Becoming more visible online

Behind The Scenes With A “Behind The Scener”

Today I’m going to talk to you about stepping from behind the scenes. A little bit of a behind the scenes of a behind the scener.

Now, what normal does that mean? As a project manager, online business manager, someone who has been a virtual assistant and someone who has a degree in Public Relations, I have always been behind the scenes. I remember, back in college the head of the PR department was like, “If I ever see you on TV or on the news with your client, I’m going to be mad because you’re supposed to be behind the scenes, you’re the person who makes the magic happen.”

 So I am on a journey right now to really just show up and be visible which is so new to me. And I was talking to one of my coaches about this, like how because I’m a coach now it’s been hard to get myself out there visibly because I’m not used to being the one who’s like on the page and the one who is really out there and saying the message. Yes, I have a podcast. Yes, I do blog posts, I have a website, but really to be like “I am the expert hear me roar,” that is so completely new for me. So I’m really, really excited about this chapter of my life. 

I wanted to make this video because I feel like a lot of people are probably in that same space. When you start your business, and you’re doing support roles or service roles, yeah, you put yourself out there a little bit. It’s very different in terms of saying who you are and what you can bring to the table. A lot of times with project managers, online business managers, virtual assistants, it’s like here’s a task list of things I can do. When it comes to coaching or being in the brand, it’s a little bit different than that. You are really saying this is who I am, this is what I believe in, what I represent, my personality because obviously you want to have a good personality and people want to work with people whose personalities they jive with, but with coaching like it’s a whole different level of connection. So when you put yourself out there as a coach you want to come across in a way that people relate to or your people relate to. You don’t want to just make some stuff up and be someone that you’re not so you can connect to people you want to show up as yourself. And that is something that, while I’m very transparent, is a new thing for me to really be like, this is how we would go over this. 

It’s really new stuff for me and I’m really really excited about it. But I wanted to share like behind the scenes with the behind the sceners because when you’re so used to not being seen because you’re just there to support because that’s your role. And that’s great. And it’s so, so important. And obviously, I’m still doing that for clients. But stepping into this coaching role is something that’s completely new to me. And it’s scary. To sit here on this video and talk to you about this. Like, I’m catching the things that I’m doing. I’m not gonna like make some huge production. I’m like, I have my lamp, my webcam, I am good to go and ready to talk. Like, yes, maybe down the line I’ll do makeup and hair and all that stuff. But right now I just want to be real. I want to be who I am. And I want to show up for you guys and just really let you know what to expect from me and who I am. So I think the best thing you can do is just do it. Just get on the Instagram stories. Just get on the Facebook Live. Whatever.

Just put yourself out there, it’s not going to be perfect. I have been tampering with video editing, which I surprisingly love. Never would have guessed I love it.

When I even look at the first video I posted, I’m like I was so proud of it when I did it. And then now I’m looking at like “UGH.” And it’s a thing like you have to practice and you have to get it out there. And you have to do some trial and error, decide what you like, decide what will work. I’m being 100% real and vulnerable.

And I think that that is just something that you have to accept some people will watch 30 seconds of this video or they’ll watch the whole thing and only have critiques about the way that I look or the way that I’m talking or lighting or just something or they’ll be like, “wow, no one needs to hear all of this.”  And then other people will be like, “Oh my god, I felt that way too. I’m so glad someone said that.” 

For me just sitting here talking and getting my thoughts out and sharing them with you and letting you know that if you feel that way, it’s totally normal, then that’s, that’s what works for me. So, that’s a little behind the scenes, you’re going to see more videos of me. You’re going to see me on social media more and you’re just really going to get to know Dia.

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