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Collaborating Like A Pro With Krista Rae

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Krista is a WordPress developer, co-host of the Get Back To Design Podcast, and co-founder of Coded Creative Themes. She specializes in collaborating with passionate designers to craft strategic websites that directly support their clients’ goals, while helping them ditch the tech and spend more time doing what they love – design.
I’ve known Krista for a few years and have continued to watch her business and brand grow. We talk about how she went from a software developer to a business owner. She shares her experience in a high pressure, toxic, predominately male work environment. How that job led to her developing situationally anxiety and why that led her to really get her business off the ground.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How she started KristaRae.co.
  • When she realized that she didn’t have to do it all to be a successful developer.
  • How she found her business partner and launched Coded Creative Themes.
  • The biggest difference for her working as a business owner versus an employee.
  • What the transition to entrepreneur looked like for her.
  • Why you need to figure out what works for you and cut out the rest.
  • Understanding your website isn’t just for you but for your clients.
  • The most common issue she has as a developer and the importance of communications and boundaries.

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Being around toxic people can be draining no matter how much you love the work. Click To Tweet

If you have an idea to start a project with someone else just ask them if they are interested. The worst thing they can say is, no. Click To Tweet
Sometimes you find people who are just as crazy and ambitious as you are. Click To Tweet
When you’re spreading yourself thin doing things that aren’t in your zone of genius, you’re adding extra stress. Why add extra stress? Click To Tweet
You won’t be on a beach sipping drinks 24/7 as a business owner. You will still have to work hard and probably more than you ever have in your life. Click To Tweet
Life is too short to not have fun. Click To Tweet
Figure out what you need to make to leave your daytime job and start working. Click To Tweet
Referrals are where it’s at. Click To Tweet
Stop focusing on what all these marketers are telling you to do. Look at where your clients and the money is coming from. Click To Tweet
You don’t need to hop on every bandwagon. Click To Tweet
Find a designer who can find the balance between what you like and what your clients like when picking your branding. Click To Tweet
Less really is more. Click To Tweet
Set clear expectations because that is where relationships break down. Click To Tweet
You need to have a set system in place no matter what type of collaboration it is. Click To Tweet
Making someone like you makes them want to work with you. Talking face to face is the easiest way to do that. Click To Tweet
Make it happen! Click To Tweet
Give yourself free space to focus on the things you enjoy. Click To Tweet

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Tips for collaborating as an online business owner.


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Have you ever taken on a project with another businesss owner? What lessons did it teach you about collaboration?

What is the best thing about working for yourself?

What is the hardest adjustment?

How do you decide what to cut out in your business?

How do you identify what is working?

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