Avengers: Age of Ultron Review


I grew up reading Archie Comics, so I never really got into the Superheroes of Marvel and D.C. until I was much older. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, this is the perfect time for these superheroes to come to life. “We have the technology.” What filmmakers can accomplish with special effects really makes the stories seem real (especially compared to my failed attempt of watching the Original Star Wars… it just looked so fake compared to what we can do today, sorry Star Wars fans).
The Age of Ultron was by far my favorite of the Avengers films so far (Still waiting for that Black Widow film…).
From the first scene the Avengers capture your attention with action, comedy and wit.
All six of the avengers gave an amazing performance as always, but the real breakout star was Elizabeth Olsen.
Younger sister to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the actress has built an impressive body of work, but her role as Wanda Maximoff, orphaned twin and volunteer lab rat to Sokovian bad guys, has far surpassed her sisters’ works.
Olsen makes you feel every single emotion with her, even when you are rooting against her character.
I have seen Olsen star in other films like Liberal Arts with Josh Radnor and Very Good Girls with Dakota Fanning, but it wasn’t until seeing her cast her spell as the Scarlet Witch and portray one badass Sokovian accent that I realized, this girl has got the elusive “it” that makes super stars. (Also makes me want to talk in a Sokovian accent.)

Other notable moments about the film: How I Met Your Mother vet, Cobie Smulders, had a much a larger role in this film, which I can appreciate.
Thor seemed incredibly absent in this particular film in my opinion.

Hands down an amazing movie! Also stay after the credits for a special sneak peek into what’s next to come in the Marvel universe.



  1. Karen

    I can’t wait to see this!!!!!!!!!!! Thor is my favorite 😉 he’s so sexy!! .. you saying he is mostly absent hurts my heart 🙁

  2. Dia

    You see him, I just didn’t feel like he was as important as the other characters in this one. It was a great movie! My favorite it Iron Man

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