a successful business, it’s important to have a balance of productive and busy tasks. You need to respond to emails but chances are most of them aren’t making you money. You need to keep your site information updated but you also need to make time to create new content.

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Let’s say your goal is to have 4 training clients by the end of the month. You sit down to work and your to-do list says:

  • Check email
  • Make social media graphics and copy announcing 4 open spots for September
  • Watch webinar replay on Facebook ads

By asking yourself the questions above you may decide that watching the webinar is a productive task because you can take notes before creating your social media copy for the ads above. So you choose to look at the webinar, create the graphics and set up the ads then check your email when you’re done.

Maybe you’ve put out fillers and emailed a few potential clients about the open spots in your training schedule, so you decide that quickly skimming your email for anyone who has decided to buy and postpone reading irrelevant emails until after you respond to those new clients. You decide after you respond to those emails you can watch the webinar and create the ads. Once your new ads are set up, you can check the rest of your emails.

Perhaps you don’t have the money to do Facebook ads, so you decide to check your email for client responses, then create your social media graphics. If you have time, you might watch the webinar or see if there is something that could currently help you grow your business you could work on instead of watching a webinar that you won’t be able to take actionable steps on.

The goal of productivity training is to learn how to make the most out of your time and cut out things that waste it. The best use of your time may look different than someone else and that is okay.

Myth 5: X Didn’t Work For Me Nothing Will

“_______ is the ultimate productivity hack and it didn’t work for me so I can’t be helped.”
Productivity isn’t one size fits all. You may have business friends who rave about the Pomodoro technique or claim they were only able to grow their business by batching. Maybe those things don’t work for you so you feel like you can’t be helped. The truth is they have probably tweaked those general systems to work for them. You need to figure out what works for you and the sooner, the better.

It’s not as hard as it seems to be productive once you learn what does and doesn’t work for you. I recommend starting by having super clear clarity in what your goals and priorities are. If you would like to work with me one on one to improve your productivity, you can sign up for my six-month productivity coaching package Business Gains.

I have 4 spots open for September so grab your spot now and let’s find the most productive version of you.

Introducing Business Gains

Today I am so thrilled to announce the official launch of Business Gains! My 6 month 1 on 1 productivity and time management coaching package.

What is Business Gains?

Business Gains is for the busy aspiring lady boss who can’t ever seem to get all the things done. Over the 6 months of our time together trainers will work directly with me to systemize their business, make more time for money making activities like client work and content creation, identify your productivity style, eliminate time sucks and set you up to be the badass productive business boss you know you are deep down under the to-do lists, emails and distractions.

Why Business Gains?

I understand how frustrating it is when you know what to do but it’s not getting done. You have bought all the courses to launch your awesome coaching program, service packages or product but you always feel like you’re a day late and a dollar short. You see your peers making a killing and you can’t figure out why that light hasn’t gone off for you. A majority of online trainers and coaches will tell you they know what they need to do they just aren’t doing it. So I found myself asking why? What is stopping these driven motivated women from excelling? The answer was simple it was lack of systems and accountability. I wanted to create a coaching program that helps you get past your productivity blocks. A program that will push you and make you take a long look at what you’re doing, what is working and what needs to go.

What Will Your Life Be Like After Business Gains?

You will be less stressed, more organized, more productive and more successful. You don’t have to work 24/7 to build a business you love. You just need a little focus, guidance, organization and accountability.
Say goodbye to constantly turning down social invites because you have to work.
Say goodbye to always being in the red at the end of the month.
Say goodbye to fighting with your partner because you’re always glued to your laptop.
Say hello to Sunday brunches with friends, that are stress-free because you know your to-do list is done.
Say hello to Saturday afternoon trips to the winery with your boyfriend and romantic hikes.
Say hello to more clients and fewer admin hours. Say hello to Business Gains.

You have an amazing amount of power within you to get the things you want done, you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t a motivated and driven person. Get to where you want to be.
I have 4 spots open right now for business gains coaching. If you are ready to make the commit to your business and yourself start now.

Learn more about this 1 on 1 training program before all the spots are filled.