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Every so often I have the pleasure of coming across an artist that truly wows me with their talent. As a huge Nashville fan I was very weary of anyone trying recreate the beautifully seductive, “If I didn’t know better” by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio. When I listened to Austrailian singer Tori Forsyth’s cover I thought one thing, “Who is this girl?!?!?”

Her voice is amazing, she will be releasing her first E.P. later this year. I was able to speak with her and she is just as sweet as her voice is.

Singer/ Songwriter Tori Forsyth
Singer/ Songwriter Tori Forsyth

I’m a huge fan of inspiration sayings and quotes. What is your favorite quote, saying or life motto? Lyrics totally qualify 🙂

“Fake it till you make it” So simple, basically a less corny way of the classic “be yourself”, it also covers believing in yourself which I personally struggled with for a very long time.

Obviously, singing is one of your passions, but how do you unwind outside of singing?
Unwinding for me is sitting in a lavender bath with tea and writing in my journal or writing music (Both go hand in hand).

When did you discover you wanted to share your gift of music with the word?
Not long ago honestly, for me, the idea of putting my music out in the world was always an incredibly scary concept but I finally took some advice and grew a pair.

What was that advice? It must have been pretty powerful!

The advice was, pretty much just, “grow a pair!” My dad told me to get over myself and throw myself out there because he believed in me. I suppose, I started to believe in myself a little [after that].
Your SoundCloud has some amazing covers, do you write your own music as well?
Yes! I am in the process of writing my first EP that will be released at the end of the year (around November). Until then, I post fortnightly covers on SoundCloud to give people a good idea of what my sound is and what they can look forward to hearing on my EP, in my own words.

Any ideas for the EP title? 

Not just yet, my music is very experience orientated, I like to write about amazing things that have happened and all the dumb things I have ever done so, it may even be self-titled

Of all the things you do, what is something you couldn’t go a day without?
Singing, so typical but when I lose my voice if I’m sick I feel so lost.! Haha.

Do it yourself is everywhere! But at DIY is about more than crafts. It’s about ways you can make positive changes in your life emotionally, physically and financially. What is the best thing readers can start doing for themselves that you do?

I’m possibly the most overly organized person I know. I literally write everything down from finances to daily lists of things I need to get done. Aside from keeping organised I eat ridiculously healthy foods, my parents are huge advocates for health and fitness so we rarely have anything in the fridge that isn’t good for you. My biggest health tip would be to avoid gluten, you can thank me later.


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  1. Felice Asson

    Thanks for sharing this interview. I absolutely loved her cover

  2. Dia

    That’s a really hard song to sing and she rocks it!

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