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I recently discovered a blog with so much wonderful information for bloggers that I ended up blowing off about an hour of work reading posts. That blog was by Jessica Adams.  Jessica is a Pro Blogger on & Social Media Marketing Strategist for Creative Entrepreneurs, working with them to discover their “passion niche” and helping them turn “pro” as the develop a profitable blog based on that niche.
 I was able to pick Jessica’s brain about a few topics and here is what she had to say. She is an amazing woman, so kind and balancing so many things while maintaining a warm spirit.
I hope you  enjoy all the things with Jessica from Alegriasmuse.
I’m a huge fan of inspirational sayings and quotes. What is your favorite quote, saying or life motto? 
Jessica: Actually, one of my favorite quotes, sayings or life mottos are one of those simple yet right on messages that fit in any category of your life; family, friends, business, faith, personal growth, etc. And it’s from the Jedi Master himself! “Do. Or not do. There is no try” – Yoda. (Yes I grew up in a Star Wars family….)
Yoda Quote
You have over 12 years of experience creating content and helping others succeed.  You work in so many different areas it’s really impressive. One of my favorite quotes from your site was, “I have to go write as a 70-year-old man” (ghost writing). Sorry if I paraphrased that like crazy.  I got my first paid writing gig ghostwriting for a white republican male in his sixties about real estate and as a twenty something black female liberal, I totally understand that quote. What is something you wish you’d learned sooner?
Jessica: Oh man, you definitely quoted me correctly in my article How To Make Money With Your Blog! In it I discussed Ghost Blogging as a potentially lucrative way to make money as a blogger and it’s something that I’ve done (and still do, just for two long-time clients) in a freelance capacity for 12 years….and that 70 year-old man I mentioned is one of them! I’ve been writing for him since 2003, he was my third client and he’s a sweetheart! This is such a perfect question Dia, especially since I think you’ll know exactly where I came upon my answer. The #1 thing I wished I’d learned sooner is actually something I needed about five years to figure out! I didn’t need to become a 58 year-old man (at the time) just as I don’t really need to become 70 today. The words that I write in his voice are still his opinions, inflections even and I tried for so long to treat the work like Method Acting. Granted, I was 22 at the time and not very patient at that time in my life but if I had just allowed him to share his true self with me, then write from the feeling that I got from getting to know him rather than “pretending” or trying to become him, I think my early ghost writing would have felt more authentic, as it’s supposed to! Eventually I learned that but I don’t think I could have learned that from anyone….it was something I needed to experience with each person that I was writing for and not “in lieu of”. Does that make sense? LOL!
You seem like you have a lot of balls in the air between your business, website and beautiful daughter, what are some other ways you unwind?

First of all, I told my daughter that you said she was beautiful and she said “wasn’t that sweet of her?!” She’s almost six!! She quickly became my own sarcastic mini-me before she started Kindergarten 😉 Unwind, unwind….well, I’m a singer. I started singing when I was 3 and I’ve never really stopped. There was a time when I recorded and performed with various bands around LA, mostly back in the early 2000s (I’m aging myself here!). While I haven’t recorded with anyone in a while I have been recording my own stuff as a personal creative outlet. I’m always singing, in the car, while I’m cooking, even when I’m writing! There’s always music on in our home 🙂 I’d say getting back to daily vocal lessons and making time to practice the guitar on a somewhat consistent basis, has been a huge help in getting myself to unwind from all of the “new venture madness”!
Jessica & Claire


Of all the things you do, what is something you couldn’t go a day without?

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t 
exactly sure what you meant with this question but stuck out for me was “what is the one thing that you couldn’t live without” and that is my phone! LOL, my Samsung Note 4 (time for an upgrade to the Note 5!). It’s sad, I know and just paints me out to be a total workaholic….then again, that is how any of my family or friends would describe me so there you have it. Because I have access to everything I need, such as my blog on the WordPress App, email, social media accounts, my Facebook Managers Page, Webinar & Conferencing Apps, Skype, Adobe Acrobat & Photoshop in the Creative Cloud, my Amazon Kindle Reader, Buffer (my savior & favorite social media automation app), Periscope (the master of time suckage but oh, so much fun!) and Podcasts….they’re all there right on my phone! Honestly, having that on me is the only way I ever leave the house. Just in case something needs my immediate attention, I have access to everything right as my fingertips! 

Do it yourself is everywhere! But at DIY is about more than crafts. It’s about ways you can make positive changes in your life emotionally, physically and financially. What is the best thing readers can start doing for themselves that you do?
Wow. Hmm….well, I do have a blog post titles “10 Morning Habits For a Successful Day” that has really helped my community from my blog readers/email subscribers, to social media followers. In fact it was recently selected as a top blog post of the week on The SITS Girls Saturday Sharefest! I love the fact that people will email me or DM me and tell me how they’ve started implementing some or all of the 10 Habits that I shared of what I (try) to do every day. The feedback has really helped me as a writer but also, it’s helped me stay honest! Like I said, I don’t do all of the 10 habits each morning although I strive to do so if my community is out there trying to do these things themselves!

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  1. Melissa

    Your blog is really awesome and I loved this interview. What a fun introduction to an inspiring woman! Thank you!

  2. Dia

    Thanks Melissa! I like to interview bloggers that readers can really benefit from. Thaks for stopping by

  3. Angie Scheie

    Fun learning about and “meeting” Jessica! It sounds like our blogs are similar in focus; with making positive changes to all areas of our life. I will definitely be visiting her blog more often!

  4. Becki S

    Great interview. I love that yoda quote as well, and I too feel lost when my phone is left behind.

  5. Cori

    That’s really nice that she sprang for the interview.

  6. Ariel @ Keys to My Life

    How fun being able to get some tangible advice from someone so successful! Thanks for this!

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