4 tips for adding fitness in your life

4 Tips For Adding Fitness to Your Life

Today I am excited to share a guest post from my friend Emily over at LifeInSpandex.com. She is seriously kickass and a constant source of motivation. She is that blogger whose blog you read, put down the cookies and go for a run.

Meet Emily

Hi there! My name is Emily. I’m a certified personal trainer working in gym management by day and the founder/blogger at lifeinspandex.com by night. To say my life is busy here in California would be an understatement. But, let’s be real, we’re all busy! Am I right? I get asked a lot about how I balance my career, blog, social life, and fitness without going nuts and still finding the time to clean my apartment. Let me tell you, it’s not easy, but nothing ever worth it is! In a world where we are constantly being pulled in a million directions, how do we make the time for our health?

Before transitioning into the fitness industry, I worked in corporate marketing for 2-years, mainly in digital. It didn’t take long for me to realize my passion for helping others find health was too strong to ignore. So, I managed to acquire my NASM and ACSM personal training certifications all while balancing a full-time job, regular workouts, a social life, and sleep. Yup, it sounds crazy, and it was for a few months. But, it taught me that having balance in your life isn’t necessarily about cutting things out, rather staying organized, on task, and present.  

I get it, when we’re stressed, strapped for time, and overwhelmed the first thing to go is usually exercise. This is because most people see it as a non-necessity. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth! In times of stress, taking care of ourselves is probably the most important task on our to-do list. So, when it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day, how do you prioritize fitness while still balancing everything else?

Today, I am sharing with you my top 4 tips for fitting in a sweat session when your schedule is bonkers.

Schedule it in

Just like a meeting at work, doctor’s appointment, or school pick-up, schedule in your workout. You wouldn’t bail last minute on picking up your kids from school or not show up for work. Treat your workout the same way. Sure, at times things may come up. But this should be the exception, not the norm.

 Make it a date

If you know your bestie is waiting for you at the 6am spin class or at the gym after work, you’re less likely to bail. Not only will you have someone to help hold you accountable, it’s always more fun to sweat with a buddy. You get to spend time with your friends and also work up a sweat! Just make sure you aren’t just distracting each other and turning your workout into a social outing. You should help each other stay focused and motivated! Who doesn’t love a cheerleader?

Get it done first thing

I can hear your moans already. Most of us aren’t morning people by nature. Waking up before the sun doesn’t sound appealing to anyone, even me. However, I always like to workout first thing in the morning. For one, it opens up the rest of my day. Get invited to a happy hour after work? Not a problem! Your workout is already done. Second, studies have shown that working out first thing in the morning actually helps you burn more fat all day long! (Even if it’s just 30-minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in your living room!)

Find a workout you love

If you hate running, don’t run! If you can’t stand the idea of squatting, don’t squat! In other words, if you try to force yourself into a workout you don’t enjoy, most likely you aren’t going to do it. Try a Zumba or sculpt class, hire a personal trainer for a session or two (some gyms will even offer you one free session), go hike outside, and/or try a workout from lifeinspandex.com. The right workout for you is one you can actually look forward to doing. This way, the hour you spend exercising isn’t something you dread. You may even find it’s the part of the day you look forward to the most! And then you can join me on that crazy train ;). In fact, I consider my workout my “me” time. It helps alleviate stress, calms my mind, and leaves me feeling reenergized. This can be the same for you!

So tell me, do you find it hard to fit in time to workout? Why so? If not, how do you make your workout a priority?

You can find more health and fitness tips and follow Emily’s passion for helping women find a balanced approach to health and fitness on her blog: lifeinspandex.com and on social media  TwitterFacebookPinterestInstagram.

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