Capturing History With Mira Whiting

This week I interview Mira Whiting the owner and photographer behind Mira Whiting Photographer. I had such a great time doing this interview and even got to geek out about history a little.

This was such a fun episode and I hope you enjoy it.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How technological changes have improved her business and also the problem it creates.
  • How she got into photography.
  • That ah-ha moment she said where she realized her skill could earn her money.
  • Why she encourages her clients to print their photos.
  • Why she got help in her business.
  • Some of the fears we face when outsourcing.
  • The support system that keeps her life and business balanced.
  • Her advice to aspiring business owners.

Listen Here:

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More About Miramira whiting photography

Mira is a portrait photographer living just outside Boston with her husband and three kids. Mira works with families and individuals who want updated portraits, striving to make everyone more comfortable in front of the camera. She is the recipient of the #1 Readers Choice Award and HulaFrog’s Most Loved Family Photographer Award, and has placed as a finalist twice for the Boston A-List Best Photographer award. When she isn’t behind the camera, Mira enjoys spending time with her family, knitting, and cooking.




You can find Mira here:

Website – Mira Whiting Photography

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