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How To Survive Your Hometown Holiday

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I share tips for keeping your anxiety at bay during your family visits. It is the most wonderful time of the year but it’s also the time where depression, anxiety and stress are at a all time high. Here are a few tips to survive going to your hometown during the holidays.

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I love living alone. I’ve had that privilege for nearly 7 years. I also love San Antonio, which I’ve been a resident of for over 11 years. One major thing I love about where I live now is how different it is from my hometown. I love my family but I am from a very small town and being there for more than two days after living in the “big city” for 8 years can feel a little like torture.

But maybe that isn’t your problem when you go home for the holidays. Maybe your older siblings still treat you like you’re 6. Perhaps you have different religious views as an adult than your parents do. Maybe you have nothing in common with your cousins. Maybe you really just like your own space and even if it’s family that many people makes you feel a little anxious.

Whatever you dread about going home for the holidays here are a few tips to make the trip more enjoyable.

Make Plans to Meet An Old Friend

You can have too much of a good thing, and that includes family time. While your mom may give you, “Christmas is about family,” speech as you head out the door for happy hour with your childhood friends it really benefits the family to take a break from non-stop togetherness. 

Every Christmas Eve once my parents go to bed I go and have a few drinks with my friends from high school. It’s the perfect excuse to get out of the house and feel some of the independence I’ve grown to love.

Act Like An Adult

One thing a lot of young adults hate about going back home is that their family seems to be stuck in the past when it comes to how old they are. Short of actually sitting them at the kid’s table they pretty much spend the entire holiday treating them the same way they have all their lives.

Instead of throwing a tantrum to get them to stop, handle it like an adult.

If your boss treated you like you weren’t a good worker would you pout or would you work hard to show what you’re capable of?

Hopefully the latter.

Tell your family about your life as an adult. Talk about your goals and plans for obtaining them. Try to provide insightful responses to the conversation instead of sitting in the corner watching them as you did as a child.

Finally, accept that these people have known you since before you discovered your fingers. No matter how much you impress them in certain aspects they will still see you as a kid. Try not to take it too personally. Most of your family probably remember where you were born and it’s hard to wrap their mind around you being a full grown adult when they only get to see you a few times a year.

Offer To Help

Hosting is stressful. Offer your hostess a break (whoever the hostesses may be: dad, mom, sister, uncle, aunt, grandparent, whoever). If it’s setting the table, getting guest refills or chopping celery, any little thing will be appreciated. 

If the host doesn’t feel like they are doing everything they will be a lot less stressed and there will be a lot less tension and frustration in the air.

Plus being helpful will keep you busy, make you feel useful and show how grown up you’ve become.

Bring a Flask

I’m not saying I can’t handle being around my family sober but a glass of wine doesn’t hurt. In my case my parents don’t drink so we don’t have alcohol during holidays (something I didn’t realize was missing from the festivities until spending Thanksgiving with friends and their families the past few years) Part of the great thing about being an adult is you’re allowed to drink! So if your family does drink tell Cousin Pam to pass the adult cider!

Bring Part of Your Current Routine With You

Photo From Pixabay

Photo From Pixabay

Do you run every morning?

Do you end every night listening to a guided meditation?

Can you not fall asleep until you’ve unwinded with a little F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Netflix?

 Don’t think because you aren’t at home you can’t still have some normalcy in your schedule. Instead of pouting because your gym doesn’t have a local branch where you’re spending the holiday, see if one of your relatives wants to take a walk with you or if your sister wants to bust out one of your mom’s old jazzercise DVDs.

Don’t abandon the things that keep you happy just because you’re not in your regular environment.

Set Boundaries

The holidays are meant for loved ones and good times. Do what you can to unplug and stop working. Of course, I know during certain times like after Thanksgiving you or a client may be launching something big like a sale or special. Do what you can to get as much done ahead of time. It’s vital for you to set boundaries beforehand. If you absolutely have to do work over the holiday set the expectation when you will be online and when you won’t. If possible find a place to be alone when you’re working so you can work more efficiently. It’s hard to proof an email when your cousin’s two-year-old is throwing a tantrum two-feet away.

Make The Most Of It

For better or worse these loud and crazy humans are your family and they love you. Enjoy the time you have with them before you don’t have them anymore. Life is short and loved ones should be appreciated. 

And one last thing….

Catch up on posts!

Had to throw that one in there. 🙂

Do it for love and Happy Whatever Doesn’t Offend You,


Standing Out As An Online Business Owner With Rosemary Richings

This week I talk with Rosemary from Rosemary is a content writer, copy editor and content strategist. We discuss how she got into business, how she handles negative feedback and her tips for keeping yourself and your clients happy.

Excuse the slack notification.

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In this episode:

  • How she went from a hobby blogger to a business.
  • How she overcame the fear of rejection in pitching herself.
  • Why she believes research, not templates is key to making connections.
  • We share the impersonal email greetings we get.
  • How her mom’s brick and mortar business made her better at online business.
  • How she came to terms with negative feedback.
  • Why it’s important to communicate with your clients.
  • How asking your clients for inspiration and references can help keep them impressed with your work.
  • How she views trolls.
  • Why you need to look for ways to be clearer.
  • How she keeps track of her client load.
  • How she keeps her momentum going.
  • How she mixes up her environment.
  • The quote from her great-grandmother that sticks with her.
  • Why you need to take care of yourself and listen to your body.

Click to tweets:

If you don’t have much experience. Ask yourself how have other similar skills helped other people. - @rosiemay_r Click To Tweet You can’t do the work alone no matter how entrepreneurial and awesome you are. -@rosiemay_r Click To Tweet 'Unless you’re being annoying you’re not being annoying.' Dia and Rosemary talk about pitching yourself in this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety. Click To Tweet There are so many options online. You could throw a ball and hit a VA. But if you want to stand out but if you want to stand out as one you need to have a personality. Click To Tweet Remind people there is a person behind the computer screen. - @rosiemay_r Click To Tweet Trolls are a sign you’re doing something right. - @rosiemay_r Click To Tweet

You can find Rosemary here:

Copy WriterRosemary is a copywriter, editor, and content strategist for the web, based in her hometown of Toronto, Canada. However, she is also known for her love of travel, and will sometimes work far away from home.

She works with a combination of E-Commerce and retail business owners, eager to use their products to improve the lives of their community. Her work has been featured on sites such as Buffer and Search Engine Journal, and she has worked with clients such as Yellowpages Canada and E-Bay.

On an ongoing basis, she also produces content for her blog, Rosie Writing Space, and her podcast, People Behind the Business; both platforms are a source of guidance for independent business owners that need help with “putting themselves out there” without a large budget to work with.

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What is the most incorrect name you’ve been called in an email? (I’ve gotten Emily.)

How do you mix it up working at home? Do you go to coffee shops or coworking places? 


Tips For Working From Home

In this episode, I share my tips for working from home. As someone who has been doing it for 5 ½ months now I’m basically a veteran. Just kidding but I do feel like I started recently enough that the pain points and lessons I’ve learned are recent enough that they are fresh in my mind.

I  dive into the lessons I’ve learned and the adjustments I’m making to make the most of the opportunity I’ve created to work virtually. Some of these may apply to you and other you may not understand (how do you forget to eat?!?!) either way, these come from my heart to yours.

Here is a preview of the tips:

  • Tips for staying hydrated and fed. Because you can forget to eat with a fridge just steps away. Mix it up. Because monotony can be the killer of joy.
  • Cut it off. Because even Oprah sleeps.
  • Take Breaks. Because you’re strong as hell but still a mere mortal.
  • We have the technologyBecause it’s time to stop having meetings that should be emails.
  • Don’t live in your inbox. Because it’s a trap. 😉
  • Set Clear Expectations.  Because of no one like redundant back and forth.
  • Find Your System. Because it will help you cover your butt.

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