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There are tons of tools out there in the blogging world and I’ll be the first to admit it can be overwhelming. I’ve tried several different platforms and to be frank not all of them were a good fit.  

So I’d like to share with you all the tools that work best for me. We’re talking everything, tools, apps, platforms, plugins. I use WordPress so some of the below plugins may not be available for you if you use a different platform.  

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me about them here.


For Hosting: Siteground  

I love the team at Siteground! For almost 5 years they have provided amazing support for hosting my website and buying domains. 

For Social Media: Buffer  

Schedule all your social media posts with ease.

For Website Themes: Bluchic  

Bluchic has beautiful themes for your website. If you're looking to build check these out.  

For Organization: Todoist  

Take your to-do list to the next level with this program/app. 

Read my Todoist review! 


I drank the kool-aid I thought Airtable was just an unnecessary complication but as a business owner and service provider, it has completely changed the way I manage tasks. It leveled up even my best spreadsheet.

For Email: Mailerlite  

Mail your list using Mailerlite's amazing features.

Content Editing: Grammarly, Google Docs  

Don't miss a beat with these two platforms. 

Photo Editing: Canva  

Canva is great, it provides design templates for anything you need. Facebook pages, Pinterest Pins, Instagram, Resumes, whatever you need.  

Free Stock Photos: Pixabay, Rawpixel & Pexels  

You can always find a good picture to go with your post on one of these 2 sites. They are very popular websites so makes tweaks to them to make them your own.  

For Client Management: Dubsado  

Sent invoices, track time, create agreements, schedule appointments all in one place.  

Read my Dubsado review!  


Keep It Together Mini Class  

Manage your time, anxiety and goals. Create productivity habits to grow your business without growing crazy. Hosted by ME!

Integrative Alchemy 

Become a masterful practitioner who confidently facilitates miracle-style results that make you stand out and sell out.

Savvy Social School

My client, Andrea Jones hosts a an amazing membership program for people looking to get their social media skills up and grow their audience and engagement.


Yoast SEO  

To make sure your blog's SEO is making the Google bots happy.  


Because sharing is caring. This plug-in is perfect for letting readers share your content on multiple social platforms.  


I use this for my FREE resource library formatting.  


Stop wasting time trying to rig together pages. Beautiful templates and so easy to use. 


This allows me to create custom ads for affiliates, partners. and my services.  


This is a commenting aid. Akismet helps put more spam comments in the spam folder and saves you the time of filtering them out of the legit ones.  

Better Click to Tweet  

I love this plugin! It allows me to create custom tweets right in the copy of my text to encourage engagement and sharing.  

JetPack For WordPress  

Great for getting on-site statistics, speeding up your website and keeping your site secure.  

WP Smush  

This app helps shrink the size of my images and save storage.  


Printer: HP Desk Jet 3755  

I love this printer. It prints in color and takes up no space at all. The ink cost is low and it's perfect for a one person operation.  

Computer: Macbook Pro  

This computer has lasted longer than any computer I've ever had. It also comes with audio and video editing.  

Camera: Coolpix L340  

Great pics, video and sound!

Webcam: Anivia 1080p HD Webcam W8 

A lot of influencers will tell you to go with LogiTech but this camera is amazing and less than half the cost.