20 For 2020 Recap + 2021 Word of The Year

We all walked into 2020 with big dreams and plans. It was not only designated as “our year” but “our decade” and then the universe laughed and things took an unpredicted turn. We had an actual global pandemic start. We changed our travel plans, tried to find masks that we thought were cute, because we needed some normalcy, and what’s more normal than accessorizing. We lost inspiring souls like Chadwick Boseman. We fought for justice for Brennon Taylor, George Floyd, and countless others. Businesses shut down, We had much pain and also so much growth. Wow… even just typing that out was heavy.

So I thought I’d share some of my plans for 2020 and how they shifted and how I still won.



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In this episode: 

  1. Radical self-love
  2. Downtime
  3. Family time
  4. Love
  5. Leave the country
  6. Taxes
  7. Journal on the beach
  8. Workout
  9. More friend time
  10. More adventure
  11. More development
  12. More visibility
  13. Radical Joy
  14. Boy bye to toxic friendships
  15. No more self-shame or guilt
  16. Boundaries
  17. New things – food
  18. Books on books on books
  19. More biz connecting
  20. Getting my expert on
  • I share my 2021 word of the year and what it means to me.

A note: I love you all so much. Laughing at the things that didn’t work out this year is coming from a place of being in the positive because there is so much negative. I could bitch and moan about things I didn’t get to do because of the pandemic but the truth is I survived 2020 and if you’re reading this you did too. So I plan to look forward. I know sometimes that is easier said than done. So take this episode as a way to invite you to look at what you lost and gained last year and what you want to do this year because of it.

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What plans did you have to rework in 2020?

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What changes worked out for the better?

Which do you plan to move to the future?