5 Things Elementary You Took For Granted

When you’re a kid you spend a lot of time thinking about how things will be when you’re no longer a kid. What you won’t have to do (take naps), what you will get to do (eat pizza for every meal) and how awesome it will be when you are a grown up. I hate to say it, but we had no idea what we’d be losing in order to gain independence and adulthood.


Photo From One Tree Hill
Photo From One Tree Hill

Then: Remember how naptime felt like cruel and unusual punishment in kindergarten? Forcing energy-filled 6-year-olds to lay down silently in a room with all their friends is just mean!

Now: On more than one occasion I have found myself at my desk calculating how long of a nap I could take on my lunch break if I just parked in the nearby Walmart parking lot and slept in my car instead of driving the ten minutes to my apartment (Yes, it’s as sad as it seems). 25-year-old adults, who work 40-hour weeks and spend an hour a day at the gym while trying to date, have a social life and possibly work on a side passion project are often hit by late nights stressing student loan payments or whatever demons go bump in the night …sometimes a girl needs a nap! (I get winded just typing that To-do list, never mind living it.) If my boss demanded I pull out my sleeping mat for half an hour everyday I’d be over the moon… the only problem might be waking me up. (I am not a morning person)

Field Trips:
Then: I’m from a relatively small town, so my childhood field trips definitely didn’t mirror the field trips you see on television featuring trips to the MET or Cowboy Stadium. We went places like the local zoo or Pizza Hut (yes we went to Pizza Hut and made our own pizzas).

Now: I text my friends “I’m on a field trip :)” when my boss sends me on errands to stores like Sam’s Club or Costco. Two hours outside of the office is heaven, but what I wouldn’t give for a Wednesday afternoon with my friends at the zoo or making personal pans at Pizza Hut.
Nowadays, a day out of the office requires an approved request 2 weeks prior and use of a (oh so sweet and highly coveted) vacation day. Where’s my magic school bus?

Not having to prepare your own lunch:

Photo From Girls
Photo From Girls

Then: Waking up and knowing that lunch was either packed and ready to go or that all you had to do was lineup and lunch was served was not exciting. “When I grow up I’ll have McDonald’s everyday for lunch!”

Now: Basically you have 4 choices: 1.Decide what you want the night before and prep it. 2. Wake up early and make something to go. 3. Go buy something and sink further into debt. 4. Starve. While none of these options are exactly tragic, they aren’t nearly as nice on a busy day as having a premade lunch (premade by someone else) ready to go (I’m sure some of you are smiling and thinking about your amazing significant other or loving roommate that still does this for you. If you are, you should know right now, I’m throwing mental daggers at you).

Summer Vacation:
Then: 3 months hanging out with your siblings watching MTV, (when it was still Music Television and not Reality Television ) eating Ramen and waking up at noon.

Now: That 3 day weekend your boss let you use a vacation day to turn into a 4 day weekend, spent hopefully hanging out with friends and loved ones but more than likely cleaning house, running errands and Netflixing.

Then: Sitting in a circle coloring and comparing artwork with your friends. The big presentation was showing it to your parents who proudly put it on the fridge afterward.

Now: Spending 2 hours picking the color and design for a PowerPoint. The big presentation? Realizing no one cares about your color scheme and you left your notes on your other flash drive!

Sure there are tons of things that we have now we couldn’t have then… wine, vodka, the legal ability to drive a car… but some days what I wouldn’t give just to have another day on Easy Street.

What do you miss about being a kid?

Do it for love,

Edited by M.L. Scarbrough


And for fun:

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My big sister and I when I was 5 or 6.


  1. cori

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Glad to know I’m not the only one who uses a day in a long weekend to clean.

  2. Sophia

    All of the above. And when I got home my parent cooked for me already.

  3. Bree Hogan

    Oh my gosh I totally hear you on all of these Dia! But especially the naps – my gosh how I detested being made to nap as a child. Now, I’d say bring it on – but who has the time for that?!

  4. The Southern Stylista

    Ooooh, field trips-how I miss you!
    Even now as a teacher who can still take their students on field trips, I really don’t like to go on them because it’s SO much responsibility!
    And naps, what I would give for a nap.

    xoxo, SS

  5. Dia

    Haha I normally got home before my mom but she cooked after work lol

  6. Dia

    Haha yeah it’s probably not the same when you’re out-numbered by tiny humans you are responsible for not as fun lol

  7. Dia

    I think really company naps are doable. They should be allowed aside from your lunch break.

  8. Dia

    I just have to bite the bullet and get up early lol

  9. Dia

    Haha party city!

  10. Jessica

    You speak the truth!!!! America needs an introduction to the siesta – I bet we’d all be so much more productive after a mid-day nap.

    Also, that Pizza Hut field trip sounds pretty awesome – I’m easily entertained, though, lol.

  11. Emily

    Hahaha sooo true!!! I want to plan adult field trips!

  12. Dia

    We deserve them.

  13. Dia

    It was fun then lol but I would of loved a real adventure lol

  14. Leslie Rossi | alifewellconsumed

    i still take naps haha. but field trips were the best!

  15. Dia

    I don’t take naps lol I take sleeps. But it would be so nice if my office had naptime.

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