All The Things With Felice From The Kiss Of Joy

Today I’d like to introduce Felice from The Kiss Of Joy. She is such a delight and I think you will all find her very relatable. This adventurous fashionista is like a lot of us twenty-somethings, just figuring it out as she goes and trying to make the most out of life.

Felice from The Kiss of Joy
Felice from The Kiss of Joy


I’m a huge fan of inspirational sayings and quotes. What is your favorite quote, saying or life motto?

I have so many inspirational saying and quotes that I use to get me through the day and life but at the moment my favorite quote is “Whatever you do, do it with love.” I just love this quote and I really try to live by it daily.. I think it’s so important in life to put your heart into everything that you do, even the silly stuff.

You seem to really know who you are, what is one thing you wish you had learned sooner?

I’m only 23 and I’m still learning so much about who I am and also the person I want to be and the things I want to pursue and accomplish. Honestly, the one thing I wished I knew earlier was that it’s okay to ask for help because no one has it all figured out and no one person knows everything. If I asked for help in a lot of my previous decisions I probably wouldn’t be facing a lot of the consequences I am today. I once read this quote from one of my favorite Instagrammers and it really had a profound effect on me and it also made me open my eyes and realize that I needed to stop being afraid and just ask for help when I need it.

“The hard part is asking people around you to help catapult things in motion! Sometimes, all it takes is learning how to ask a friend or leader for help and they will probably surprise you. It all comes down to courage, faith, and confidence in who you are.”- Alyssa Quilala

You talk a lot about fashion and how like myself you are a walking T.V. guide. I always reserved Thursday nights for my unwind T.V. night. How do you unwind?

I have so many ways that I unwind but my favorite has to be taking a shower. While I’m showering I just love to have my speakers and I put on my favorite Spotify playlist and I just sing my heart out for a good 45mins. Listening to music while I’m in the shower just relaxes me.

Of all the things you do, what is something you couldn’t go a day without?

I just love listening to music and singing. One of the things on my bucket list is to one-day record a song or a even full album in a professional studio. If I had the chance I would definitely move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.

Do it yourself is everywhere! But at DIY is about more than crafts. It’s about ways you can make positive changes in your life emotionally, physically and financially. What is the best thing reader’s can start doing for themselves that you do?

The one thing I would advise people to start doing is looking within themselves for self-acceptance and motivation. I witness so many people in my life looking to others for that self-validation and inspiration and I think we should try to find new things in our lives that we love that will inspire, motivate and also help build ourselves up. I know it’s easier said that done but this should be a process we take one day at time.

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  1. candy

    Music can help you get through so many day to day things, gets you up and moving. What ever you do, do it with love.

  2. Cori

    I love the DIY part. You’re correct there is a DIY for everything nowadays. (Personally, I blame Pinterest.) But being able to motivate yourself and accept yourself is soooo important!

  3. Dia

    Haha yeah I’m not crafty so I stick to self improvement DIY

  4. Kim S

    She seems like a sweet and motivated young woman!

  5. Courtney

    Great interview! I love her choice of quote!

  6. Dia

    Felice is a doll!

  7. Dia


  8. Angie Scheie

    She seems like such a positive spirit! I love being around people like her, and yes to singing in the shower!

  9. Dia

    Oh I go full on Beyonce in the shower lol

  10. The Southern Stylista

    I LOVE that inspirational quote too!

    xoxo, SS

  11. Kusum

    What a great introduction, I am a huge fan of quotes as well and have way too many favorites to pick from. Excellent points, self-validation and self-acceptance is totally key to becoming successful (and also to enjoy life too).
    xx, Kusum |

  12. Dia

    She is a doll. If you don’t love yourself why should anyone else.

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