BLAB Replay: Creating a Strong Brand With Twitter

BLAB Replay: Creating a Strong Brand With Twitter

So recently I had the honor of participating in a BLAB with Samantha Parker, Jessica Humphreys and Shayla Perry.

I wanted to share the video with you as well as the answers I prepared. While our wonderful host, Samantha, did send the questions over for us to think about in a live BLAB often you will get off topic or be inspired by something someone says and forget what you prepared. And if you have unfortunate luck like me you might have a few technical difficulties (on the plus side this past weekend I got my internet speed increased and saved $10 a month on my bundle…that’s $120 a month. WOOT WOOT).

So while some of this is in the video, you should still check it out for the awesome content the other ladies shared. 🙂

Also full disclosure, I was watching the winter premiere of Grey’s Anatomy before this so if I look tired it’s because I was bawling my eyes out. Damn you Shonda! It was my first time live on air and in camera so sorry if my nerves came through on that.


How to start my blog?

How I actually started my blog is a long story. I actually just shared it in my bi-weekly email but basically. I had been in the position I’m leaving now and one of my jobs was to write and maintain the company blog but I was doing it ghostwriting and it sucked. I’m this loud silly passionate twenty-something and I was having to write as this conservative 60 plus-year-old. I met this wonderful man in September of 2014 and he just inspired me to go after my dream…he would call me out on how much I said I loved to write and would tell me I needed to do more and then I just did and over the past year it’s just totally taken off and turned into something so much more amazing than I could have imagined.


Why do you think it’s so important to have brand presence?

Let’s be honest no matter what you’re doing there is going to be 100 other people doing the same thing.  That’s why it’s so important to have a consistent brand so if they see something about from you it’s not just like “oh that’s a great tweet or great post…not that’s Dia Darling’s website or logo, I love her content!”

I think the best example of this is commercial, I was watching the super commercials and most of the time I was left asking, “What was that for? Who was that advertising?” I know the next day we were talking about super bowl commercials and a few of the people I was chatting with got the brand or the product wrong.

If you’re doing great stuff but not making it clear it’s tied to you, you’re kinda ripping yourself off.


How would you personally define a brand?

I think so often people think brand is logo, colors, name, tagline but it’s so much more than that! My brand is focused on millennial life and all the things we face. You see that. I’m not talking about things off topic, I’m not a mom, that’s not my target demographic, things I write about might interest them but I’m not going to write a post about how to breastfeed because I’m not doing it, it’s not a part of my lifestyle. People come to my site for tips to grow their brand or business and for anecdotes they can relate to.


Now let’s shift gears into Twitter. How have you used twitter to build your brand?

I am in love with Twitter… I have started an affair with Instagram but that’s another story.

I think because it’s such a clear and easy format. You can support others so easily with retweets and follows without worrying too much about being like spam because twitter is constantly happening. I’d never post 15 times a day to Instagram but twitter it’s unlikely the same will see more than a few of those tweets and as long as you’re sharing good content no one cares.


How do people actionably grow an audience through Twitter?

When I started my blog it was the only social media platform I was using. Twitter is such an active community and people are so connected my biggest strategy is alternating what I post and making a point to actively respond to people and followers. Lots of keyword searches. Look at who you admire in your brand… follow them, they may or may not follow back but then look at who follows them. That’s your client base. When you follow them they will want to see what you’re about that’s where you find your readers.


Do you have any additional tips regarding branding and social media?

Be real! Seriously! If you comment on blog be truthful don’t just say” great post” tell them why it was a great post… I love reading real comments.

I’ve had lots of bloggers even tell me they enjoy my comments because I’m actually talking to them not just trying to get a click using Comment Luv. I sometimes ramble and get way off focus but it’s usually funny and awkward and it makes people want to check you out because you are a real person…not just someone just trying to comment on 15 blog posts a day.


What is one thing people can do right now to improve their brand presence?

Keep it consistent and be real. I can’t stress it enough. Yes, life comes up but you have to keep it consistent I try to always have a post ready in the wings in case something happens and I can’t get a new one done on the days I publish. My grandmother passed away in August and I took it hard. I went back home for a week and just spent time with my family because it’s where I needed to be. When I came back home I ended up writing about it, not to “explain my absence” but to honor her and just kind of let them know my readers are a part of my life too.

I hate when I am reading a blog for a while then go back to check back for a few weeks and there are no new posts and not even a “hey I’m on vaca” I’m dealing with personal stuff… I’m like, “Oh no did they die?” (Bit of a drama queen) I’ve seriously cyber stalked bloggers to make sure they are okay and still posting on some social media channel.


Hope you enjoyed the recap:

Here is the video:



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