How do I keep clients coming back in my online business?

19 Client Management Tips

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In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I share 19 tips for excellent client management.  Full disclosure, I messed up when recording this episode and instead of re-recording it, I get honest about my human mistake.

These tips may seem simple but they can make a huge impact and are easy to miss. When I was creating the outline for this episode, it started with 10 tips but then they just kept coming to me. Seriously, these aren’t super complicated but they can make all the difference between hearing, “How do I keep working with you,” or “Bye Felicia.”

19 Simple Things You Can Do For Happier Clients

I expand on the following tips for managing your clients:

  1. Keep it real.
  2.  Keep it kind.
  3. Be thankful for the people who haven’t bought yet.
  4. Remember your first buyers.
  5. Add something special.
  6. Remember the details.
  7. Ask for feedback and listen to it.
  8. Diversify.
  9. Don’t start feeling yourself too much.
  10. Don’t be a bad partner.
  11. Remember why you started.
  12. Communication is key.
  13. Admit fault when you mess up.
  14. Have systems in place.
  15. Don’t place blame.
  16. Set expectations.
  17. Give solutions not more problems.
  18. Under promise over deliver.
  19. Hire people who share and understand your business’ values

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  1. Nicole Cline

    Such great tips! My favorite are: be kind, ask for feedback and LISTEN, set expectations, and don’t place blame. I love it when I am dealing with an issue with a merchant and the first thing they do is accept responsibility for what happened, appologize, and try to fix it. When bad situations are handled properly it will turn me into a repeat customer.

  2. Patricia

    My favorite tip is don’t place blame. I hate it when people always say it’s not their fault or they don’t know how it happened. Just a quick I’m sorry that happened fixes a lot without having to place blame. I learned that the hard way when I worked in customer service, but it’s a lesson I have taken with my throughout my life.

  3. Josie Siciliano

    this is so helpful, thank you! I run a (very) small Etsy shop, and a lot of these tips are very applicable 🙂

  4. RebelSweetHrt

    These are all valuable tips, especially for those who are into sales and marketing. Tip #18 is spot on. 🙂

  5. Clare Liz - NinjaVAServices

    You gave us a lot to think about on management tips. These are all really helpful. I like when you said under promise and over deliver, that is a good tip.

  6. Brittany K

    These are great tips. I have several businesses and they definitely apply to me!

  7. Tara Liston Fuller

    keeping it real is what I appreciate most!

  8. Preet Sandhu

    These are some great tips. Keeping it real, to be kind and ask for feedback are my favorite and I do implement them every single day.

  9. Monique Elise

    I think these are great tips. Not just with clients but in life as well!

  10. Esme Sy

    Real tips, I’d say. It’s important that while some of these might not work two-way as expected, it’s not because it isn’t possible, it’s just that some relationships take time to mold together seamlessly.

  11. Angela Becker

    I think everyone who works with clients should print it out and hang in their office! As a nice reminder. Thank you for putting all these tips together.

  12. Jennifer ~ The Tipsy Mama

    I think my favorite tip is to under promise, over deliver! So many times I think we want a client to know right up front everything we can do, but we don’t take into account some of the variables that could cause a change in that plan. If we can promise to deliver the minimum, but then deliver well over that, we end up with happy, returning…and recommending clients!

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