10 Awesome Friend Date Ideas

They say dates are important for maintaining romance. But how do you maintain friendships? The same way!


As we get older it seems like it gets harder to make time for friends. I know for me there are a lot of friends I only see during life events- weddings, birthdays, baby showers, etc. Also as I get older I notice there aren’t too many activities for us inbetweeners to do. What’s a inbetweener? Inbetweeners are those twenty-somethings who haven’t settled down but can’t party like they used to (without a 24 hour hangover….thank you Halloween weekend).

So I decided to compose a list of fun things you can do to spent time with your friends.


Closet Swap

We all have that section in our closet that we never touch or that bag of really nice clothes we don’t wear but don’t want to just giveaway. This is a great excuse to get together. Each bring your bag of clothes and a bottle of wine. That way you get to see your friends, clean out your closet and get some new (to you) clothes.


Painting Party

paint brushes

I haven’t personally been to painting with a twist but everyone I know who has loves it. I love to paint at home. So if you are low on funds head over to your favorite craft store and have a painting night at your house. You can all paint the same thing and compare interpretations and talent or just paint whatever random thing you want.


Potluck Dinner

Some of my favorite memories with my friends is just getting together at one of our places and making dinner. It doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner party.  Each person brings one thing. Dress code can be sweatpants and flip-flops. No matter how busy you are you have to eat.


Wine or Brewery Tour

This is a great friend date idea because you can go with 2 people or 10. You can go to a local brewery and see how beer is made or go to a nearby vineyard and try their different wines.


T.V. night

Do you spend Thursday night mass texting your friends every time something crazy happens on Scandal? Why not just watch it together? I have a weekly date with a friend to watch Shondraland, we take turns getting food and hosting.


Game Night

Game Night

When was the last time you played Monopoly? Everyone bring over a game and a snack and have a good ole fashion game night. Really want to catch up? Make guests check their cell phones at the door.


Book Club/Movie Night

Once a month pick a book that has been adapted into a film to read and then get together to watch the movie. Here is a list of over 300 movies that have been made into books.



There are so many organizations that do amazing work and rely heavily on the support of volunteers. Get together and help someone else. People who volunteer their time to help others are statistically happier.


Have an old school sleepover

Every one bring your favorite blanket and pillow over. Pick out your favorite classics; The Breakfast Club,  Mean Girls, Clueless….eat way too much candy, make pink cocktails and laugh all night.


DIY Pinterest

We all have that one friend who is like the queen of Pinterest. The one whose photos look like the actual pin while your finished product looks like the before picture to her after. Pick one idea you think is cute and make an afternoon out of it.


What are some of your favorite things to do to catch up with your friends?

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  1. Karen

    What a cute lost! Great ideas to have fun with friends. I love the closet swap idea! I am going to plan one of these for this weekend! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. GiGi Eats

    Funny, I think I just had a dream about having a sleepover with girlfriends – LOL! Like the good ol’ days! However, I tend to have sleep overs every night… That I am NOT complaining about!

  3. Hil

    I love these! I do them a lot with my friends. My friends live 2 hours away, so when we get together it is for camping or a girls weekend. A few weeks ago they came for a Crafting weekend, everyone brought projects they were working on and a craft to “lead” including the supplies. We made a bunch of ornaments and stuff and had a bunch of fun things to take home.

  4. Dia

    That sounds like an awesome weekend. I have a good group of local girl friends but between blogging, dating, full-time job, improv classes (just on my end) it’s hard to make time. These are fun activities but some are also productive so you can catch up and get stuff done.. like cleaning out your closet.

  5. Kate

    I have some friendships that are in desperate need of a friend date night. Thank you for the ideas <3

  6. IRENE

    I haven’t had a friend date in forever! thanks for inspiring me!

  7. Dia

    Awe I hope you get to catch up with your friends soon. Thanks for stopping by Kate.

  8. Dia

    Of course. I hope you find the list helpful in planning your next one 🙂

  9. Davina

    These were great tips Dia. Most of the time we forget the importance of friendship, especially when we have a hectic schedule. Thanks for sharing; I will definitely try out a couple of these ideas sooner rather than later.

  10. Dia

    Yes! I mean it takes a village to raise ourselves. I love my complex group of loved ones. You need people there to help you deal. I hope which ever activities you try you and your friends enjoy.

  11. olga

    So True!! I’m in the 30 age group where friendships have spread across the country making it harder to connect. I love all of your ideas especially the old school sleepover. When I visit by BFF in Phoenix we like to go to vintage shops and look at all the cool things we won’t do anything with in our homes but still buy anyway. My other fav…. buying ice cream and sitting a top a parking garage and night.

  12. Dia

    Oh I love that my best girl friend only live about 4 hours away but we did that one night. We got frostys from Wendy’s and talked in a parking lot till like 1 a.m.

  13. Katie

    Awww, these are such great ideas! My husband’s job required us to move away a couple of years ago, which means time with my best friend back home is even more precious. We’ll have to try one of these date ideas next time we see each other!

  14. Dia

    It’s great you two stay in touch! I hope you see each other soon

  15. Danielle Greco

    Love this post! My friend and I have “Pinterest” nights alll the time! It’s literally what we did on halloween lol. It’s such a blast to do crafts together, chat and create stuff! Great other ideas too!
    Danielle Greco

  16. Mimi Rose

    This is such a great post, I haven’t had a girl’s night in ages. The DIY Pinterest idea is perfect!

  17. Dia

    Thanks! I wanted to think of a list of ideas where everyone could find one thing they wanted to do. I hope you have girl’s night soon.

  18. Claire

    Friend dates are the best!!! Need to have them more often!


    These are fun ideas and really put some life into a friendship, rather than doing the same old thing together. Thanks for giving me an idea!

  20. Mistle

    All great suggestions! I find that it is harder to spend time with friends as we get older. Friends dates are a must though! A lot of my friends have kids (which I don’t), so it’s a little hard to work around their schedules but when we make time, we always have fun.

  21. Dia

    I totally understand that… once people start getting married and having children their schdules change. Girls nights can turn into “oh my boyfriend is coming,” it’s so important to maintain some relationships because me time outside of your romantic relationship is vital

  22. Dia

    It’s easy to fall into a friendship rutt, even if you make the time to hang out you end up doing the same old thing, it’s nice to shake it up.

  23. Ashley

    I love the paint night idea!! Also, the book club… and game night!! So many wonderful ideas! I’ll be pinning this post for sure!

  24. Jaime Blunier

    Great ideas to switch out from the same old night out with the girls!

  25. Eryn

    Really cute ideas! I’ll have to suggest some of these one night!

  26. Lindsay

    I love this post! My friend hosted a clothes swap party and it was so fun. I got a fabulous Zara romper, Express dress, and classic black skater skirt. I’m going to save this list and use it throughout the year. Very excited to up my friend game : )

  27. Cindy C

    Love these ideas! I do some of them currently, but gonna take a few more from this list! Friendship is important and needs attention too! Great post, thanks for sharing!


  28. Accidental Blogger

    I like to get together with friends and can. We’ve made spaghetti sauce, jams, and sauerkraut. It’s productive and we drink beer while doing it!

  29. Julia

    These are such cute ideas! I especially love the painting party one and definitely want to do that with my friends!

  30. Becki S

    These are great ideas! I am gearing up for a new year full of some new things (including a move!) so I need these ideas to make new friends and keep up with the old. Thanks.

  31. Angie Scheie

    Love it! Maintaining friendships is so important at any stage in life. I just did a ceramic painting night with some old friends from high school. Great post!

  32. Cori

    You kinda covered it in the Pinterest one, but my girls and I schedule craft days. We only get to see each other every couple of months, so that’s a great of way of making sure we not only get together but also get in some much needed crafting time.

  33. Candy

    Dia I love your suggestion. Time for myself and friends to get out of the rut. You have given me some ideas to share and see what we come up with

  34. Sophia

    I do not know if I ever went on a friend date. I never thought of it like that.

  35. Amber Starr

    Love these! I miss friend dates so much. Unfortunately we are all so busy and all have kids now that most our dates are spent chasing kids. lol.

  36. Roxy

    I love these ideas! Time is so scarce these days and I always really miss doing stuff like this with my friends. I’m going to have to make it a priority to get in a little extra girl time!

  37. Liz Mays

    I love the painting party idea and visiting wineries. Those are total girlfriend ideas I could support.

  38. Dia

    Right just fun ways to bond.

  39. Dia

    Right it just seems like we are always in a rush. We need to get things done.

  40. Dia

    Haha yeah I know. From chasing shots to chasing kids for some of my friends. lol

  41. Dia

    Any time you make a conscious decision to spend time with someone you care about I consider it a date.

  42. Dia

    I hope you get to reconnect.

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