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Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Lambert, from Sarah Starrs.

I am so excited! Not only is she an amazing and kind woman she is a true inspiration to me. She doesn’t just preach the phrase, “Define your dreams, design your life” but she lives it! She went from working a full-time job in Canada to living in London and following her dreams (I think that may be every bloggers dream). She has an amazing spirit and I’m sure if you aren’t familiar with her site this will convert you.

Photo From The Laughing Medusa
Photo From Sarah Starrs

I’m a huge fan of inspirational sayings and quotes. What is your favorite quote, saying or life motto?
I’m a huge fans of quotes and inspirational sayings as well, so it’s hard for me to choose. But a quote I come back to again and again is from Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map: “Feeling good is the primary intention.” A lot of us are used to a lot of bad feelings – guilt, stress, anxiety, disappointment – we might even think they’re necessary for being a good person or accomplishing anything. But the truth is that our lives, and the lives of everyone around us, take a turn for the better when we focus all of our attention on feeling good.

As someone who has accomplished so much, what is one thing you wish you had learned sooner?
I wish I’d realized sooner that we shape our nature (and our lives) through our choices, thoughts, and actions. I used to deny myself the things I wanted to do and be because I “wasn’t that kind of person.” I wasn’t the kind of person who travels. Who takes a chance. Who gets an unconventional job. But those were all just excuses that let fear rule my life. Who we are isn’t set in stone. We can design our life to look and feel however we choose.

Obviously blogging is one of your passions, but how do you unwind outside of writing?
I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking, baking, or making things from scratch (my fiancee and I have recently started fermenting our own veggies). I love to eat but the process of making things is also really meditative and therapeutic. I also love to explore London, unwind with a good book, or just lounge around with my partner and our cat, Hagrid.

Of all the things you do, what is something you couldn’t go a day without?
I couldn’t go a day without writing. Whether it’s my personal thoughts in a journal, the inkling of an idea, or a full chapter of my book, I can’t stop myself from putting my thoughts into words. It’s a compulsion I’ve had since I was a kid. It helps me work through ideas, tap into my intuition, and share my knowledge. I’m constantly carrying around a zillion notebooks to scribble in.

Do it yourself is everywhere! But at DIY is about more than crafts. It’s about ways you can make positive changes in your life emotionally, physically and financially. What is the best thing readers can start doing for themselves that you do?
Start becoming really intentional and clear on what it is YOU want and what your dreams are – it’s the only way to create a life you love. So often we buy into goals, wish lists, and daydreams that are way more about what society expects from us than the things that truly light us up. At a certain age we’re taught to give up on daydreaming in favour of being practical and focusing on what we “should” be doing. But I think that dreaming is powerful. Daydreaming helps us figure out what we really want. When you have a clear vision of what your ideal life looks like you can start making small tweaks to bring your days into closer alignment with your dreams. And you can set big, long-term goals that you’re excited to wake up every day and work towards. But it all starts with allowing yourself to dream. I even created a free workbook to help you get crystal clear on everything you want in life.

If you haven’t visited Sarah Starrs yet go ahead and check it out now!


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