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Above Average With Amy Demone

Meet Amy virtual assistant and coach to the virtual assistants. From the first email Amy sent me I knew she was a kindred spirit. This was such a fun chat. She shares the story of how she became a business owner and how she deals with anxiety in her business.

In this episode:

  • The difference between being able to do something and wanting to do something.
  • How she transitioned from Upwork to building her own business
  • How referrals help people who fear rejection.
  • Why you need to avoid the comparison trap when building your business.
  • How she sets boundaries with her clients
  • And so much more…

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[bctt tweet=”Most of the time the stress you feel is put on you by you. Not your clients.” username=”Diadoll”]

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More About Amy

Amy is a Jill of all trades, not only does she work with coaches who are overwhelmed with the day-to-day activities of their business.  Amy also works with virtual assistants who are ready to up-level and make their side hustle into a career. She helps break down projects to become more manageable and create more efficient systems. She’s a nerd when it comes to back-end systems, and recently became a Certified Ontraport Consultant in order to feed her weird obsession. She’s been working in the online business world for just under 3 years and hasn’t looked back since!

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Now tell me:
If you’re a business owner did you ever work in a 9-5?
If so, how did you know you wanted something different?
How do you keep your clients happy and maintain balance?
Have referrals helped you in your business? Do you ask for them or do they come organically?


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