A Confidence Booster: 10 Things I like about myself

Photo from Pixabay
Photo from Pixabay


Did I get your attention? Good. Now listen up.

I once read “Confidence is the closest thing in this world to magic,” I loved it…at first. The more I thought about it, the more I had a problem with it… isn’t love the closest thing to magic in the world? Then I realized love makes you confident. Having someone who says, “I pick you! You’re my special someone.” Having a friend who stands by your side and says, “Hey I have no obligation to invest in you but you’re worth it.” Family who says, “I look past your flaws because you’re a part of me and that makes you fine by me.” And most importantly loving yourself. The feeling when you get when you know you tried your best, when you put on the perfect dress, when you make yourself laugh out loud. Loving yourself is a huge part of confidence.
So I challenge you to write down 10 things you love about yourself. I know it may sound silly and conceited but women spend so much time picking themselves apart, comparing themselves to others and focusing on their flaws and imperfections. I know focusing on our good is easier said than done but just give it a try. Take out your laptop, a sheet of paper, hell, the memo pad on your phone and write down 10 things you love about yourself and be descriptive! Starting with “#1. I’m Amazing.” Write your list, then keep it somewhere you might randomly come across it or somewhere you can easily access it when you’re feeling down. Put anything that comes to mind. “I have amazing feet.” “I can finish a crossword puzzle faster than anyone I know.” Whatever makes you happy about you. Sometimes you just need to be reminded you are worthy. Here is my list, feel free to copy anything that applies to you.
Do if for love,

1. I’m Amazing

2. I am strong. No matter what life has thrown at me I have survived it. I may be down for a bit but I always rise above it.

3. I have super smooth skin… years of daily moisturizing have done me well.

4. I have a huge heart. When I feel things I really feel them, and while that may make pain more difficult it makes joy that much better.

5. I am a hard worker. I’ve been working since I was 15 and have always received recognition of some sort for my hard work.

6. I’m dedicated. Anything I do I completely try my hardest. When I say, I’m in, I’m all in.

7. I’m a good writer. I have a gift of expressing myself in a way that is so therapeutic.

8. I’m a great kisser 😉 I keep my lips moisturized too.

9. I’m fiscally savvy. I am a great bargain shopper. I always find the best prices on items! I can keep my closet stocked without emptying my wallet.

10. I am hilarious. I am seriously that person that rereads what I just texted and laughs hysterically.

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