6 Things Only People Who Cry A Lot Will Understand

I’ve always been a very emotional person. I admit the list of things that have made me cry include but aren’t limited to a Cheerios commercial, Joe Dirt, The Office, Taken, Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy and almost every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. So I feel more than qualified to discuss the struggle and indeed, it is real. Let’s clarify people who cry a lot aren’t necessarily depressed. In fact people who cry a lot often use tears to express many emotions, including joy, anticipation and hope.
Here are 6 things only people who cry a lot will understand.


You’ve mastered the art of the silent public cry

Gif From Giphy
Gif From Giphy

When that picture of the small child with cancer meeting Chris Pratt dressed as StarLord flashes on your Yahoo Feed first thing in the morning and tears just jump out of your eyes you manage to keep your composure. You’d be an Olympian if The Dash to the bathroom before anyone notices, was a real sport. On the plus side you’ve trained yourself not to make the ugly cry face so even if someone does see you, you know you cry pretty.


You often worry your neighbors think you’re a hot mess.

Gif from Giphy
Gif from Giphy

You’re sitting on the couch crying like you’re being tortured and forced to watch your loved ones murdered but the truth is, this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries is extra sad. Somebody died (which happens all the time) or someone confessed their love to someone and you just lose your shit.

You may have mastered the art of the silent cry in public but at home it’s a free for all full-blown cry; tears flowing, nose dripping, hyperventilating mess.

You are bawling your eyes out and for a moment you wonder, “Can my neighbors hear me?” You strongly believe that at any moment they might knock on your door and ask if everything is okay.

You keep tissues on hand

Gif from Giphy
Gif from Giphy

And on this day all noses shall be dry.

You buy Kleenex in bulk, then you distribute for easy access. One box on the coffee table, one by the bed, one in your car, one at your desk, etc. You’re always prepared.

But come allergy season you will surely be beloved.


You’re used to hearing the phrase, “Everything makes you cry.”

Gif  from Giphy
Gif from Giphy

You wish you could stop yourself from saying it but the phrase just flies out of your mouth on cue.

“Omg, it made me cry.”

Which is followed by, “Everything makes you cry.”

Your friends know you and love you but they don’t necessarily consider your loss of tears as an accurate gauge for something’s level of sadness.


You reserve you personal tears for private

Gif from Giphy
Gif from Giphy

You will break down in a minutes over a moving speech, sad movie or moving proposal on YouTube but tears that result from your real life personal pain rarely have an audience. You normally cry for yourself in the car, shower or with your head buried into a pillow (or vodka bottle).


You probably handle your emotions better than most and you feel more authentically

Gif from Giphy
Gif from Giphy


I’m not saying that people who don’t break down when they hear, “Butterfly kisses” are an emotional volcano waiting to explode. But people who cry a lot have easy access to their emotions (right there on the surface). They get “all the feels” they can tell quickly how something or someone makes them feel.

Just like anything in life if you deal with something a lot you will understand it more.

When they are happy they are really happy and when they are sad they are really sad. While this can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster during times of extreme stress or change, it makes them feel alive.

So grab a box of tissues and let it out.


  1. Lakisha

    Ever since I was a little kid my mother called me a cry baby. And now I own it. I read this book called Fault in our stars (also a movie now) and found myself crying on a crowded train, I have accepted the fact that I will cry. Believe that it makes me human and open to all emotions lol

  2. Dia

    I didn’t read the book but I did watch the movie (the day my grandmother passed…bad choice) and cried most of the film haha. Us cry babies really do have a good handle on emotions! 🙂

  3. kristen

    this made me CRACK up and then I sent it to all my friends who make fun of me for being “the cryer” i just love this. And yes, Vamp Diaries and Greys gets me every dang time!!

  4. Dia

    Yes! Last week’s episode just destroyed me. I was watching with a friend and she looked over to discover me crying and was like “Awe.” I’m like “this is typical.” Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hil

    Ha ha! I’m not a crier but my sister is! These made me laugh.

  6. Karin Rambo

    I love this! And I can identify with all of them! Haha! I would also add to the last “sometimes you have no idea why you are crying” 🙂

  7. Becky @ Disney in your Day

    Yup, I know these! especially the silent public cry. And when you can feel the tears coming on and try fighting them because there are other people around.

  8. Dia

    Hahah I’ve been there so many times. I work in the front of the office so often I have to run for the hills to hide lol

  9. Dia

    I have totally when watching the office with my ex… “I don’t even know why this is making me cry.” Lol

  10. Dia

    Tell her I understand lol Glad you enjoyed it.

  11. Ashley

    There’s such a stigma attached to crying in public. Why not be concerned for the person crying than give them the weird look?

  12. Dia

    I totally agree. Hand them a tissue. You don’t have to pry but don’t make them feel worse.

  13. Caroline

    Ha yes! had a nice crying session last night. These are so true and I just loved the gifs!

  14. Dia

    Lol I think it’s so good for you.

  15. Kerry

    How is it possible that someone dying on TVD still makes us cry?! I mean all the ugly tears when Alaric died. And the music they play doesn’t help the situation!

  16. Dia

    Haha I’ve never been a huge Alaric fan but that was a rough one.

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