6 Things You May Not Realize Are Stressing You Out

In this episode, I share 6 things you may not even realize are stressing you out. We all have things that stress us out. Life is stressful but there are some things adding to yourself that you don’t have to suffer from. 

Not only do I share my hot list of 6 things adding to your stress, but I share solutions for ditching these bad habits and adding more ease to your life. 

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What are the 6 things?


We live in a world where we are constantly connected to our phones. This means we are completely bombarded with the needs and wants of other people. From work notifications (think Slack, Voxer, WhatsApp) to social media (Oh hey, Marie Forleo posted a new picture) to game notifications (Your Matchington Mansion lives have been refilled) it’s rare to go a waking hour without something popping up.  These notifications can be very triggering and distracting. 


We want to help people and we want to be seen as hard workers. However, constantly over-promising and not delivering or delivering at the cost of our own self-care is a fast trip to burnout and reputation damage.   

Depending on others 

This is not an excuse to be self-righteous or hate everyone. When we depend on others we are giving them some of our power. It’s important to realize when that lack of control is adding stress to your life. 

Not setting clear boundaries from your work zone and business zone 

Your home should be your castle and if you work from home it can naturally turn into a stressful environment. When we don’t separate business from life we are constantly in high adrenaline, reactive state. 

Not dealing with your shit

Mindset is real, ya’ll. If you aren’t healing from your wounds and identifying your faults you are stuck with them. The only thing you should push down are buttons.

Keeping it all in your head

And on the 100th day, God created paper and on the 1,204,323,433th day Steve Jobs created the computer (obviously, I’m joking) I see a lot of people only like to write down complete ideas or flushed out details, however when we only rely on our own brain to remember things we are sabotaging our minds.

That’s all I’m going to give you here. So check out the episode (or video below) to learn how to combat these sneaky triggers. 

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