2016-2017 Network Television Trailers

2016-2017 Network Television Trailers

I love T.V. anyone who knows me, knows it’s probably my worst habit. To the point that I get a majority of my fitness tracker steps in while working in circles around the coffee table  and watching t.v. I mean it’s maybe not the best way to do it but at least I’m moving!

Last year around this time I wrote a post about all the new trailers that I’d seen for this past season of network television and I also made predictions…some spot on and some dead wrong. Know what? It was fun! So fun, in fact, I decided to do it again.

Like last year I won’t be explaining the shows’ plot, that’s what the videos are for. I’m just sharing my thought and predicts. It’s up to you to watch them and tell me what you think.

So let’s just jump right into it.

Frequency (CW)

Things I Think: This looks like an awesome movie (it’s based on a movie)… but sadly it’s a T.V. show. It has an amazing cast! Peyton List, Mekhi Phifer and Riley Smith!

Things I Predict: I am going to give this a try for sure but I don’t know if I see it lasting sadly. I just don’t know how this premise could stay interesting and fresh long term.

No Tomorrow (CW)

Things I Think: Another show that looks like a fun movie. If the world is supposed to end in 8 months how is the show going to last past that? But Galavant! No, I didn’t sit on the computer and type a random world on the computer. For those who didn’t see it, Galavant was a short-lived musical series on ABC with Joshua Sasse as Galavant. I’m just sad he isn’t the one singing in the trailer.

Things I Predict: I want to say this won’t last for a number of reasons. But its from the creator behind the CW’s hit Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and it looks good, but the trailer doesn’t have large appeal in my opinion. I think it could go either way.

Conviction (ABC)

Things I Think: This looks fun! It seems like a show that will do very well with the Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder fan base. We love looking at women be badass bosses.

Things I Predict: If the show is as interesting as it’s trailer I think ABC has another hit on its hands.

Notorious (ABC) 

Things I Think: Another intense drama about high profile people. Very ABC! Who doesn’t love Piper Perabo?

Things I Predict: Unless audiences are burnt out on this fast-talking drama, I can see it being very successful.

Speechless (ABC)

Things I Think: This looks like a show that will make me laugh and cry every week. I adore Minnie Driver (which is saying a lot because typically British accents annoy me). This seems like her character from the gone too soon, About a Boy, has been revived.

Things I Predict: I could see this show doing well…depending on what shows it’s paired with. ABC seems to be the only network not climbing the uphill sitcom battle the past few years. I could see it getting renewed. Minnie Driver comes with a built-in audience.

American Housewife (ABC)

Things I Thing: It looks funny…really but not super  interested in watching it. It seems like it’s all about body shaming. Big and small.

Things I Predict: I see this getting canceled quickly.

The Great Indoors (CBS)

Things I Think: This looks so funny! I seriously just want to watch it for McLovin…I mean Christopher Mintz-Plasse. I think this show could have huge appeal to multiple demographics. I think millennials will appreciate the ridiculousness of some of the people of our age group and older generations will get a kick out of the someone a little older than the millennials opening their eyes. Trophies are for winners!

Things I Predict: This show could do really well if it’s promoted correctly.

Man With A Plan (CBS)

Things I Think: Joey married Pam and had babies! (Little NBC- F.R.I.E.N.D.S/ The Office throwback). It looks cute!

Things I Predict: I think people want to see Matthew LaBlanc. I know I do! This show could go either way. It could be a hit or get the ax after a few episodes. CBS is pretty quick to pull the cord on shows.


Macgyver (CBS) 

Things I Think: Not the type of show I’d typically watch but it looks good. Like a modern, tech-savvy upgrade.

Things I Predict: Shows like this tend to do really good on CBS. I could see it doing well.

Things I Think: Smart writing once again. People love shows that make them think and guess. This seems like it is one of those witty dramas with a smart playboy at the helm.

Things I Think: CBS has a hit.

Pure Genius (CBS)

Things I Think: So to be honest (like always) I almost turned off this trailer. I wasn’t planning on reviewing it. Luckily I kept watching it and it has me teary-eyed. This looks like such a moving show and the possibility of these advancements are mindblowing.

Things I Predict: While I was blown away I don’t really see this show doing well but only time will tell.

Pitch (Fox)

Things I Think: So I felt all kinds of Girl Power vibes when I watched this trailer. So many good actors and such an amazing story!

Things I Predict: I think this show could be great. My three issues are it may be better as a movie, it may not get the marketing it needs to make an impact and it may also do better on cable. A show like this has the ability to show the gritty side of sports and I don’t know if a network like Fox can do that due diligence because of network limitations.

Shots Fired (FOX) 

Things I Think: This cast is amazing! Like I’m floored. This is a truly powerful subject matter and I think the race reversal of this very real problem in the country is brilliant!

Things I Predict: This could be the network’s biggest hit since Empire or it may go quietly into the night as the country may not be ready for it.


Things I Think: I’m a huge fan of Weeds so anything with Justin Kirk gets my attention. Strong storyline, a little push and pull between the characters. Looks good.

Things I Predict: This show will at least last a full season.

Timeless (NBC)

Things I Think: Maybe I just want to go to the movies because once again I feel like this would be a good movie. It seems super intense and suspenseful.

Things I Predict: I don’t see this series doing well. I’m interested but I don’t think it has wide appeal.

This Is Us (NBC)

Things I Think: Great cast! Emotional stories. I’m already in love and it’s just the preview!

Things I Predict: NBC has a nack and a love for emotional shows. I can see this show having a small but loyal following.

The Good Place (NBC)

Things I Think: This looks so cute and fun. Love Kristen Bell.

Things I Predict: I don’t see it lasting. I hope it does but NBC has not had the best luck with comedies lately.


So which shows are you looking forward to next season? Which are you avoiding? Let me know in the comments.

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