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 I’m not some magical genie. 

I’m just a girl (boss) standing in front of a boy computer asking you to trust me. 

I have been there, those long nights. An inbox flooded with client requests and questions. Let me help you handle the chaos.  

I am the proud owner of a very expensive piece of paper that says something about Communication with a concentration in public relations. I keep it in a frame above my fireplace. I’ve worked in retail, food service, insurance, had to wrangle multiple real estates agents as marketing director and event coordinator and now on top of working with clients as a productivity coach and project manager, I am on a team that masterfully manages 30+ clients a day as a digital marketer.  

My Priciples 

I believe in...


I believe that everyone desires a life filled with the things that light them up. That we should play as hard as we work. Laugh as much as we type. Create as much as we conquer.  


I believe life is too short to live without joy. That we as humans owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to find joy in everything we can.  


I believe that success is a divine given right to each of us. While it is a right we have to be focused to obtain it but don’t let the hard work fool you success is yours for the taking.  


I believe it’s important to be honest in a world of filters, selfies and modern-day oppression. It’s important to celebrate our differences, our wins and our mistakes. The only way we can improve in this life is to be honest with ourselves and the world around us.  


I believe to give is to receive. It is our duty to use our gifts and talents to make the world a better place by making our dreams a reality and supporting the dreams of others.  


I believe it takes all types to make the world work and it’s important that we celebrate them. We have to use our voices to fight for the little person and our hands to bring them up.  


"I’ve been working with Dia for years on online projects, and she’s always a pleasure to collaborate with. Most recently she was able to take my challenge coursework and help me better reach my readership through a campaign that included landing page development, PDF delivery and automated email scheduling. Her insight on the latest techniques and relentless work ethic are just a couple of the many reasons I’d give her a try!"



A week ago, I had 50 women signed up to participate in #WomanAndMachine. Now, I have over 500 on the waitlist and I was featured on the local news today! And there was a single person who made that happen for me. Seriously, Dia, thank you so much for helping me get out of my own way, for putting me in contact with the right people, teaching me about how to use social media and spoon-feeding Facebook to me, and for crafting a game plan for my business that was practical, reasonable, and didn’t scare the shit out of me. I’d recommend you and your services a million times over. I’m so lucky I found you; not only as someone I am so happy to be working with but also as a friend.


Pixions and Pixie Dust, All Girl Garage

Dia was really in it with me! She brought critical thinking and my solutions that had my ultimate goals in mind to the table! She was really a team player (sorry for the dumb cliché) and very supportive! I didn’t know anything about Dubsado and how to set up my workflows and Dia knew exactly which questions to ask to help me up-level and better automate my business! She also help me set up other very fundamental systems in my business! I am now able to use Dubsado seamlessly in my business and have some great foundations set up in my business! Dia is such a delight to work with! Not only that, she really helped me get my shit together and get the client work done!


Meg K & Co.


I’m Dia Darling 

I'm a Project Manager and Mindset Coach for the top influencers and online business owners and entrepreneurs in the personal development and coaching industry.

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