8 Reasons Guy Besties are the Best

Guys are girls can never be just friends…. I call bullshit!
I met this lovely little weirdo named Mark in 2007 during my freshman year of college and haven’t been able to get rid of him ever since but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I’m not sure how our friendship evolved into this strange codependent platonic love affair but it seems like it’s always been that way.
I know what you’re thinking, you’re writing an open love letter to your platonic guy best friend, your both heterosexual and your claiming you are just friends…. no one is being friend zoned? Nope. We have constantly had people wonder why we haven’t dated because we seem to just get each other in a way that no one else does. The truth is there lots of love is there just not that kind of love. Since romantic love is celebrated so much I thought it was a good idea to celebrate platonic love. Let’s be honest finding a friend that is the yin to your yang is about as easy as finding true romantic love.

Mark and I this past Halloween

Dear Mark (and world),

Here are the 8 top reasons guy best friends are the best!

We burp in unison.
This might sound like a lie but I don’t feel like I burp very much. I don’t happen to know the national average for burps per week but I’m certain I’m under it. That’s part of the reason it’s so funny to me that we have unintentionally burped in unison before. That’s a level of friendship that takes years.

Let me explain: We were in Chicago visiting a friend and while sitting in her apartment enjoying a mid-afternoon vacation beer we burped at the exact same time.
I looked at Mark, “Did we just burp in unison?”

“I think that’s the male equivalent to synching your mensis.”

It only makes sense that we would burp in unison together.

We have conversations in a totally different language
“What are ya’ll talking about?”
I can’t count the times someone has asked us that while listening as we ramble on. We may be quoting a hilarious scene from You’re the Worst, a Clerk’s quote or reminiscing about the time I tried to save your life and you kept running away.

Even people who have known us for years are often totally lost in our conversations.

Let me explain: We were about to cross the street one day and a car was coming so I tried to pull Mark quickly so we would cross before it hit us but he kept pulling away.
“Why are you fighting me,” I screamed.
“Because you were pushing me in front of a car!”
I was pulling him out-of-the-way of a car… it’s all about perception kids.

For never hitting on me but still making me feel pretty and loved

Mark and I at his company holiday party 2013
Mark and I at his company holiday party 2013

Any time I’m being insecure or commenting on how much life sucks you manage to make me laugh even if it’s through harsh words. I also love having a guy in my life I can text, “I’m needy, love me.” Instead of running for the hills you respond, “Love, love love.” For being there after breakups to tell me all the stuff that was wrong with the guy, like crazy pants or being down to play battleship.

Let me explain: I dated an insanely jealous guy once and during the last and final breakup I was trying to give him all of his stuff back, like his game of Battleship and he shouted, “Why don’t you play battleship with Mark.” Which as soon as he left I texted Mark, “Wanna play battleship.”

I love the fact we can have a full conversation about how we want to met someone like the other one but with/without XYZ. In your case red hair like Ava Cash, a voice like Lana Del Ray and gaming skills like Karen Gillan. For me Mario Lopez’s dimples and body would do.

For playing wingman no matter how bad you are at it
To not have any game yourself you never stand in the way of mine. I don’t know how many men have told me how awesome you’ve said I am. Or the fact that you yelled at certain someone, who shall remain nameless, that he needed to get his act together because I was a good girl. Our joking plots to split up couples at bars. And practically insulting me to make sure it was clear, “No dude we’re just friends… she’s totally single!”

Let me explain: I’ll admit I was the girl who fell for the wrong guy when I first got to college. Mark happened to be friends with him and I didn’t find  out till years later he gave him an ear full about mistreating me… it didn’t exactly improve this jerks behavior but it did make me realize I deserved better.

For not judging the random needs for attention and validation I can only share with you
The only person I could text 13 times in a row without feeling like a total stalker is you and I‘m sure after that you will never let more than 3 messages go without a response after that one. The fact that I can send you texts that say, ‘Stop having things in your life more important than me!” and you take my crazy with a grain of salt is amazing.

Let me explain:
Pretty much self-explanatory. I texted asked him a question and a few hours later he hadn’t responded. So I proceeded to blow his phone up. “Hey.” “Did you die? I’ll kick your ass if you died.” “Are you with a girl, tell her hi.” “Why do you hate me?”
I even called his roommate (also a dear friend to me) Mark was nowhere to be found.  Don’t worry… he’s okay.

For being the only person I’ve ever met who watches more T.V. than me
We share so many shows, so many movies, so many quotes. I love I can almost always predict what new show you will love and you can always predict what episodes will make me cry… (If it’s Parenthood that’s easy…all of them). I love when you finally watch something after keeping me waiting 12 hours (damn you and your night-time job) then you’ll text me a random line from it and I’ll burst out laughing at work. “But I don’t wanna do butt stuff.”

Let me explain: My biggest vice isn’t my love affair with vodka and wine, the fact I have a major potty mouth or that I could eat pizza every day and never get sick of it. No, my biggest vice is I watch way too much television. If by some chance I fall behind or my DVR lets me down Mark probably has it recorded

For welcoming me into your family since mine is out of town
Thanks for every invitation to birthdays, parties, holidays and whatever celebration is going on, even if I don’t go. It’s hilarious that your brother knows if he gets a voicemail from you it’s probably me yelling at him for not being at whatever event I planned for your birthday.

Let me explain: My family lives a few hours away and anytime I don’t go home for a holiday  I know there is a seat for me at his family’s event.

For always being down to go on a random adventure

There are tons of people I love but wouldn’t want to travel with. Mark and I may  drive each other crazy ocassionally but we have amazing adventures planned and unplanned.

Us on a random day trip to Chicago
Us on a random day trip to Chicago

Let me explain: One of our most random adventures is the result of being at a bar at  1:00a.m. on a Wednesday night and deciding that in less than 5 hours we should fly to Chicago for the day. Or the time my spring break vacation got cancelled so 2 days before we decided screw Port A, let’s go to San Diego? Very few people would be down like that. I’ve gotten to see a lot of the country thanks to you and made some awesome memories.

Holy shit Mark are we in love??? Nah hahaha But I do love you!

Forever the Lily to your Ted!

Do you have a guy bestie? Tell me about him below!


  1. Hannah

    I can’t say that I have a guy friend I’m this close to but I think it’s great! It’s totally possible and I’m so glad you guys found each other, because regardless of gender a best friendship is a best friendship!

  2. Dia

    You are so true. Best friends are life savers guy or girl. It’s like the Beatles say, “I get by with a little help from my friends”

  3. Faye

    This is SO true! One of my BFFs is a guy (he was actually “my” best man at my wedding). I constantly deal with people talking about how we cannot really be friends – it’s so not true. We have been BFFs for 20 years now, my husband loves him as well, and there has never been any hitting on anyone. I don’t know what I would do without him. Love this post!

  4. Dia

    I’m glad someone gets it! I think it’s amazing you’ve been friends for 20 years. I love my girl friends but sometimes you want a guys opinion and not necessarily the one you are in a romantic relationship with. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. Anca

    You have a wonderful friendship. You shouldn’t pay attention to what others are saying. I know a man and a woman can have an amazing friendship, I had a best friend too x

  6. candy

    I have more guys friends over girls. Totally agree.

  7. Lauren

    Guys friends are awesome! I always had more guy friends when I was younger, but now I have a select group of gals that are my go-to! 😉

  8. Roxy

    I don’t have a guy friend that I’m THIS close to, but as I was reading one definitely came to mind. I love that I can be 100% myself and look a hot a*s mess around him and he still loves me the same. We often talk about our respective love interests (he has pretty bad taste in women) and spend most days exchanging funny vines/videos. What I love most is how he’s really become family, as my mom often asks about him and he’s gotten super close to my boyfriend. In fact, you would often times think THEY were besties and I was just the “homeboy’s girlfriend”. SMH


  9. Sabrina Fox

    I agree with this so much! Guy friends are hard to come by, but when they do never ever let them go! They’re the best. 🙂


    I have guy friends, also, and I treasure them as the brothers I wish I had. Oh, they are great!

  11. Dia

    You totally summed it up perfectly.

  12. jennyb

    I’ve had guy friends over the years and it’s great cos you can talk about absolutely anything with them. They never get bitchy and annoying like some girls do (some).

  13. Allison Jones

    Sounds like you guys have an amazing relationship. I’ve never had a successful, longterm friendship with a guy but I wish I had a male bestie.

    Allison Jones

  14. ananda

    oh i can so relate to this! i had 7 BEST friends in high school , and 5 were guys, they are still as dear to me as brothers can ever be!! <3

  15. Emily

    I love having guy friends! They help to put me in my place when I start to nag on the little things! And they are just so much fun to be around!

  16. Mimi Rose

    I completely agree! The whole thing about guys and girls not being able to be true friends is such bullshit. I love all my guy friends dearly. It sounds like you and Mark have a great friendship 🙂

  17. Brooke

    So fun! I’ve never had a friendship with a guy to this extent, but I have a couple of time-tested, true girlfriends. What a unique and special relationship the two of you have!

  18. Kate - Highlights Along the Way

    I totally agree! One of my very best friends in high school and college was a guy – not even a little bit weird. I thought girls were harder to understand – i had some great girl friends too but oh the lack of drama there was with a guy friend! =)

  19. Angela Webster | Cosmic Kick

    haha, this post made me smile. Yes! I’ve had some great guy friends in the past. I have a lot more in common with men I think, at least in the groups I’ve always hung around in 🙂

  20. Dia

    That’s true. Great friends i general are hard to find..gotta hold on

  21. Dia

    Oh yeah I don’t care if people don’t believe us but I like the idea of being an example of true frendship

  22. Dia

    Growing up I was the same way I made more close girlfriends in college but as far as my friends from my hometown go the boys have my heart

  23. Dia

    Guys or girls great friends are important to have .Glad you have your squad.

  24. Dia

    That’s really what happens they become family 🙂

  25. Dia

    Yes! And if you pull the bitchy girl thing with them they call you out and you get over it 5 minutes later. I love it!

  26. Dia

    It is really great. I grew up with mostly guy friends and still talk to some of them till this day but I can admit my friendship with Mark isn’t something you see often so I feel lucky.

  27. Dia

    YES! Thank for stopping by 🙂

  28. Dia

    They really do Mark calls me out on stuff and provides a male voice I sometimes need.

  29. Dia

    Thanks Mimi. I can admit I’ve had a few guy-girl friendships that turned into more but that doesn’t mean all will. That’s like saying a lesbian person can’t be friends with girls lol

  30. Dia

    Thanks Brooke. Hold on to your friends 🙂

  31. Dia

    Yes no drama is refreshing, I have 3 sisters and was in dance team in high school and a sorority in college so I can see the difference.

  32. Dia

    Angela we’d probably be great friends I’m the same way and most of my girl friends now are too haha. Thanks for coming by

  33. Becki S

    A best friend, is a best friend, is a best friend. End of story. Gender, ethnicity, preference, none of that matters if you’ve found someone who is your other half!

  34. Amanda @bephoenixfit

    I wish I had a guy friend like that! My boyfriend has totally been that guy friend to a few girls though.

  35. Linda | Brunch-n-Bites

    I completely agree with this! And to be honest, having a guy bestie is more fun because they can kick you when your estrogen level starts rising. I’m glad I still keep mine for over 20 years now, though we both are married. Isn’t having a guy bestie wonderful?

  36. Dia

    I love that guy hes like family. His mom told him he needed to find someone to “Share his life with” and he told her “I have Dia, she just doesn’t do the naked parts”

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