December 2015 Goals

I’ve been a part of the blogging world for a while now and like with anything I’ve discovered clear goals are necessary to succeed and measure success. Each month I stumble on several blogs that have displayed their goals or income reports, while I’m not ready to share income reports, I am ready to start announcing my goals to the world and holding myself more accountable for them.

With moving and Thanksgiving I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped I would but I did have a great month. Before I get into December’s goals let’s review how I did on November’s goals.

November 2015 Goals


Sounds like me

  • Finish reading Sounds Like Me.

Okay, I didn’t finish it but mainly because I’ve been savoring it haha. I swear each chapter I read either inspires me to write or makes me site and think about life. I did however finish Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari and it was amazing! 

  • Move all my stuff into the new apartment and clean the old one.  

I am happy to say I am all moved and haven’t received any damage charges…yet.

  • Make sure all my mailing is switched to new address.

So far it looks like everything is going where it should.

  • Set up Humana on automatic draft.

With my health insurance policy going up again at the end of the year, this goal has been a bit of a clusterfuck but not from any fault of my own. 


Blog and Freelance Goals

Novemeber Calendar

  • Stick to calendar I made or at least post twice weekly

I didn’t stick to the specific post schedule I made but I did post twice a week! Yay Me!

  • Publish at least 2 pieces on other sites (at least one paid)

In the month of November I did publish  three posts on other websites! 

Just Some Thoughts All 20-Somethings Have During a Job Interview on HelloGiggles 

How To Win Over the Coworker Who Hates You on SheKnows

All The Thoughts I Had When Moving on HelloGiggles

  • Gain at least 10 new subscribers, 5 Instagram followers, 20 re-pins 10 twitter followers

Done, done, done and done. The subscribers were in large part to the Amazon Gift Card Giveaway I hosted early in the month and the Garden of Life Giveaway I hosted towards the middle of the month.

  • Get to 100 Facebook likes


  • Clean out my emails

I sort of accomplished this one. I had gotten my email down but over Thanksgiving I was relying on my hotspot for internet and didn’t want to waste too much of it on non-urgent emails.

Health and Fitness

Me Not Working Out
Me Not Working Out
  • Get back in the habit of eating all meals at home at least 5 days a week
  • Get back into meatless Mondays
  • Work out at least 4 times a week 30 minutes to 1 hour or 12 hours a month

Okay so I didn’t do any of my health and fitness goals. I did start cooking more often, like I used to, but still need to do much better and accomplish these specific goals.

Take away from last month:

Some of my goals could have been written clearer. For example I should have put the amount of followers I wanted to see in social media, instead of saying “10 more” say “a total of 75.”

Also this month I think I’m going to print these goals out and hang them somewhere I’ll look everyday…the fridge it is.

I may also set an alarm on my phone to take a few minutes at the end of each week to give myself a quick progress report.

December 2015 Goals


  • Finish reading Sounds Like Me.
  • Throw an amazing Christmas Party!
  • Hang up my art in the new apartment.
  • Don’t get a sinus infection. This one may sound silly but I get them almost every holiday center and I feel one brewing. 🙁
  • Survive the holidays with my family without fighting with my sister (we don’t want another repeat of Vegas).

Blog and Freelance Goals

    • Post twice weekly
    • Work on Content Upgrades for popular posts.
    • Work on my first webinar.
    • Publish at least 2 pieces on other sites (at least one paid)
    • Gain at least 20 new subscribers.
    • Have 220 Instagram followers
    •  Have 840 twitter followers
    • Have 130 Facebook Page likes
    • Have 325 Pinterest Followers
    • Clean out my emails
    • Take awesome pictures with my new camera!
    • Finish putting together my Mastermind Group. I’ve been in talks with serveral wonder bloggers the past few days and want to have the group ready to go to kick off the new year.

Health and Fitness

Keeping these the same since I majorly failed on them! 

  • Get back in the habit of eating all meals at home at least 5 days a week
  • Get back into meatless Mondays
  • Work out at least 4 times a week 30 minutes to 1 hour or 12 hours a month


Wish me good luck! I’ll let you know how it goes next year (Can you believe it’s already about to be 2016?!?).


How do you plan to end 2015?

Any big NYE plans?

Major goals for your side hustle?

Holiday plans you’re excited about?

Tell me below!

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