What shows got canceled?

2016-2017 Network Predictions A Year Later

It’s my second favorite time of year for television! No not awards season or any of that stuff. It’s renewal and cancellation month. All the shows we’ve gotten to know and love (or not love) find out if they will live to see another season. Sometimes this is awesome because you get reassurance that you will get to find out how that cliffhanger ended. Other times it’s heartbreaking because you are left with a void in your heart because a show you loved is over and so many questions are left unanswered.

Frequency (CW)

Things I Predict: I am going to give this a try for sure but I don’t know if I see it lasting sadly. I just don’t know how this premise could stay interesting and fresh long term.

Result:  I didn’t watch this one. It wasn’t renewed. The CW and makers of the show gave the show’s audience some closure online about how the storyline ended.

No Tomorrow (CW)

Things I Predict: I want to say this won’t last for a number of reasons. But its from the creator behind the CW’s hit Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and it looks good, but the trailer doesn’t have large appeal in my opinion. I think it could go either way.

Result: So I didn’t give this a shot and apparently neither did a lot of people. The show was canceled in early May. Like it’s network neighbor Frequency, the CW released footage online to give fans closure.

Conviction (ABC)

Things I Predict: If the show is as interesting as it’s trailer I think ABC has another hit on its hands.

Result: I really like this show. Perhaps it didn’t receive enough marketing or maybe it was on a rough night (I believe it was on Monday and then Sunday nights), sadly the show was canceled after only 13 episodes.

Notorious (ABC) 


Things I Predict: Unless audiences are burnt out on this fast-talking drama, I can see it being very successful.

Result: This show was great. Wonderful cast, crazy stories and a nice spot in the coveted TGIT lineup on ABC. Unfortunately, the show was canceled officially in May 2017 but after getting the episode order cut and only 10 episodes airing the writing was on the wall.

Speechless (ABC)


Things I Predict: I could see this show doing well…depending on what shows it’s paired with. ABC seems to be the only network not climbing the uphill sitcom battle the past few years. I could see it getting renewed. Minnie Driver comes with a built-in audience.

Result:  They waited until the last minute but the show was renewed for a second season. I did watch this show and I love it. It’s funny and smart. It’s also a realistic look at a family with disabilities.

American Housewife (ABC)


Things I Predict: I see this getting canceled quickly.

Result: I watched 2 episodes but didn’t love it. However, it got renewed for another season by ABC.

The Great Indoors (CBS)

Things I Predict: This show could do really well if it’s promoted correctly.

Result: This show was funny. I thought the depiction of millennials was a little overdone but I may be biased. The show was canceled and will not be returning for a second season.

Man With A Plan (CBS)

Things I Predict: I think people want to see Matthew LaBlanc. I know I do! This show could go either way. It could be a hit or get the ax after a few episodes. CBS is pretty quick to pull the cord on shows.

Result: I’ve never watched it. It did perform steady and CBS has renewed it.


Macgyver (CBS) 

Things I Predict: Shows like this tend to do really good on CBS. I could see it doing well.

Result: This show didn’t appeal to me so I didn’t watch. CBS gave it an early renewal in March.

Things I Think: CBS has a hit.

Result: I didn’t watch it either but it did receive an early renewal from CBS.

Pure Genius (CBS)

Things I Predict: While I was blown away I don’t really see this show doing well but only time will tell.

Result: CBS canceled it. I didn’t give it a chance but it looked good.

Pitch (Fox)

Things I Predict: I think this show could be great. My three issues are it may be better as a movie, it may not get the marketing it needs to make an impact and it may also do better on cable. A show like this has the ability to show the gritty side of sports and I don’t know if a network like Fox can do that due diligence because of network limitations.

Result: I didn’t watch it, I wanted to just never got around to it. Pitch never found it’s audience and was canceled.

Shots Fired (FOX) 

Things I Predict: This could be the network’s biggest hit since Empire or it may go quietly into the night as the country may not be ready for it.

Results: This show had a great cast but was canceled by Fox.


Things I Predict: This show will at least last a full season.

Result: Another show with a great cast that won’t see a second season. I think it would have had a better chance on cable.

Timeless (NBC)

Things I Predict: I don’t see this series doing well. I’m interested but I don’t think it has wide appeal.

Result: This is a true story of the underdog! After news of the show’s cancellation, it’s small but loyal fanbase raised serious hell. NBC changed their mind and renewed the show for a shorter season. Nice reminder if you feel like your opinion doesn’t matter.

This Is Us (NBC)

Things I Predict: NBC has a nack and a love for emotional shows. I can see this show having a small but loyal following.

Result: As excited as I was for this show I never could have imagined the cultural impact it would have. Not only was it a tearjerking hit but NBC gave it an early renewal for seasons 2 and 3!

The Good Place (NBC)


Things I Predict: I don’t see it lasting. I hope it does but NBC has not had the best luck with comedies lately.

Result: I loved this show! Like no question about it. When it ended with a short season I was pretty sure it was a wrap. However NBC did renew the comedy for a second season.

This isn’t an all-inclusive list of what shows got canceled and renewed. This was just a recap of the trailers I reviewed last year.

What shows are you excited to see coming back? Sad to see any of them go? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Candy Kage

    Hubby watches Man with a Plan so he will be happy. I like the show Bull so we both have at least one show that made the cut.

  2. Jenny

    It’s always interesting to see which shows make it and which don’t. The only one I tune into is This is Us and I love it.

  3. Dia

    It’s such a great show even if every episode makes me cry.

  4. Dia

    I really want to give Man with a Plan a chance. I love Matt Leblanc.

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