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Avocado Bacon Stuffed Egg Appetizer

I have a confession. I hate traditional deviled eggs. I know some people find this horrible but if someone serves me a plate with deviled eggs I scoop out the inside and just eat the egg whites.

I understand the popularity of deviled eggs, they are easy to transport, popular and nice little appetizer with protein.

But you know what people love even more than deviled eggs… bacon.

Bacon and avocado.

How could this not be a winner?

I made them at my holiday party last year and they were a hit!


Here is what you will need:

10 Large eggs

2 Large Avocados

5 Strips of bacon



Serving tray (or large plate)

Cutting board (or plate)


Small bowl

Small Sandwich Bag


Step One:

Boiling eggs correctly

Bring the eggs to a boil in a large pot. This should take about 11-13 minutes.

Step Two:

Frying Bacon

While the eggs are boiling you can cook the bacon. I typically like to cook bacon in the oven but I made these on Thanksgiving so the oven was prime real estate and I had to fry them on the stove top.

After the bacon is done cooking lay it out on a paper towel and dab away the excess grease.

Get grease off bacon


Step Three:

After the eggs have boiled I like to gently drain them in a colander and rinse them in room temperature water. I allow them to sit until they are cool enough to peel. After they have cooled I like to roll each egg on the counter to make it easier to peel then tap it the same way you would if you were cracking a raw egg to start a peel location.

Drain the eggs

After peeling the egg I rinse them off just in case there are any shell bits left on them.

Step Four:

Prep egg whites to fill with avocado blend

Slice the eggs in half and remove the yoke (I personally just discard them but I know some people mix them into the avocado. If you like it I would say give it a try).

After the eggs are all sliced in half and lay them out on your serving platter.

Step Five:

In a bowl gently mash the avocado and add in salt and pepper to taste.

Create Avocado Blend

This part gives you a little room to play. You can add in the egg yolk, or chop in some onion or tomato it you’d like or just stick to the salt and pepper.


Step Six:

Once the avocado tastes just right and has a smooth creamy consistency, scoop it into a sandwich bag and cut the tip of one of the bottom corners to create your own disposable quick pastry bag.

Create your own pastry bag

Then squeeze the avocado blend into the hollow part of your eggs.

Step Seven:

Bacon! You have two choices here. Break the bacon into bite size chunks and stick into the avocado blend or you can crumble it and sprinkle it on top.

Add the bacon

Step Eight:



Do it for love,


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Printable ingredient List: Avocado Bacon Stuffed Egg Appetizer

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