4 Reasons You Need a Media Kit

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and have slowly been growing my brand and business. The one thing I spent too much time putting off? My media kit!  I finally made the time to sit down and create it when I received an inquiry from someone wanting to buy ad space on the site. I was floored and super excited, that they had reached out to me!  I thought, “Okay Dia, get your shit together and look professional!” so I did. Which brings me to the first reason you need a media kit…

It makes you look more professional

Having a media kit tells potential advertisers and clients that you mean business about your blog. The fact that you have an organized and set rates for your services, lets them know that you aren’t pulling numbers out of thin air when they reach out to you. It lets them know you have evaluated the worth of yourself and your site.

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It organizes their expectations

When you write out the amount of pageviews you have, the amount of social media traffic you have and what services you will offer at a certain price they can know what they are getting. Will you share the post on social media? How many times do you guarantee to post it? On what channels do you plan to market their product?

You can create a more custom plan once you’re in talks with the client but at least you’ve set an expectation and a bargaining starting point.

It organizes your expectations

The same way it organizes the client’s expectations it also organizes your own. More than that it helps you maintain the worth of your work and time. I recently decided to no longer write for free. It seems silly that this would even be up for debate because writing is work (although I love it). If I went to my day job and they said “We aren’t going to pay you anymore but still want you to work,” I’d say, “Bye Felicia!” I understand when you are first starting out it’s easy to want to write just to get your name out there and for certain platforms I certainly see the appeal (especially in the case where it’s a contributor network that invites you to be paid contributor after your first publication) but in the long run writing for free really only boils down to one simple truth, not only are you working for free but you’re working and making other people’s money. When someone contacts you to write an article or do a review you can respond thanking them for contacting you and with your media kit so you don’t have to send an awkward money email.

To recruit brand opportunities better

Think of it like this, if you are a freelance writer you probably have a portfolio of some of your best work so when pitching a story idea you can show off your writing style. A media kit is the same thing. It allows you to say, “Hey this is what I can do.” By sharing your social media and traffic statistics potential clients know what you are capable of.  You are saying, “Hey my reach can be your reach.”

You aren’t just emailing them asking for free products or asking them for the honor of advertising for them, you are offering them something.

Stay tuned for my post next Monday on how to build your media kit!

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4 Reasons You Need A Media Kit

I also want to say a big shout out to Erica at Coming Up Roses for inspiring me to Stop Doing FREE!


  1. Amber

    I need to get one put together. Thank you for this!

  2. candy

    This is something I am still learning about. Will shave this for later.

  3. Crystal

    Great tips! I’ve been working on my media kit.

  4. Melanie

    I agree with all of these points. I don’t have a media kit yet but I’m currently working on one. Guess I need to get on it pretty quick so I can start working with brands

  5. Emily

    I created a media kit in January but haven’t had much opportunity to use it yet. I know what one of my June goals is going to be! 🙂

  6. cori

    Nice! Congrats on getting some ad offers!

  7. Stacy Weber

    This is so perfect!!! It’s definitely something I need to do!

  8. Klauss

    Everything is logical ang quite reasonable, there is something to think about 🙂

  9. Carlen

    This is total encouragement for newbies. Thanks so much for your gentle, honest and humble approach, it makes all the difference to those of us who often hear/read authoritative and snarky remarks about what we should and shouldn’t be doing (mostly what we’re doing wrong). Hugs to you.
    Carlen – http://www.realmomswingingit.com

  10. April Hammond

    Great reasons to have a media kit. I have own but many times forget to update it. I should put it on my blog monthly tasks, especially since in the last couple months my blog traffic has grown.

  11. Carol Trimmer

    Well, I’ve been putting off creating a media kit, but I think you’ve convinced me. You had me at the first reason – to look more professional. Thanks for the nudge.

  12. Jenny

    I agree with this completely! Media kits are so essential 🙂 And no to working for free.

    xoxo, Jenny

  13. Dia

    Thanks Jenny, we work too hard to work for free.

  14. Dia

    Of course and it really doesn’t take a lot of time to create you are really just talking about your brand, which I’m sure we all do all the time.

  15. Dia

    Congrats on the growth. Yeah I plan to update mine after I do my monthly goals update.

  16. Dia

    Awe thanks Carlen. I’ve been blogging for years but only started All The Things about 14 months ago and really stepped up my game. One thing I realize is you are constantly learning and things are always changing.

  17. Dia

    Thanks Klauss!

  18. Dia

    Good luck with your media kit Stacy!

  19. Kim S

    I totally need to update mine…thank you for the great tips, Dia!

  20. Dia

    Thanks Cori 🙂

  21. Dia

    Good Luck Em!

  22. Dia

    Thanks for stopping by Amber.

  23. Dia

    Thanks Candy.

  24. Dia

    Thanks for stopping by Crystal.

  25. Dia

    It’s a huge help. I’m sharing tips for creating one next week so stay tuned.

  26. Dia

    Any time Kim!

  27. Shelly

    I’m still learning about this! I’ll keep an eye out for your post next Monday!

  28. Dia

    Please do. Thanks for stopping by Shelly!

  29. Ashleigh

    These are all great tips, Dia. I really need to get my media kit ready and sent out for more jobs, that’s for sure. I might need more tips from you lol thanks for sharing!

  30. Angie Scheie

    Great post! This reminds me my media kit is in serious need of an update!

  31. Chelsea

    These are great reasons. I’m semi-new to blogging, and I am really trying to get a headstart on things by doing them the right way immediately. Thanks for the tips, and I will definitely check back for when you have tips on how to create a media kit. Thanks for the advice!

    Chelsea | http://coffeewithchels.com

  32. Heather with WELLFITandFED

    This is great content. I just finished my latest version of my media kit and it does help get laser focused on what yu want to do and what you don’t. Just realized sponsored posts are definitely not my thing.

  33. Jessica

    I’m really looking forward to your next post about this – I REALLY need to get a media kit put together, like, yesterday.

  34. Georgiana

    I’m still quite a ways out from needing one, but I can see for the future what a necessity this is! Looking forward to your how-to post 😀

  35. Amy Scott

    This isn’t the first article I’ve read stressing the importance of a media kit but yours might be the one that finally makes me get my ass in gear and create one. Like you, I’ve been putting it off all the time but the time is now. The to-do list is endless when blogging!

  36. Dia

    Haha my life. I feel like I’m always adding to it!

  37. Dia

    Thank you so much for being an inspiration!

  38. Lauren B.

    It definitely helps to keep me organized, so happy I took the plunge and made one! Great post!
    xx, Lauren {www.rosesandrainboots.com}

  39. Stephanie

    This is a huge part of blogging that I didn’t learn until over a year into blogging. Since I’ve created a media kit, it’s helped me land so many more brands!

  40. Kristen Kavan

    such good reasons. I really need to work on mine looking better!

  41. Paola

    This is a great post. I have my own, but I have found that the companies that contact me never like to receive or read my media kit… it’s weird.

  42. Jessica Bradshaw

    This is at the very top of my summer to do list! Love your reasons.

  43. Morgan

    Looking forward to your post on building a MK. I’m also interested to see how different bloggers build their kits to help improve upon my own! xx


  44. rebecca

    You make great points. I, too, need to stop putting off making a media kit. Definitely put the bug in my ear to put it on my to do list.

  45. Amber Starr

    I definitely need to add one! Saving for later reference!

  46. Betsy

    I made a quick one for myself but I’m sure it needs some improving!

  47. Jenn

    So I just finished my media kit. I’ve been dragging my feet for a while on this. Once this was finished I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Now, I just need to use the darn thing lol! Can’t wait for Monday’s post!!! TTYT

  48. Liz Mays

    I did without one for a long, long time, but finally caved and made one this winter. I agree that it’s a must.

  49. Cookilicious

    That is so true..realized it a tad late but now I have one and it surely helps.

  50. Dia

    Better late than never Cookie!

  51. Dia

    Right and all you have to do its set up the format once and then update it periodically. Set it up once and the hard part is out of the way.

  52. Dia

    Thanks Natalie!

  53. Dia

    Thanks so much Jenn. Right! Once you have it done, all you have to do is update it.

  54. Dia

    As long as you have a foundation. Be sure to check out next Monday’s post for more specific tips.

  55. Dia

    Thanks Amber!

  56. Dia

    Thanks Morgan. It’s all about highlighting your brand and setting expectations.

  57. Dia

    Haha Good!

  58. Dia

    Thanks Jessica!

  59. Dia

    I wonder if it’s because they want you to work for trade verse income?

  60. Dia

    GoodLuck Kristen. I hope next weeks post helps.

  61. Dia

    That’s awesome. Thanks for being a testament to way it’s important.

  62. Jessica

    Media Kits are so important, thank you for sharing this!

  63. Heather Davis

    These are good tips. I have been putting off creating a media kit but I just need to do it!

  64. Matt @ Plating Pixels

    This is one of things I still need to do, but are on the list of important yet not urgent. Hope to make one soon!

  65. Flavia

    You convinced me! Now on to put a media kit together 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  66. Crystal

    Great tips! I am working on my media kit now!

  67. Dia

    Good luck!

  68. Dia

    Thanks for stopping by.

  69. Dia

    You should, it doesn’t have to take long.

  70. Dia

    You really should if I remember correctly you’ve done sponsored posts?

  71. Dia

    Thanks for stopping by Jessica.

  72. Dia

    Thanks Lauren!

  73. Dia

    Thanks Georgiana, I hope to make it easy for people who are starting one.

  74. Dia

    Awe. Thanks Jessica I hope it helps.

  75. Dia

    See thats so great. I don’t mind them but I haven’t worked with a company that is too specific on rules yet.

  76. Dia

    Much love to you sweet girl.

  77. Dia

    Thanks again, Sarah.

  78. Dia

    Awe. Thanks for stopping by Ash

  79. Dia

    Do it Angie 🙂

  80. Mistle

    Love all of these tips!!! I will admit that I have yet to put together a media kit. I really need to get on it. I seriously need two of me to get everything done. I never have time to do much. I’ll be keeping these in mind once I create my media kit.

  81. brianna george

    I dont have a media kit, but then again I don’t blog for brands.

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  83. Dia

    Do you ever try to write for other websites? It also helps show people are interested in what you have to say.

  84. Dia

    If you find a clone machine you better share lol

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