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4 Reasons Silence Is Golden

In this episode, we are talking about silence. I want to tell you a little bit about where this idea came from and why silence is in fact golden. A couple of weeks ago, I was about to take a shower and I noticed that my phone was about to die.  Usually, I’m listening to music in the shower from my phone but I had to put it on the charger and I had a real silence for the first time in forever. I realized that I’m always listening to something. When I’m working I’m listening to music or YouTube. When I go on walks, I’m listening to podcasts or audiobooks. When I fall asleep, I’m falling asleep to American Dad. I wanted to get back into the habit of having these silent moments and having them consciously and intentionally. So I decided to just kind of look at some of the benefits of silence.

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Open Space For Things To Come 

You’re opening up space. When I was in that phase of constantly not being alone with my thoughts, I feel like I blocked a lot of new possibilities. When you actually give yourself a moment just to pause that’s where the ideas come in. 

Get Out Of Your Head 

This is incorporated with journaling. When I do journal, I typically either play some classical music that doesn’t have lyrics or I sit in silence. A lot of times I like to sit in silence for a few minutes, especially if it’s like I feel like I need to journal but I don’t necessarily know what it is I want to journal about or what needs to come out of me. So, I like to just sit in silence for like five minutes before I journal and then so many things come out of me and sometimes it’s clarity or it’s an answer to something, sometimes it’s healing. Sometimes it’s solving a problem that I’ve been stuck on which brings me to the third reason.

Separates From The Problem 

A lot of times when you sit in silence, and you’re away from the thing that’s stressing you out, and you just allow yourself to be in the now and stop overthinking. When you’re stepping away from something, for example, if you’re very, very stressed out about a project, and you’re trying to find a solution to something that is when you will come back to it after and discover you have the solution. It’s because you’re giving your brain the time to consciously step away, while maybe subconsciously you’re thinking “I’m figuring this out” but because you weren’t consciously putting so much energy into It, your body or your mind could finally solve the problem.

Connect To Your Intuition 

 Once again, when you’re giving yourself the gift of silence your intuition has a chance to speak up to you. And what I’ve noticed a lot of times as well when you’re meditating or you’re sitting in silence, you want to like acknowledge your thoughts, and then move forward, that when something really good comes out, it’s gonna stick with you after you’re done.

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