Blogger Facebook Groups 101

Blogger Facebook Groups 101

Social media is a huge source of website traffic. For the most part, it’s free and allows you to reach way more people in a targeted way than you would be able to otherwise.
One way a lot of bloggers are growing their traffic and engagement using social media is Facebook groups.

Don’t take on too much
Don’t comment in every thread. It’s exciting to go into a group and see all these threads. Potential for Facebook Likes, Comments, Instagram hearts and Twitter followers but be realistic! Unless you have all day to comment on these threads and reciprocate them properly and timely, you shouldn’t sign up for everything. Pick and choose what you sign on to do.
The worst thing you can do is put your link in a bunch of threads and not reciprocate. You may think, “These groups are so large, there is no way anyone will notice if I don’t do this one thread, this once time.” FALSE! Almost every group I’m a part of have people monitoring threads and looking for people trying to cheat the system. You will be discovered and you will get called out and kicked out.
I’ve built kind of a routine for which threads I do on which days. Because I publish a new post twice a week, I can spread out my Facebook group marketing for each new post over 3 days each, counting Saturday and Sunday as one day since most groups do collective weekend threads instead of daily threads for each day of the weekend.

Get a VA
There will be times where you just can’t do it all. In fact, the more your blog grows, the more you will need to focus on other things like content, guest postings, etc., so you may want to consider getting a Virtual Assistant. I put this off as long as I could because I was certain I couldn’t afford it and could handle it on my own. Guess what? I can and I couldn’t. You can find a private freelance virtual assistant who will work with you on finding a price you can afford.
Note: Because I want to have an engaged relationship in the blogging community, I only have my VA do Click Through threads, Instagram likes and Stumble Upon threads. I don’t want them commenting as me or deciding what I repin or retweet. I want anything that I’m “saying” to actually be said by me.

Keep track
Even if you join a thread with the best intentions it’s easy to forget which threads you commented on if you are a part of multiple groups. The best way is come up with a system. I use a printed copy of a form I made myself. I use two of these a week. Monday-Wednesday and Thursday-Sunday. Any time I join a thread I write it down. If you need to do a certain amount in a thread (For example, “Retweet 5 tweets”) I make a tally mark when I do one, that way I can pick it up if I have a few minutes and do a little bit instead of getting stuck trying to finish them all at night. If it’s a “Do all” thread I put a checkmark to know when the task is done.(Keep an eye out, I will have a printable copy of the form I use to keep track in my resource library!)

Pay attention and don’t be afraid to speak up
If you have a few minutes check and make sure people are following up on your threads. If you are in a thread limited to 10 people and you have to comment on each other, if you notice that one person doesn’t follow through a consistently or is leaving generic comments like “Great Post!” (which most groups prohibit) then don’t be afraid to contact an admin.
Anytime I have a problem, I find it much better to just message an admin (or email them, depending on the group’s protocol) than to try and come in and boss people around.
Think of it this way, you would be upset if you got paid the same as a co-worker who only came into work half the time, and when they did come in, they just stood around, while you did everything you’re supposed to do…. I’m sure some of us have had that coworker before but while your boss may let that slide, admins will not!

Give value
Again, don’t be the member who is only in it for themselves.
Don’t be afraid to answer questions Try to answer member’s questions but only if you have a suggestion that is useful. Also, if you have a question, ask! Chances are in a group of 1,000 you are not the only blogger with that question or struggle. You may ask a question that someone else felt silly asking or didn’t realize they wanted to know. Make sure you are leaving good comments in the posts you comment on. Comments should add to the conversation.

4 Tips For Leaving Comments & Creating Connections

Avoid All or Nothing Follow for Follow

I do not do any “Follow All” or “Like All.” It would be great if I wanted to follow every blogger on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook but that is not the case, I’m not that versatile haha. Followers are great but if they aren’t liking or commenting on your content they are hurting your numbers and may as well not be there. I’d rather have 10 Twitter followers who I talk to than 100 who never engage with my tweets.

When I started blogging my work sessions consisted of writing and editing. Now it seems as if I write 20% of the time and the rest is marketing, engagement and the business side of it. Facebook has helped make this so much easier and lead me to see so many rewards.
I’ve made some great blogger friends, found some amazing new blogs and even grew my own traffic and engagement.

What are some things you love about Facebook Groups?

Get the list of Facebook Blogger Groups I participate in. Now only be available in my Resource Library for my VIP’s!


  1. Debbie-jean Lemonte

    FB Groups are the best for me. They’re interactive and not just limited to social media support. Sometimes, I’ve found clients, built friendships within those groups. Lovely post! <3

  2. Olivia

    This is so helpful! I am so glad I found blogger facebook groups and I am always looking for more to join
    Miss Olivia Says

  3. Dia

    Thanks so much for stopping by Olivia! I’ll see you on Facebook!

  4. Dia

    I can’t believe it took me so long to find them when I first started lol

  5. Amy Saunders

    This is really helpful! I struggle with times sometimes so writing down the threads you joined that day is a great idea, one that I will have to try next time I join one! Despite that, I love Facebook groups and threads to find other blogs to read as well as using them to promote my blog! Can you suggest any good Facebook blogging groups? Thanks for a great post!

  6. Melanie

    Good tips. I always take on too much. Maybe I shouldn’t comment on every thread and try to be a part of everything. Just trying to grow my little blog. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. candy

    Great learning post. Wish I had this a year ago. Live and learn, mostly it has been a great experience and I have interacted and have new friends.

  8. Jackie

    FB groups have been great for my blog! These are great tips! 🙂

  9. Angela

    Great post. I avoid all or nothing threads. I hate them. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Dia

    Thanks Candy!

  11. Dia

    If it stresses you out to the point you are letting other things slp, you probably should scale back. Verses doing each thread every day, I say alternate… comment thread one day, click through the next, etc.

  12. Dia

    Yeah in the blog there is a link to for a free download to my favorite 15 bloggers groups on Facebook!

  13. Dia

    Thanks Jackie!

  14. Dia

    They are just not worth it most of the time. Unless you’re in a very small niche specific group.

  15. Kaley

    You tips are, as always, spot on! 100% agree with all of these. It took time to learn which threads were worth my time and which were not. But now I have it down to a science!

  16. Georgiana Daniels

    I really like the idea of keeping track of which threads you participated on. It sure avoids the drive-by posting that can frustrate everyone! I’m going to download your list of FB groups. Thanks for the resource!

  17. Dia

    I hope you find some new groups 🙂

  18. Dia

    Haha it should help you, not over whelming!

  19. Rachel

    The all or nothing threads are the worst. Ain’t nobody got time for that! It can definitely be hard to keep up with all of the groups!

  20. Laura Kathleen

    Great tips and insight. I’ve never thought of getting a VA, but it’s something to consider eventually. Also I never do All or Nothing threads except sometimes for StumbleUpon because I also like to have control over who I follow.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Laura | Laura Aime Vous

  21. Sara oberton

    As a newer blogger these were great tips! I like the tally system.

  22. Bree Hogan

    Blogger groups are the best, I can’t believe it took me until late last year to really discover them – and I’m so glad I did. Great post, you are so right about not taking on too many threads at once because yes, you absolutely need to reciprocate the love and get the threads finished – 1) because it’s good manners and helps others and 2) you will get booted out of the groups!

  23. Roxy

    I swear facebook groups have taken over my life. I spend every morning reciprocating on threads and adding my links to new ones. I used a VA when I went on vacation a few weeks ago and it gave me such peace of mind. I can already tell I will be having to use her more regularly has the blog grows. I def just printed that list of blog groups! Maybe I’ll jump in a few new ones!

  24. Allie

    These are great tips. I don’t know if I’m ready for a VA yet but I do agree that I need to use a list or something to keep better track of my activity within groups.

  25. Katy

    Ah! I’m really considering a VA to help with all of the social management besides the actual commenting. There are a million things to consider when starting a blog and social is a bigger chunk that I thought it would be when I started and it only continues to grow in significance.


  26. michelle

    i find it hard for me to not take too much on because of how much of a difference i see in traffic. i hope someday i can hire a VA but for now i need that extra money.

  27. linda

    Totally agree on follow for follow!

  28. DANI CC

    Very informative post. Facebook groups are amazing but can totally become overwhelming at times. Some groups are a great fit for the Dollhouse while others are really aggressive.

  29. provokeasmileblog

    I started blogging 2 months ago and am so happily surprised at all of the support and help the facebook communities are in answering questions and giving advice. I love blogging and look forward to reading the other posts and blogs that are posted on the threads. Great advice though! They can definitely get overwhelming if you take on too many at once! Thanks!

  30. Simply Uneeke

    I absolutely hate those follow for follow and MUST follow all or like all because then am stuck. Most of these blogger are not in my niche or i just dont like thir content and i hate being forced to follow them because i know i will eventually unfollow so i avoid them. I only participate in comments but those where you have to comment on ALL, most times its 5, or 2 above you so i choose the ones i find intereting.

    Simply Uneeke

  31. Jennifer Corter

    This is a really great post. I recently found myself overwhelmed by blogging Facebook groups. I’m paring down considerably, and my other blog is suffering, so definitely gotta cut back a little bit.

  32. Shannon

    I love the FB groups, but it can definitely be time consuming. I’ve decided to try and do them every other day, but I LOVE the idea of getting a VA. That is such a great idea, but definitely doing it the way you do, so not to lose that personal interaction. Great post!

    Clothes & Quotes

  33. Logan

    I wish I could afford a VA right now! haha I love FB groups! They have definitely helped with my traffic.

  34. Jasmin Saunders

    I just started to use facebooks recently and have been seeing some great results. Thank you so much for the list. You might find me in some of the suggested groups soon 🙂

  35. Dia

    Awesome. I hope so!

  36. Dia

    You can! Mine is only $30 a month for 4 threads a week!

  37. Dia

    Yeah that’s the best way to do it. Find people you can build a connection with.

  38. Dia

    Thanks for stopping by Shannon! It has really helped with some of the more monotonous tasks.

  39. Dia

    It’s all about balance. Because there are days where I don’t want to deal with any of it. I didn’t do my second blog post one week and so that means I didn’t do threads Thur-Sunday and I saw how it hit my traffic.

  40. Dia

    Welcome to blogging! Yeah you have to really gauge it and think about what your day is like before signing on for too much!

  41. Dia

    Haha right.

  42. Dia

    I totally understand and it took me a long time before I felt ready to get one. But now I am so glad to have her. I’m basically paying $5 a month.

  43. Dia

    Oh yeah it’s all about taking your time and deciding what works for your brand/business/blog.

  44. Dia

    Right. The percentage of work I do for social media continues to grow as the blog does.

  45. Dia

    It makes it so much easier when you keep track.

  46. Dia

    I hope you do. They are my favorites.

  47. Dia

    It has given me sanity.

  48. Dia

    Right I don’t want a feed full of things I can’t relate to.

  49. Cole

    These are really great tips! I agree, should definitely avoid those follow for follow posts because I just can’t make myself follow someone I have no interest in. Since I started joining Facebook groups I have found so many awesome people though.

  50. Dia

    Haha once i had an admin message me and say I needed to finish a thread, I freaked out! I went to check and I had actually been the first one to complete it days before lol

  51. Dia

    Haha Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  52. Dia

    It really does open up your world.

  53. Katina

    I’m new to blogging groups, but I am already loving them. Thank you for these great tips! 🙂

  54. Jessica Bradshaw

    Great tips! I have made several of these mistakes and learned how overwhelming it can be. One day, I hope I need a VA. Right now, it’s just me.

    Great post!

  55. Justine Y @ Little Dove

    I totally agree about not doing the follow or like all threads! When I first started with blogging groups there were a few times when I did that, but not anymore. First of all, sometimes those threads got HUGE and trying to keep up was ridiculous. Secondly, I only want to follow people that I really want to engage with, I don’t just want to follow someone for the sake of following them. Lastly, sometimes there would be an account or post that I couldn’t like or follow for ethical reasons so then I would have to message the group admin. They were always understanding about it, but it’s just a hassle.

  56. Lix

    This is excellent advice – exactly what works for me, and I relate so much to some of your tips, like not letting a VA put words in your mouth. Thank you for addressing that. I don’t always use my FB groups, but they can be really handy, and it’s nice to know you’re helping other bloggers while you get their help as well. Link-dropping is just useless so I’m only part of groups that monitor and engage.

  57. Sara

    I’ve only just started using the FB groups, and I wish I knew about them sooner! I’m still learning how to use properly use them, so this helps a lot. Thank you!

  58. Willow

    My blog has grown a lot since I joined Facebook groups. They can be a lot of work, but they are totally worth it!

  59. Tiffany

    These are great tips! And yes it can totally get overwhelming! I totally agree about only commenting as yourself and leaving the click throughs for a VA

  60. Dia

    Yeah if you want to build real relationships you need to really be the one talking.

  61. Dia

    They tend to be pretty understanding about letting you abstain from religion or political posts.

  62. Dia

    You get out but you put in for sure.

  63. Dia

    I hope you rock it and find some of these groups helpful!

  64. Dia

    Thanks Jessica! I really wanted to focus on other things so I had to cave and do it.

  65. Dia

    That’s great! Thanks for stopping by Sara!

  66. Dia

    You can tell when responses are done by VA’s because a lot of times it’s just a “nice” or “great post”

  67. Mary

    Ahhh I’m so with you. When I first discovered groups I got in over my head and would commit to way too much. Now I limit myself to just a few threads a day (tops!), and if I complete them and have room to do more then I’ll join a couple more. I now keep a notebook by my computer with what threads I joined, and what posts they were about, so I can keep track of everything.
    I also completely avoid all or nothing threads now. I want genuine and honest followers and engagement. That can’t happen when someone is forced to follow. Alternatively, I’m primarily a wine, food, and travel blogger, so I also don’t want to follow bloggers I don’t resonate with. If that takes longer to grow a following I’m okay with that. At least it will be a genuine following with those who actually want to see what I post.
    You have some good tips here!!!

  68. Klauss

    Thank you, very useful information for beginners progress, written in accessible language. Respect!

  69. Christine @ The (mostly) Simple Life

    Good tips. I’m pretty careful of what I participate in. I don’t like to follow tons of people on Instagram so I don’t usually participate. Sure I’d like more people to follow me, but it’s not worth it to me.

  70. Jenn Slavich

    It can be so overwhelming. There are so many fantastic blogging groups on FB. If I signed up for every thread there was there’s no way I could do anything else. Love your list of blogging FB groups I think I belong to almost all of them. I’ve decided to only focus on 2 groups a day. When I sign up for a thread I save it so I know that I have signed up for it. Then I have a post it so I can make tally marks next to the threads that require a set amount. I’ve tried other things and this system works the best for me. I think once I start making money I will invest in a VA so then I could possibly market a little more. I like that you only use your VA for likes and clicks. Very smart then your words stay your own.
    This post really hit home. Love, love, love!! Thank you so much!!!

  71. suzanne

    I love Blogger Facebook Groups, but totally agree – it’s so easy to bite off more than you can chew and get overwhelmed. I had to come up with a system, and that has worked wonders. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  72. Courtney

    Those are some really great tips! I feel like I have learned a lot from FB groups, met a lot of people and forged a lot of great relationships that will help me in the future.

    La Belle Sirene 

  73. valerie hansen

    Dia, this is so timely and all so right on! My problem..joining toooo many fb groups..I have FOMO..ha think I am going to miss something and I am running myself ragged and not spending enough time writing..even more than the all these sites(platforms) asking you to join and post your content there…figuring out which ones to pursue and leave alone is a huge challenge right now!

    Thanks for this wonderful post!

    Fashion and travel

  74. LaQuinda

    Good advice. I do like the numbers though. Hehehe!

  75. Keating

    Great tips! I hate the all or nothing threads. They drive me crazy. First off, I do not have time to continuously keep going back to the thread to check for new posts. Second, I am not always interested in every piece of content added to it so I don’t want it on my Twitter/Pinterest/Facebook or whatever it may be. And third, I want people to follow me and share my content because they’re truly interested in what I have to say. So although it’s guaranteed I’ll get shares and new followers, it just isn’t worth it to me. So I avoid them.

  76. alison

    I love the connection between people you would never know in real life. There are some amazing people out there and it gives you a chance to know them.

  77. Tiffany

    Facebook groups are an excellent tool, but I agree don’t get too post crazy. Catching up is hard when you’ve got a million and one other things to do!

  78. Jenny

    I am the same way with my VA! She only does those exact threads because I want to be authentic and not having someone else speak for me.

    xoxo, Jenny

  79. Annie

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m in a lot too and it can definitely get overwhelming!

  80. Glenda

    I really like the groups a lot because I’ve met some awesome bloggers and also it has helped my blog. 🙂

  81. Fehintola

    Great post. I was looking for Facebook groups to join when I stumbled upon your post and I’m glad I did. Pls can you recommend a group/groups that I can join? I would love to be a part of a community of bloggers. Thanks.

  82. Kusum

    Right on, Dia, as always! Totally agree about not taking part in every thread, I did that when I first joined the groups and when I was so new to the blogging world but quickly learned that there was no point in doing so many and feeling overwhelmed, seemed like that is all I was doing. I use a spreadsheet to keep track of the threads I take part in and track them. That PDF you shared is so helpful, going to check out each one of them as I know you always have GREAT suggestions and recommendations, thanks for sharing 🙂
    xx, Kusum |

  83. Shane

    Facebook communities are great for building your blogging tribe! Great tips!

  84. Caroline

    I only joined FB groups around 3 to 3.5 years from blogging. I think there are so many pros and cons, but I have been thankful to connect with so many new people

  85. Nicole

    These are great tips and I agree you would be spending a ridiculous amount of time on these if you did in my opinion more than two threads a day! You have to really spread the love like glitter.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    xo, Nicole

  86. Dia

    Haha right!Thanks for stopping by Nicole.

  87. Dia

    I couldn’t agree more.

  88. Dia

    Thanks Shane!

  89. Dia

    Kusum, you are always so sweet. Much love lady.

  90. Dia

    Check out the attached link in the post. It will only there a few more days then restricted to blog subscribers.

  91. Dia

    I’ve learned so much and met some amazing people from Facebook groups.

  92. Dia

    I don’t know how I did it without her lol

  93. Dia

    It’s all about balance for sure.

  94. Dia

    It can take so much time if you let it, I still have to remind myself not to get comment happy.

  95. Dia

    Very smart. I like the ones that say “Pick 5 you really connect with to follow” instead of just random, because you get to meet new blogges.

  96. Dia

    Right I have made some bloggers friends I’m so grateful for.

  97. Dia

    Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  98. Dia

    Yeah because then you have to search for the content you want to see on your feed.

  99. Dia

    Haha don’t we all.

  100. Dia

    Thanks Valerie. You are not alone lol I feel the same way sometimes. I’m starting to cut back.

  101. Dia

    I feel the same way. It’s nice to have people who just get it.

  102. Dia

    Jenn thanks for yet another amazing and thoughtful comment. I’m glad you found a system that works for you 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have your VA in no time!

  103. Dia

    Thanks Klauss!!

  104. Dia

    I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do great with a small following because it’s a focused following. Good luck with everything Mary 🙂

  105. Donnica

    I think my blog is at the point where a VA would be very helpful. I like all your tips, especially not taking on too many threads. It may seems exciting to be able to promote your blog, but it’s really a quality vs. quantity type of thing.

  106. Dia

    Thats when it gets to be too much… people tend to forget you have to give back what you get.

  107. Kerry

    Follow all threads are crazy! I jumped on a few of those when I was a newbie but quickly figured out that I did not want to follow some of those people! Can you tell me more about your VA? Do you give them your Facebook login info? How are they screened to make sure they aren’t a creep!?

  108. Elizabeth O

    Facebook Groups have their pros and cons and, as an admin of a few, I prefer transparency and try not to get in the middle of any backdoor drama. The groups serve a pretty useful role and can help us connect with others. 🙂

  109. Stephanie

    I think it’s super important not to take on too much. All of a sudden you’ll find yourself forgetting to reciprocate or spending hours a day doing these threads instead of actually working on building new content!

  110. Dia

    That was really what made me realize A. I needed to pull back some and B. I needed help.

  111. Dia

    I totally get that. I just don’t personally like going in and acting like I have more authority over other members if I don’t have “Admin” next to my name lol

  112. Dia

    It depends on where you find them, I find companies tend to be more expensive, have set prices but are secure. I work for a digital marketing company so I have access to the facebook pages of a lot of clients so I don’t feel comfortable giving anyone that password. My VA is a member of the group I’m a part of (most groups will approve letting in a VA) I created passwords I don’t use anywhere else and gave them to her for my Instagram and Stumble Upon page. You can probably find one in a facebook group and get feedback from other members that use her/him. Hope this helps.

  113. Agnes

    I am guilty of taking on too much but have been getting better at it. great post

  114. SABINA

    Wow, I am so happy I found your blog and this post! I am very new to the whole Facebook groups thing but I am so happy I got familiarized with it. Your tips are very valuable! Thank you so much!

  115. Dia

    I hope it helps you out 🙂

  116. Dia

    Thanks Agnes!

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  118. Sara

    I’ve been experimenting with blog promos in Facebook since the middle of April. I’m tracking my own posts because I want to see if this is even beneficial for bloggers.

    Follow for Follow and Likes for Likes are easier than other threads, but they give the least return.

    My number one reason for liking FB groups is getting to know people. It takes a lot of time, but for those who want to connect on a deeper level, the benefits are golden.

  119. Dia

    I couldn’t agree more. I really like the threads where you can pick and choose which blogs you want to comment on.

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