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How to Stay Focused in Your Online Business

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Breaking Down All The Things

New week, new episode. In episode 38 of Creatives Crushing Anxiety I share 6 tips for staying focused in your online business. We all have countless things on our mind at any given moment. That is why focus is so important! You may remember that focused is my 2018 word of the year. That is why I am sharing 6 ways I’ve been trying to stay focused on my focus this week.

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In this episode:

  • Why I named my website All The Things I Do
  • How an email from Paul Jarvis made me think about all the things
  • Why you need to check your shiny object syndrome
  • 6 ways to be more focused

6 Ways To Be More Focused

  • Decide what your things are.

Remember it’s all the things I do. Not just all the things. What are you focused on and what do you need to do. What others are doing is none of your business.

What others are doing is none of your business. Click To Tweet
  • Decide what isn’t important.

What don’t you want? What doesn’t deserve your focus? Know what you don’t want to focus on and when you catch yourself doing it check yourself!

  • Remember the big picture.

Taylor Swift said, “I wanna be your end game. What is your end game? What is it that you want to do. What is your end game?

  • Breakdown the big picture.

Once you know your end game you need to figure out the steps to accomplish your goals. What do you need to do? What are the timelines?

  • Adapt to change

Let’s be honest shit happens. When life throws lemons at you, you can either make lemonade, vodka waters or just sit in your bed and cry. If life doesn’t go according to plan you have to either rewrite the plan or change the goal. Don’t stop moving. Sometimes things change.

  • Ask for help

You simply cannot do it alone. People often feel as soloprenuers they have to do “All the things” themselves. Remember it’s not all the things, it’s all the things I do. Focus on what you do and get help for what you don’t.

Focus on what you do and get help for what you don't. Click To Tweet

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Now tell me:

  • Do you have a word for 2018? What is it?
  • Normally most people are either big picture thinkers or detail oriented by nature. Which side of the spectrum do you fall on?
  • What is one thing that hinders your focus?
  • How do you stay on track when shiny objects appear?

Healthy Inside and Out With Emily From Life In Spandex

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I chat with my friend Emily. Emily is the certified personal trainer behind the website, Life in Spandex. We talk about how she balances everything, her tips for being the healthiest version of yourself and so much more. This is an episode for all my strong #bossbabes!

In this episode:

  • How she balances a full-time job, her business and staying healthy.
  • We talk about getting healthy for the right reason.
  • Why she choose to be open about her heartbreak.
  • The lessons heartbreak taught her and how she applies them to her new relationship.
  • Why you need to identify your emotional triggers.
  • What she thinks everyone should start doing to take better care of themselves.

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No matter where you’re at in your life you’re worth taking care of your body. Click To Tweet The better that I take care of my body and my mind the better the rest of my life falls into place. Click To Tweet By being in tune with ourselves we can be better professionals, better moms, better partners, better sisters, better daughters. Click To Tweet You don’t want to restrict how you’re feeling but you want to understand it. Click To Tweet Your story isn’t for everyone and that is okay. Click To Tweet Emily the founder of Life in Spandex, describes her Sweat and Eat guides for a healthier and happier life. -- @life_in_spandex Click To Tweet What will help you adhere to a lifestyle is abstract. You can’t put science on it. That is something you really have to find for yourself. - Emily Click To Tweet Take away the all or nothing mentality when it comes to healthy eating. - @life_in_spandex Click To Tweet How can you be the best version of you and have gratitude for that being the best version of you? - @Life_In_Spandex Click To Tweet Taking care of our bodies doesn’t mean looking a certain way, it’s about feeling a certain way? Click To Tweet We don’t stop working out because we age. We age because we stop working out. @Life_In_Spandex shares one of her favorite quotes in episode 35. Click To Tweet Whatever it is, it will be there tomorrow. Click To Tweet

More about Emily:

At Life in Spandex, I help young women find self-confidence in their bodies, careers, relationships, and minds through easy, healthy eating tips and recipes, quick, do-anywhere workouts, and my own life experiences as a fitness professional and a strong-minded, passionate, and sometimes totally spastic millennial woman.  From moms, professional women, college students, to dreamers, Life in Spandex Ladies are the ultimate #bossbabes. They manage to make time for self-care despite their crazy schedules because they realize how much easier and more fun life feels when they are their healthiest selves.


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Life in Spandex Sweat and Eat Guides

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What is your favorite part of your body?

Have you taken the time to identify what triggers you to binge or lose your appetite?

What is the one food you’d never want to give up?

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8 Things You Can Do To Grow As A Person

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In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety I share the 8 changes I made in 2017 to start living a better life and grow as a person. 2017 was a huge year of change for me. I have been wanting to do an episode or blog post like this for a while. I had originally felt like it would be a good way to close out the year and kick off 2018 but then decided why not share it now? There is still time to improve 2017, so let’s use it!

Get Healthy

When you’re in your twenties it’s easy to feel like you’re invincible but the truth is young people get sick just like old people. This year I made major changes to drop 40 pounds and keep them off this year. When you aren’t physically healthy you really are making things harder on yourself. An unhealthy diet makes you feel tired, bloated and can even make you feel depressed. By eating a diet of lean meats, greens, grains and reduced natural sugar only your body literally works and feels better.

Read More

When I was growing up you could almost always find me reading. I was an extremely shy kid and I got to read these stories of  people living lives so different from my own. I lost that a bit after I graduated high school. The demands of college and working full-time took that away and it didn’t get any better after finishing college, This year I have really committed to reading at least two books each month. I used to read that many in a week growing up but considering my schedule, it’s great. I have been enjoying classics like The Picture of Dorian Gray. I’ve tackled my mindset issues with books like You Are A Badass. I’ve blushed in the car listening to guilty pleasure “romances” like Right. I even have solved crimes reading true-life crime novels such as Precious Victims.

Reading isn’t always about learning, sometimes it’s about relaxing, laughing, crying or just getting away without having to go anywhere.

Reading isn't always about learning, sometimes it's about relaxing, laughing, crying or just getting away. Click To Tweet

Talk It Out

I went to therapy after a really tough time during college. I had fallen into a deep depression, lost one of my best friends in a car accident and was just really having an emotionally hard time. I started feeling myself fall back into a depression, I was crying all the time. I felt like I was drowing in more ways than one. One day everything kind of exploded on me and I made the decision to go back to counseling. It has been such a process and it hasn’t always been easy but I am so glad that I have that outlet. The connection between your body’s health and your mental health is extremely strong. I would have these emotional and mental pains and they would physically manifest in my body. I’d get horrible headaches, toss and turn all night, get ulcers and horrible inflammation in my back. Don’t hold it in.

Invest Wisely

Let’s be honest there are so many ways to “invest” in yourself online. You can join one of the 1000s of courses launching every day. You could hire a coach or mentor. You could read all the books on self-development and business. There are a lot of options. It can be tempting and easy to go into debt trying to get out of debt.

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The key to investing in yourself is to make smart investments. Decide what it is you want or what your goal is and then invest in what will help you get there. It might be a program or a coach or a book but it also might not be those things. People think, “I want to be rich,” or “I want to have my own business.” Then they hear false vague promises and say, “Sign me up!” This doesn’t work because it isn’t a wise investment. They don’t actually have any clarity other than, “A six-figure salary would be nice.”

Time is also something we don’t value as much as we should. We will give hours of time doing stuff that ultimately does us no good.

Your time is as valuable as your money. Don't waste it. Click To Tweet

Before you put out the cash or time to do something, you need to really decide if it’s is going to get you where you want to be.

Say No

This is one that so many women had trouble with. It’s my experience that women tend to be nurturers. Even myself who doesn’t want to have children, I find that I still have this nurturing attitude towards the people I care about. I also want the people I like to like me back. It can be hard to say no because you feel like you’re letting people down.

You can’t pour from an empty pitcher! I can’t tell you who originally said that but I will tell you the second I heard it I thought, “Ding ding ding! We have a winner!” You can’t give and give to others if you aren’t ever giving to yourself. Sometimes giving to yourself doesn’t have to be a spa day or new pair of $300 boots. Sometimes the best gift you can give to yourself is to tell someone else, no.

By saying no to things you don’t want to do, you are opening up a whole new side of your life.

Show You The Money

I know it can be scary to look at your finances especially when you aren’t making the sort of money you want to be. Over the past few months, I have started to check my bank account and revenue every day. I have a daily spreadsheet where I do certain tasks and part of that is checking to see how much money is in my business and personal bank accounts, checking my affiliate balances and making note of any money I spend on my business. It’s not always an exciting time but it does help keep me in the know about where I am.

Get Familiar With Your Mindset

I know mindset has become a bit of a buzz word but it holds some weight. A lot of weight, all the weight. Yes, everything takes work to get done but sometimes the biggest cockblock to success and happiness is in our mind. If you haven’t read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks then you need to go download it right now! It’s so easy for us to fall into these limits and restrictions that we mentally set to protect ourselves during childhoods.

Start figuring out what is holding you back and take action.

Plan big and small

You need to have big goals but you also need to plan small actionable steps to get things done. When you are working towards a big goal you’ll find that you get frustrated when you aren’t having any wins. By setting up goals that give you small wins from time to time you feel victory while moving forward.

Episode highlights:

  • How a breast lump and hereditary condition sparked a major lifestyle change.
  • How I fell in love with reading again.
  • Why I started taking care of my mental health and mindset issues.
  • How I invested in myself.
  • The one word that gave me back my power and time.
  • The small way I started to own my finances
  • The new way I plan for my business.

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