April 2016 Goals

April 2016 Goals

So it’s that time again to take a moment and see how I am doing on this crazy ride called life. March was by far an exhausting month. I will be honest I cried as much as I laughed. I had man nights of tossing and turning along with nights I had to depend on my clonazepam prescription to turn my brain off and get some rest.  It wasn’t a bad month, don’t get me wrong,  just a one filled with change and emotions. I keep seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of things but my overwhelming sense of creativity constantly have me thinking of new things I want to try and do which, while exciting has been emotionally draining and having me constantly asking myself, “Why are you doing this?” The thing is I know why, I just find myself trying to talk myself out of it when it gets…too hard.

I know lots of crying here but really just being real with you all. So let’s look back at last  month before I talk about the next steps I want to make in April to help me get to where I’m trying to be.

March Goals

Personal Goals

  • Read one book.

Done! Books at Bedtime by Michael Whitehouse. 

  • Organize my closet.

I did and I have to tell you it made me so happy. Seeing everything in color coordinated order. So organized!

  • Get my bridesmaid dress altered.

No worst maid of honor ever! I tried it on again last week and realize that at this point it looks fine just needs to be a little shorter so hopefully that won’t take too long. It’s my goal to find a place this week on my lunch break that can do it.

  • Learn as much as I can at this new job and start building good habits there.

It has been an insane month but amazing! I am loving it so far. Learning new stuff.

  • Set up a cleaning schedule so I’m not always having, “God I need to clean up,” moments.

This was a no go but aside from hiding my clean laundry in my laundry closet until I need to retrieve items, the place has maintained neatness. 

  • Fix the lid-switch on my washer.

My job was to buy the part. It was boy’s job to install. I’m going to say, I did my part.

Blog and Freelance Goals

  • Have 269 Facebook page likes

I hit 278 I am really trying to make a more engaged Facebook profile. I’m trying out new things to increase likes and comments.

  • Have 1300 Twitter Followers

Blew this one out of the water at 1400! I really hope I’ll be able t hit 2,000 soon but only time will tell.

  • Have 375 Instagram Followers

396. I’ve made a point to comment and like more Instagram accounts. Also doing hashtag searches to meet new people and using new hashtags on my own profile.

  • Have 450 Pinterest Followers

447. So close. I finally joined Board Booster so hopefully this will not only help with my followers but my traffic. I am also trying to constantly make better images so my pins are more likable.

  • Post twice a week.

The 3rd week in March I was so stressed out and wiped out. I didn’t have a post ready to go on Thursday and instead of throwing something together I decided it was okay to take a break. I needed it! 

  • Publish 2 posts on other sites.

This is month I published:  

Fed Up and Over It: My Stand Against Ghosting on She Is Fierce HQ.

Hiring For Your Office Culture  on ESD and Associates.

I have a few other things set up for the next upcoming months. 

  • Finish Webinar and e-course

NO! I am so behind even having to type, “No,” here feels me with anxiety and disappointment in myself.

  • Finish taking the Email-Surge Course I’m taking from The Nectar Collective

I haven’t finished the course but I have been following it and that is a bigger gift to myself than just watching all the modules without soaking them in and implementing them. 

Health and Fitness

  • Walk 6,000 steps a day
  • Track all my meals
  • Stick to stage one of the South Beach diet Monday- Friday or Sunday-Thursday

I can write a general summary for all 3 of these. Some days I hit the 6,000 steps, some days I didn’t, some days I far exceeded it. I have been using my Fitness Pal app to track my food religiously. I have pretty much given up bread and alcohol most days of the week. I am down 7 pounds!

  • Find the time and money to get a massage. (Hey, they are good for you!)

I did go ahead and buy the massage wth a great email deal but have yet to get it scheduled.

Like most months it was a combination of “Yay!” and “Almost!” So what about April? Well, let’s see….

April Goals

Personal Goals

  • Read one book. Ideally, it will be the new copy of Girl Boss my little sent me or Year of Yes.
  • Build a better schedule. I feel like I’ve been running around too much or laying around. Between the new job schedule, time change, working at the old job still and blogging I just feel like I’m going 1,000 miles an hour or just crashing and burning out.


Blog and Freelance Goals

  • Have 290 Facebook page likes
  • Have 1500 Twitter Followers
  • Have 400 Instagram Followers
  • Have 460 Pinterest Followers
  • Post twice a week.
  • Publish 2 posts on other sites.
  • Finish Webinar and e-course
  • Pick out the editing program I’d like to use for my podcast.
  • Continue taking the Email-Surge Course I’m taking from The Nectar Collective
  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day engaging on each of the above social media sites. That means repinning, responding to tweets of others or seeing what their links are, etc.

Health and Fitness

  • Walk 6,000 steps a day
  • Track all my meals
  • Stick to stage one of the South Beach diet Monday- Wednesday
  • Scheduled my follow up breast exam.
  • Schedule that massage.

I know looking at them the goals are pretty much unchanged but to be frank I didn’t get to where I wanted to be in March and on the other side of that some of my goals proved to be really good for me and I’ll like to maintain them one more time before upping the anti, like walking more steps each day.

I really want to take care of myself and make some progress. There is some stuff going on personally, that will hopefully be resolved in the next few weeks so I can know what to do next

What are your goals for the month? Share below.

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