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Ever wish you could just quit your 9-5 and start doing something you love? That’s is exactly what Ashley from Saving Money In Your Twenties did! One of the first friends I made when joining the blogger community, let me introduce you to Ashey.

I’m a huge fan of inspirational sayings and quotes. What is your favorite quote, saying or life motto? 
My favorite quote EVER is: “You can have anything you want, but not everything.” I use this all the time on my blog because it is so perfect for teaching about finances. If you use your money wisely, you can absolutely afford anything you want in life—you can buy anything you want, travel somewhere, accomplish a goal, etc. But you might not be able to afford everything you want. So we have to prioritize and decide what we most want, and use our money to go after that!


You started working for yourself at a really young age! As someone who has accomplished so much, what is one thing you wish you had learned sooner?
I wish I had realized how many alternative career paths there were! I took a very traditional path out of college, going straight into an office job and assuming that I’d have to stay there 40+ years until retirement. But I stumbled across some personal finance blogs and realized that there were other options in life… you can save up a bunch of money and quit your job and start your own business and create your own path (like I finally ended up doing!)


Obviously blogging is one of your passions, but how do you unwind outside of writing?
Reading is my absolute favorite unwinding activity! I really like mysteries that you can get totally wrapped up in; I get so focused on the story that I totally forget about real life and anything that is stressing me out.


Of all the things you do, what is something you couldn’t go a day without?
Getting out of the house! This might sound silly but I work from home and can seriously just stay in the house (err—apartment) all day without realizing it. I am learning that I need to force myself to go to the library every day (or just take a long walk or something). It’s amazing how a change of scenery can give me new ideas and make me more productive!

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Do it yourself is everywhere! But at All The Things I Do DIY is about more than crafts. It’s about ways you can make positive changes in your life emotionally, physically and financially. What is the best thing readers can start doing for themselves that you do?
I firmly believe that the BEST thing you can possibly do for yourself is start tracking where your money goes each month. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but figure out a system for yourself where you write down every single thing you spend money on, and then add it up at the end of the month for a final tally. You’d be shocked at how all the little things add up! Most of us have big goals for our money (paying off student loan debts, saving for a vacation, etc) but our money isn’t actually going towards those goals… it’s going to daily Starbucks runs and Target trips. Tracking your money will show you where your money actually goes! It’s also great for your mental health, because you’ll spend less time stressing over your money since you’ll be able to see where it’s really going!


I’d like to thank Ashley for visiting All the Things I Do and recommend you all go check out her site.



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