Are Christmas Cards dead?

4 Reasons People Stopped Sending Christmas Cards and What to do Instead

Update: I have gotten some rather rude comments about something that is just my opinion about why less cards are being sent and giving some options for what to do if you want to spread some Christmas cheer a different way. The funny thing is it’s pretty obvious that the people who commented those things didn’t read the post. I’m in no way saying cards are bad or that you shouldn’t send them. I’m saying I personally don’t and I understand why some people decide not to. If you do send them great, great! Merry Christmas but don’t come on my website spreading hate because it will be deleted. 

I remember growing up and each Christmas my mom would stuff and hand address at least 50 Christmas cards and by Christmas day our living room was filled with cards she’d received in return.

I don’t think my mom sends out Christmas cards anymore and I’m certain it’s been a few years since we’ve gotten more than a hand full.

I’m the marketing director at a commercial real estate company and this is the 3rd year I’ve had to make sure we get over 300 cards out and the past 2 years have only seen a return of, MAYBE, 50.

I came a across a posted a blog post by Ashley from Simply Wright  that got me really thinking, Are Christmas Cards a Dying Tradition, and instead of leaving a mini-novel in her comment section I decided to write my response and some ideas for people who aren’t a fan of the old fashion Christmas Card.

There has been a steady decrease in the amount of Christmas cards sent in the past few years but why?


We have the technology to send electronic Christmas Cards
Photo From Pexels

There are so many other ways to share greetings. Between text messaging, email and social media, snail mail has pretty much became a thing of the past and with it, so have Christmas cards. It seems regular USPS mail has been reserved for bills, ads and correspondence with penitentiary residents.

Planet Conscious

While they are pretty and full of holiday cheer most holiday cards aren’t very planet conscious. Few people realize that paper that has glitter, sticky tape or embellishments on them aren’t typically recyclable. So not only do cards increase the amount of trees being used to make paper but the inability to recycle these products increases the amount of trash.



While you can get a box of non-custom cards for a fairly low price the cost of stamps seems to increase every year. Plus it can be incredibly frustrating when you’ve hand written and mailed a holiday card to someone only to have it be returned.


Gif from Giphy
Gif from Giphy

Christmas cards can take a good amount of time to send out. Between labeling, stuffing, stamping and confirming addresses you can lose a good chunk of time during the busiest time of year.


If you are one of those who is either too broke, too green, too technologically inclined or too busy to send Christmas cards, here are 3 alternatives to the traditional Christmas card.


Custom Video Greetings

Send a holiday video message.
Send a holiday video message.

The reason so most people like the traditional card is because they feel it has a much more personal touch than an email or a text message. However what’s more personal than a quick custom video greeting? This doesn’t have to be a big fancy production you can simply record a quick video on your phone and email or text it people.

For example: Hey Uncle Joe. Since I won’t see you this Christmas I just wanted to take a minute to say. Merry Christmas and I love you.

That would take less than a minute. You could make it as formal or casual as you want. Do you want to put on the Christmas sweater your Uncle got you to add to the image of holiday cheer or do you want to look up from your text books during a final study session and just make a quick video to send seasons greeting? Up to you.


Photo Cards

I love photos! I love having memories of fun times with the people I love on display. Instead of sending them a card that will end up in the trash can on January 2nd send them a photo worth keeping. It doesn’t have to be a Christmas photo, just find a photo of the two of you and send it with a message written on the back with your seasons greetings. You can even include a note explaining that instead of sending traditional Christmas cards you wanted to send something that represents your love for them year round.


Donate the money you’d spend on a Christmas card

If you send 30 Christmas Cards a year you may spend about $50 total between price per card and posting instead of sending cards donate that $50 to a good cause and then send out a blanket email to everyone you would have sent a card to.

For example: I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Instead of sending my usual Christmas cards I decided to donate the money I would spend on cards to the families of wounded warriors and invite you to do the same.

Then add a link to the charity you choose.  You can go further, if you have time, to write  personal emails instead of a general one for everyone.

Here are some charities I suggest supporting:

Alzheimer’s Association

Wounded Warrior Project 

Operation Home Front 

Susan G Comen Foundation

Special Olympics 


Don’t forget to check out Ashley’s Original Post and if you haven’t entered the Mykind Organics Giveaway there is still time!

Do you think Christmas Cards are a thing of the past? If so why?


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  1. Shann Eva

    I usually send out Photo cards because that’s what I love to receive. I do really like your idea of the email, and then doing the donation. Such a great gesture and use for your money at this time of year.

  2. Dia

    Thanks and photo cards are great! I normally keep them on my fridge for a while and they end up in a photo box when removed to revisit later.

  3. Ashley

    I still really love receiving Christmas cards and have found quite a few ideas on Pinterest about how to reuse them. That being said, I usually send out photocards and last year I started doing a family letter too letting everyone know what we were up to throughout the year. I actually did a post this week about how to display the photocards that are received all year. It’s fun comparing them to the year before and seeing how everyone has changed.

  4. Dia

    I’ll have to check that out! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
    As someone who lives alone if I wanted to send a photo card the option of having it be of me and the recipent would have to be my route or else it would just be a headshot… “Merry Christmas, aren’t I pretty” haha
    I do have one friend who does her holiday Christmas Card and it’s pictures of her and her car lol

  5. Frugalmomof8

    I am terrible at sending cards via snail mail. I love your suggestions!

  6. Jennifer Preiss

    Great post. I believe all your points are true and valid. But I am sad, since I still love the feeling of seeing a Christmas Card in our mailbox.

    Time was a factor for us last year. I debated on sending out Christmas Cards, which we have faithfully been doing since we married 16 years ago, but in the end they went out. Habits are hard to break.

    Ours are not traditional by any means, but are a collage portraying the family over the past year. That being said, we send out quite a few, yet only receive half back. I know lot of my younger friends don’t even bother.

  7. James Lewandowski

    One reason some friends have stopped sending cards is because they have been conditioned by a certain religion they joined not to celebrate Christmas — no cards, no tree, no Nativity scene, no gifts. But along with that, no birthday, anniversary, etc. celebrations.

  8. Dia

    Jehovah’s Witness? I’m just referring to the decrease I’ve seen in them from childhood to adulthood from people who still celebrate Christmas.

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