How To Create Your Media Kit

Last Monday we discussed why you need a media kit as a blogger and the response was great! A lot of people said they already had them, it was on their to-do list or that they would be going back for today’s “How-to guide.” If you didn’t catch last week’s post about why you need a Media Kit or are on the fence about creating one, you can check that post out here.  So let’s jump right into it!  Media kits are there to tell potential sponsors how to reach you and what you can provide for them.

So what do you need in your media kit?

Brand/Blog Summary

You want to give them a quick snapshot of who your audience is, so they can determine if their product would even be relevant to your audience. If you run a blog targeted at single girls and childless millennials, you probably won’t be a huge benefit to a diaper brand.

You can use your tagline if it does a good job of summing this up but if not feel free to write a few sentences or a small paragraph that breaks it down for them.

Contact info!

You don’t have to give them every single way there is to reach (they don’t need your  Skype info or Mom’s address) but the more ways the better. I pretty much have all the same info I have on my business card my media kit.


  • My email address
  • Google Phone Number (That I use exclusively for my blog business)
  • Website

A list of services you provide

If you have no interest in coaching, then don’t put coaching. If your favorite thing to do is edit and copy then, lead with that. You don’t have to go into grave details about what you will do, that’s what your pricing sheet will be for (more on that next week). But let them get a good list of the things you will do for them and if your list is long, don’t be afraid to put “and more” on there. It may even be the nudge a potential sponsor needs to go ahead and read out.

Your stats

I know a lot of bloggers are nerves that their numbers aren’t impressive enough to be listed on a Media Kit but remember there are ways to increase your numbers on social media.

If your followers are still on the lower end of the spectrum it’s important that your engagement is high.

For Twitter, the more you tweet the more people will see your tweets, the more likely others will retweet, comment, or click on your links. Also, don’t forget your hashtags!

For Pinterest, pin often. Utilize tools like Board Booster to increase the amount of repins you get. Make sure to pin good pins, that are clear and that your followers will actually relate to, want to repin and want to interact with.

For Facebook, make sure you are posting engaging posts and sharing on your personal page. Don’t just share your blog posts. Feel free to share brand relevant memes, other bloggers’ posts or videos, and to ask questions when you share your own blog posts.

Also, make sure your Facebook friends know about your page. It doesn’t make sense to have 1500 Facebook friends and only 150 page likes.

For Instagram, make sure you are posting consistently but not too much. That you are posting good images and just like Twitter, Use those hashtags!

Brag a little

I don’t see any problem with saying, “I’m kind of a badass.” I have both an “As Seen On” section and a “Previous Partnerships” section.

There is one main reason I put an “As Seen On” section is because I’ve had the privilege of writing for some pretty great websites and that being said when I am published on their sites people who read those sites and check out my post often end up on my website and so their traffic becomes my traffic.

The main reason I put “Previous Partnerships” is so that potential sponsors can see that I’ve worked with an array of brands and products.

An Image

Part of the appeal of working with bloggers for brands is putting a face to the user. A commercial with an actor or a billboard with a stock image are always going to be around but to have a person who has built their own brand as an expert or influencer makes the brand more relatable for potential customers. So show them that face!

I used Canva to put together my Media Kit. There are tons of free templates you can use. I would look under the Resume or Marketing Material sections for templates that will let you include all the above info.

Stay tuned for next Monday when we talk about making your Pricing Sheet to give to potential clients.

Have you started making your media kit yet? Anything you include on yours not listed that you feel is a must? Any big memorial day adventures? Tell me in the comments.

Couldn’t read it all now? Pin it for later:

All The Things I Do Media Kit (1)



  1. Angela Tolsma

    What would you put if you don’t offer anything??

  2. candy

    I feel like I am still learning and improving hopefully.

  3. Cat

    Very useful, especially for a new blogger!

  4. Cori

    Your branding posts are always full of great information.

  5. Jenn

    This is so great!! I think I have just about all of that on my media kit now. I think I’m going to change things up a little since I started to stray away from my initial focus. I’m working on going back to my roots. I’ve pinned this so I can reference this later and make sure my updated one looks professional! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  6. Alicia Snow

    I need to work on my media kit so bad! It’s just so overwhelming. Thanks for putting this together and helping me out!

  7. Shelly

    Thanks for sharing this! It sounds almost like a media related resume (if I’m understanding this correctly). Definitely need to get mine together!

  8. Liz Mays

    I feel so grateful to my daughter. She made mine for me and it has relieved so much of my pressure in getting that done. It’s important to have one!

  9. Emily

    Oooh I’m gonna apply some of these tips I don’t have in my media kit yet!! Thank you!!

  10. Carol Cassara

    These are all terrific ideas! I make media kits all of the time for my clients and while it’s not hard if you don’t put in all of the pertinent information it will be considered useless.

  11. The Oracle

    Very good advice. Thanks for posting. I hope I have completed it correctly.

  12. Cara

    Great post, Dia! I agree with the point you made about it not being just about the numbers. Engagement is so important and I think that definitely should be highlighted on a media kit as well. 🙂

  13. Paola

    I think you covered everything I have in my media kit and that I have heard brands like before. So well done!

  14. Lixa

    I have been needing this DESPARATELY! Thank you for posting this. It’s hard to know where to start.

  15. Jessica

    Fantastic advice!!! I’m 100% starting work on mine tonight!!! I was so looking forward to this post and now I can’t wait for your advice on rates – I know even though my numbers aren’t high yet that I’ll be tempted to undercharge myself.

  16. Lauren B.

    Perfect tips! I HAVE to check out Board Booster I have heard so many great things. I love the way you broke this down into various sections.
    xx, Lauren {}

  17. GiGi Eats

    My media kit is like 7 pages long. I think I need to re-do it and make it a one sheet! LOL!

  18. Jenny

    love this! Media kits are so essential these days.

    xoxo, Jenny

  19. Justine Y @ Little Dove

    I always wanted to have one (although I was never sure before if I really needed one) and when I went through my re-brand I figured now was the time! Mine is really simple right now but I do update it every month and I definitely think it’s a handy tool to have! Plus it helps me to track my numbers from month to month and see where I am with that.

  20. Dia

    I couldn’t agree more. Tracking your numbers really helps you keep track of what is working for your brand. Even if you don’t work with companies it can be a good thing to share if you want to freelance because you have a built-in audience.

  21. Dia

    Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Dia

    Thanks Jenny!

  23. Dia

    Gigi you need 7 pages to capture all your awesome!

  24. Dia

    Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked it.

  25. Dia

    We all do it! And we have to stop lol it’s so easy to be like, If I charge too much they may not want to work with me.

  26. Dia

    You’re so welcome Lixa 🙂

  27. Dia

    Thanks Paola!

  28. Dia

    Thanks lovely! 🙂

  29. Dia

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Loved your post today.

  30. Dia

    She sounds awesome Liz!

  31. Dia

    Thanks for checking it out and sharing. 🙂

  32. Dia

    I’m so shocked especially with the new program.

  33. Dia

    It is but it’s way less stressful lol because you aren’t trying to talk up the numbers just sharing what they are lol

  34. Dia

    Thanks Cori 🙂

  35. Dia

    Thanks Cat 🙂

  36. Dia

    What’s your new direction Jenn? Or I guess your main focus. I’ve been seeing the new posts about goals and stuff.

  37. Dia

    I’m glad it helped Alicia and congrats again on the new Snow!

  38. Dia

    I’d’ just focus on my stats. If you are interested in doing sponsored posts or event just freelance work I think it helps show you have an following already. 🙂

  39. Dia

    I believe you have blog is the food blog right Candy? I could totally see a brand wanting you to do a post using their ingredients.

  40. Chelsea

    I’m pretty new to blogging, and this is so helpful! Thank you for the tips. I haven’t started a media kit yet, but I know I need to get on it!

  41. Summer @ Coffee With Summer

    Right on the money, Dia! Love this post. I have been needing to update my media kit, so I’ll definitely be referring back to this post! 🙂

  42. Maegan Clark

    Love this! I haven’t done it yet, and not there yet but soon!

  43. Klauss

    I have asked some of the guys, how i can use Media Kit? And as i understand it is may used for potential cooperation with brands. It seems like blog resume. Or i’m wrong?

  44. Astrid

    I don’t have a media kit, but I may want to get one someday. I don’t do sponsored posts yet, but really want to someday. If for no other reason, the media kit would be to clarify my audience so I don’t get offers for reviewing diapers and such. Now I’m still not sure whether some of these E-mails, which seem personalized but the writer obviously didn’t read even the most basic info on my blog, are spam or just clueless brands.

  45. JeeYoung

    Such great tips for a newbie blogger, like me. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Marlynn @ UrbanBlissLife

    This is great! I redo my media kit each year and am still updating my 2016 one…doh! 🙂 In addition to all of your great ideas, I include a brief (one line) testimonial or two from top brands/PR firms I’ve worked with and also images of my best photography, since that’s often one of the top things brands are looking for in my area of blogging (food, drink, travel). I love your tips!

  47. Sophia

    This is really good information. I have been putting off doing a media kit, but when I have a better direction of where I am going.

  48. Maggie Unzueta

    Thanks for reminding me to update my media kit. 🙂

  49. Valerie Hansen

    This is Great Dia! I have had mine done by a few people but then I have to keep paying them to update it cause I don’t have photoshop….I am so techy challenged but I am going to give Canva a try..I didn’t know they had resume templates too..awesome!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  50. Melissa Chee

    I especially love the idea of using a Google phone number. That’s so smart!

  51. Mary

    I’ve been thinking of finally making a media kit. This will come in so handy. Thank you. Pinned.

  52. Stephanie

    I need to put a media kit together and this was just the reminder I needed. THANK YOU! And yes.. brag! You’ve worked hard, show it off!

  53. Jessica Bradshaw

    This is one of the top things on my summer to do list! Thank you for sharing!!

  54. Miriah

    This is brilliant thanks for sharing!!

  55. Lynn

    I’ve been doing a lot of amateur moves when it comes to promoting my VA services and that includes a media kit. I never thought it wouldn’t reach a point where people will start to ask about what I do. This is useful awesome stuff, Dia! Thank you so much!

  56. Dia

    Thanks for stopping by Lynn and good luck with your VA business.

  57. Dia

    Thanks 🙂

  58. Dia

    Thanks Miriah

  59. Dia

    Good luck! 🙂

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    Haha thanks Stephanie!

  61. Dia

    Thanks for pinning Mary 🙂 Hope you find this useful.

  62. Dia

    Canva is a life saver. Yeah girl try to do it yourself, so you can update it often!

  63. Dia

    Haha any time!

  64. Dia

    For sure Sophia! I’ve really been enjoying your single lady series.

  65. Dia

    That is such a useful tip! I may actually ad that into mine next month

  66. Dia

    That is such a useful tip! I may actually add that into mine next month

  67. Dia

    I think sometimes they see you either with a large following or just retweeting a friends post and don’t really look into it lol

  68. Dia

    Thats a really good way to put it. I also think it’s good for sharing with sites you want to write for to show them that you have a following.

  69. Dia

    Thanks so much Summer! Loved your post today!

  70. Dia

    I hope you find it useful! 🙂

  71. Dia

    Thanks so much Maegan.

  72. Dia

    I hope it helps. 🙂

  73. Morgan

    Great tips! Thank you! xx

  74. Dia

    Hope it was helpful Morgan 🙂

  75. Betsy

    Great info about what to put in a media kit. I’d love to see some templates or something, that’s always my issue is the look.

  76. adriana

    Great post!! I love media kits – I actually make them as a freelance service and it’s a lot of fun learning new techniques to use. They’re such a great blog asset!

  77. Ruthie Ridley

    Thank you for sharing your tips – super helpful!

  78. Alison

    I really need to get a media kit together! I have alright stats too, I just need to put my bum into gear haha.

  79. Dia

    I hope it helps Aileen 🙂

  80. Dia

    It really won’t take long just go for it!

  81. Dia

    They really are!

  82. Dia

    Hope you enjoyed it Ruthie!

  83. Dia

    Check out canva!

  84. Dia

    Yeah so you can be reachable but not too reachable.

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