Can't I Just Hire A General Virtual Assistant?

Can’t I Just Hire A General Virtual Assistant?

Your business is doing fantastic. You have hit that six-figure mark long ago and as your next launch approaches, you know you need more hands on deck. As your clients pay more to work with you, they demand more and need more attention and care. You need a team that can follow your message stay true to your brand and supports your clients specifically. Don’t get me wrong, general virtual assistants are great and can really take a lot off your plate but when it comes to supporting your high-level clients you need a client manager.

When you need a specialist?

You need a specialist when you want them to do something specific. If you are looking for someone to help you set up and maintain your systems while making sure your clients are getting the support they need you want to hire someone who is in their zone of genius in project management and client support.

You want a client support virtual assistant who can entirely focus on your clients’ needs and the systems that help them achieve their goals.

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When is a general VA okay?

A generalist is great if you are looking for an assistant to handle a full arrangement of smaller tasks such as email filtering, content scheduling or social media management. However, the problem with hiring a general virtual assistant to handle your client support is chances are their focus will be divided by other tasks and client follows up will often be reactive.  

A dedicated client specialist will be proactive, anticipated your client’s questions, issues and the way you would want to handle those needs. Your client specialist will create templates to handle common inquiries, so they aren’t searching for the answer at the last moment. Your client manager can plan for regular updates and know that everything is happening when things need to be. Clients are getting their renewal notifications, modules are being released when they should, clients are getting the right emails in the right order at the right time.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your basic daily tasks, hire a general virtual assistant. If you are ready to give your clients the attention and care that will have them singing your praises then hire a client specialist.

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