6 Affordable Ways to Market Your Blog Offline

6 Affordable Ways to Market Your Blog Offline

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If you are like me, you are always consuming new information about how to grow awareness for your blog or online business online. It’s everywhere! Tips for improving your SEO, tricks for building your Twitter following, suggestions on improving your bounce rate and it makes sense, I mean our lives are largely online. But what about attracting people to your blog offline. You can tell everyone you meet you have a blog but chances are unless you give them something tangible they are likely to forget about it or butcher the name and never find it.

Make it easy with these six affordable promotional items to consider for your blog.


So this may shock some of you, but I was a bit of a quirky kid. One thing I always loved was stickers. It was a dorky little thing, but I had stickers all over. The side of my bookshelf looked like a guitar case or something. Just stickers anywhere and everywhere. In my cd booklets. Remember those? Depending on your age you may remember that music used to come on these round disks and we’d keep them in a case with little sleeves so it would be easier to transport multiple ones at a time. The thing I liked about stickers was they a semi-permanent way to represent something you care about or have been a part of.

That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to work with Stickerapp (The sister company of CaseApp) to get some custom designed stickers for my business. They are so adorable and a great conversation starter. I put one on my laptop and had a woman at a coffee shop ask me what it was.

stickerapp stickers

Business Cards

Business cards are as old as business. They are a traditional tangible reminder of who you are and where to find you. A lot of people are hesitant to get business cards for their blog because blogging is an online medium but don’t let that stop you. Business cards do an excellent job of showing you’re professional and that you see your blog as more than just a hobby. It’s also something that doesn’t take up a lot of space for you to carry with you or the person you give it to.


I know, I know, everyone and their mama has a promotional pen, and that’s because everyone uses pens. If it’s a good pen, (think pens that have a stylus or are ballpoint) people are even more likely to hold on to them. Another great thing about promotional pens is even if the individual loses your pen somewhere it is probably still doing promotion for you.  Prime example I have a friend who is has repeatedly been voted the number one real estate agent in my city, part of his marketing strategy? Branded pens! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a restaurant and had someone hand me a pen with his name on it. We used to have lunch often, and almost every time he made a point to leave a pen or two with the server.


Okay, maybe it’s just me, but few things get me as excited as when someone gives me a free water bottle, mug, tumbler or thermos. It’s one of those things that I honestly feel like I can never have enough of. As a tea and water chugger, I love anything that makes my liquid fixation stylish. This one has a little more staying power. Obviously, you don’t have tons of money to give mugs out left and right, but consider giving them to new clients or as a thank you for sending a successful referral over.


So just like drinkware, I love a free t-shirt. I just got a nifty one from Convertkit, and I love it! Have you ever been to a sporting event and seen the way the crowd reacts to the t-shirt cannon? Think about it, no matter how fancy you probably still wear t-shirts from time to time. T-shirts are also a good conversation starter. Put a cute quote on the front and your website name and URL on the back or just put your logo and URL on the front. There are so many customizable options when it comes to t-shirts, and they can be made at different levels so you can spend as much or as little as you want.

Totes and bags

Aren’t we all trying to help preserve the earth…? Let’s be honest not only are reusable shopping bags better for the plant most of them carry more. I love it I can take four reusable bags into the store and be done with it, instead of 8 regular bags. These are cute and convenient and the way to get your name out there. They are small so they won’t cost much to ship and if you want to treat someone you can use your reusable tote to put together a little gift bag with your drinkware, business card, t-shirt pen and sticker.

Why swag is great, remember that getting someone to your website is half the battle. Once they get there, it’s up to you to dazzle them and keep them there. Promotional items are perfect for conferences, meet ups or just daily life. Don’t feel obligated to get this stuff if it’s not in your budget, and don’t feel like you have to get all of them. It’s important to create excellent, engaged and targeted copy and connect with readers. Swag is just the icing on the cake.

As a special holiday gift, StickerApp is offering an exclusive 20% discount to my readers. You can get your access here: StickerApp.com using the code ALLTHESTICKERS20.

Happy Holidays my friends.

So now tell me, have you purchased any promotional items before? What is your favorite type of swag to get from businesses?

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