2015-2016 Television Renewals

Jane The Virgin, Brooklyn 99, Mom, Scandal
Jane The Virgin, Brooklyn 99, Mom, Scandal

Happy Friday beautiful people!

As someone who has always watched way too much television this time of year is always emotionally stressful for me. Why, you ask…. Mother’s day? Graduation? The kick off of wedding season? NO. Television network fall schedule announcements. What shows will stay and what shows will go…

This year I am one very happy girl! While there are some shows I have to say goodbye to (Revenge 🙁 just when you got really good again), I will be seeing a lot of my favorite fictional characters in my living room next fall.

Major network renewals I’m excited about:

How to Get Away With Murder (Season 2)
Galavant (Season 2)
Grey’s Anatomy (Season 12) R.I.P. McDreamy
Nashville (Season 4)
Once Upon A Time (Season 5)
Scandal (Season 5)
Secrets and Lies (Season 2)

Mom (Season 3)

IZombie (Season 2)
Jane The Virgin (Season 2)
The Originals (Season 3)
The Vampire Diaries (Season 7) Minus one Nina Dobrev

Brooklyn 99 (Season 3)
Bob’s Burgers (Season 6)
Empire (Season 2)
New Girl (Season 5)
The Simpsons (Season 27)


Chicago PD (Season 3)

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