60 Second Meditation For Anxiety

Do you ever feel like you might explode from stress? Like the anxiety or anxiousness is too much to handle? Welcome to the club. I suffer horrible anxiety and have since I was young.

I’ve been under a lot of stress in my life lately between personal matters, work, starting and marketing the site, it can all be a lot sometimes.

I have been utilizing meditation a lot in the past few weeks but sometimes I can’t excuse myself for ten minutes to do my normal anxiety guided meditations (which are typically 10-60 minutes long).

Today I could feel a panic attack brewing ( One of the worst things about anxiety is how the symptoms can be triggered by the smallest things, a full emotional explosion can take place as the result of the perfect storm of stress factors).

I quickly walked to the women’s bathroom at my office locked the door and sat on the sink. Before I knew it I was saying a mantra I was all too familiar with:

“In with the good (inhale)

Out with the bad (exhale)

In with the happy (inhale)

Out with the sad (exhale)

In with the positive (inhale)

Out with the negative (exhale)

In with love (inhale)

Out with hate (exhale)

In with strength (inhale)

Out with weakness (exhale)

In with courage (inhale)

Out with  fear (exhale)”

As  a child I would do this almost every night when I went to lay down at night. Before I even knew what meditation was, I was doing it! Each night I would lay down, do my breathing mantra and then say “off” as if to instruct my brain it was time to go to bed and turn off the anxiety and off my over active young brain.

So the next time you are feeling the pressure try to find a safe space (bathroom, closet storage room, your car, where ever you feel comfortable) and try my childhood mantra.

What are some ways you reduce anxiety?


  1. Jessica

    Thank you for sharing these awesome tips!

  2. Danielle 20dollardate.com

    It’s funny how sometimes childhood intuition is spot on. I use to do the same type of meditation before bed when I was little, then forgot about it when I got older and the real stress was brought on! Thanks for the reminder to bring it back. 🙂

  3. Julia

    I’ve gotten a few panic attacks in my past. This advice will definitely help for any future attacks. Thank you 🙂

    ♡ Julia | lifeofjules.com

  4. Olivia Kaye

    I’ve needed this! I’m definitely going to use this. Thank you!

  5. Shann Eva

    I love this. I suffer from anxiety and I’m always looking for another good mantra. Thank you for sharing this. I will be sure to use it.

  6. Dia

    Of course! I hope it’s helpful!

  7. Dia

    I agree you can never have to many ways to deal with anxiety!

  8. Dia

    I’m glad you stopped by. That 60 seconds can really help you.

  9. Dia

    Thanks Julia. Panic attacks are no fun. I find this one helps me regain my focus and breath!

  10. Dia

    I’m glad you found it. It is funny. I didn’t know I was meditating then but I knew I always felt better afterwards.

  11. Dia

    Of course I hope it helps.

  12. Chel

    Excellent tips. I struggle with major anxiety as of late so I hope these tips will help out. Thanks again

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