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6 Signs You’re a Blogger

Until you start to seriously blog you probably have no idea how much time it takes or how intense and awesome the community is.

The truth is, it is an entire world of its own. Bloggers speak this secret language with words like “Webinars” “analytics” “page views” “content upgrades” “Facebook algorithms,” we see story ideas in even the most mundane aspects of everyday life, we know that this world isn’t for everyone, but if you’re lucky enough to be a part of it, it can be life changing.

Here are 6 signs you’ve dived in and are in fact a blogger.

Every room of your house has random paper and pen (not intentionally)

It’s so funny to me that I have pens in every room of the house! I find them in my bed sometimes.

It never fails I’ll spend 2 hours “working” but really just doing busy work because I’m not in a creative mood. Then I go to bed, get super comfortable and 3 of the best ideas I’ve ever had pop into my head. I always get ideas for blog posts or digital products or just details to something I felt stuck on earlier as soon as I get comfortable in bed or hop in the shower, or submerge my hands in dishwater.

I’ve gotten to the point where this happens so often I keep paper and pen by my bed so I can jot down the idea really quick without having to get up out of bed turn on a light, etc etc. because I know myself …I’ll think, “That’s a great idea, there is no way I will forget and then BAM the next morning… “I know I had an idea I was super excited about but have no idea what it was.”

People will come over and ask why I have so many pens on my coffee table or when I have so many pens in my kitchen? But it’s like, “this is my organized chaos.” If I think of something to add to my hardcopy to do list or see an error in a printout of an upcoming post, I need a pen nearby and I need it to work!

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Your phone battery is always low

Ain’t rest for the wicked? Ain’t no rest for a blogger. Social Media stops for no one! Even if I’m not paying attention to my social media or email they are constantly coming in and draining my poor phone battery. But if I’m being honest most of the time I’m participating and reciprocating in Facebook Threads.

So I am used to having to make sure no matter where I go I have a phone charger ready. I don’t even have notifications for all my social media accounts on my phone yet it is still constantly lighting up but no complaints here.


You stay up way too late or get up extra early

I am on the former side of this. I don’t know anyone who hates mornings more than me. I often say that my days would be better if no one talked to me before 9 a.m. On a few occasions I have woken up early to make final edits on something I owed an editor that day but normally I stay up too late working.

If you’ve read my post 8 Things Bloggers Wished Their Friend’s Knew, you may remember I have an alarm set at 10:30 each night to tell me to close my laptop and try to take a shower and do something relaxing for the next half hour before going to bed. This normally gets turned off, so I can finish “just one more thing.” Then fast forward an hour later and I‘m still working. We can sleep when we’re dead right?


Your phone is full of random ideas, incomplete sentences & incoherent thoughts

Similar to the random pens laying around your home you keep google docs or your phone’s memo pad ready to go.

The thing that really gives you away is that you don’t have the typical lists other people have on their phones like “Groceries” or “to-do” you have random documents named things like “Taco Puffs Post” or “Lip liner tutorial” or “5 signs you might be a blogger.”

Some of these documents may just be two words while some are 500 and half of a blog post.

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You have a number of friends you’ve never met in person

30 years ago it may have seemed suspect or strange to say you haven’t met all your friends in person, but in the blogging world that is not the case.

You start to follow other bloggers and read about their stories and find real connections with people you’ve never seen face to face. You read about their kids, how they met their spouses, their sexual assaults, their ups and downs, their wins and losses and you start to really care.

You don’t just like each other’s facebook pages but you are actually Facebook friends. You email them about possibly being roommates at an upcoming blogging convention. In the event they are offline for a few days or weeks you feel totally okay “just checking in” with a message to make sure everything is okay, because these people get you in a way non-bloggers may not and that makes them friends.

Life, before you started blogging, seems like a distant memory.

I think of before I started and I watched even more television than I do now. I’m a huge sports fan and realized I’ve hardly watched any Spurs games this year from start to finish, I used to watch every single game and now that I work days and nights it seems like such a time commitment. Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoy watching the games but I have no idea how I had the time before.

I’m not saying I’ll blog forever but in the foreseeable future, I can’t image not doing this because I’m so in love with it.

So tell me what are some traits or habits you notice from bloggers? How did you know it was more than just a hobby for you?

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