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Escaping Debt With Ericka From Tailor-Made Budgets

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In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I interview Ericka Young. Ericka is a financial coach who helps women and couples get their debt paid down and financial lives in check. If you’ve been suffering from debt and the anxiety that can come with it then you need to listen to this episode!

In this episode:

  • The steps Ericka takes when she starts working with a new person.
  • Why you need to have financial goals.
  • Her biggest financial regret.
  • Why you need to know your credit score.
  • How one of her clients went from a 16% interest rate to a 5% interest rate on her car note.
  • Her she decided her book topic.
  • How she helps people recognize their hereditary money habits.
  • How she better understood her husband’s money story.
  • Why she doesn’t say, “we’re broke” and what she says instead.
  • Why the words you use for money are so impactful.
  • Why you sometimes need an outside party to keep you on track with your spending.
  • How you don’t have to say, “no” every time.
  • If she thinks how you should start saving first or paying debt off first.
  • How to tackle the student loan debt.
  • Why she thinks you need to try cash for 30 days.
  • The thing she sees people are most likely to bend on their goals for.
  • How long it took her and her husband to get out of 100k in debt.
  • The luxuries we both make sure we fit into our budget.
  • My challenge for you based on Ericka’s suggestion for a better life.

Listen here:

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[bctt tweet=”Money won’t come in chaos.” username=”budgetsbyericka”]

[bctt tweet=”Ask yourself, “What do I need to line up to be where I want to be”.” username=”Diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”If you don’t have a goal what’s the point of a budget? You aren’t going to stick to it.-” username=”budgetsbyericka”]

[bctt tweet=”No one does it perfectly.” username=”budgetsbyericka”]

[bctt tweet=”If people can get their money act together they can lay a good foundation for their marriage.” username=”budgetsbyericka”]

[bctt tweet=”It seems easier for people to give their bodies up than to share bank accounts.” username=”budgetsbyericka”]

[bctt tweet=”If it’s going on credit cards then you don’t have it to spend.” username=”budgetsbyericka”]

[bctt tweet=”Budgeting helps with the waistline.” username=”budgetsbyericka”]

[bctt tweet=”We are taught to spend now and pay later.” username=”budgetsbyericka”]

[bctt tweet=”With plastic people spend 12-18% more.” username=”budgetsbyericka”]

[bctt tweet=”Money affects every part of your life.” username=”diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”The best preparation for the future is the present well tended.” username=”budgetsbyericka”]

You can find Ericka here:

Escaping Debt With Ericka From Tailor-Made BudgetsEricka Young is the president and founder of Tailor-Made Budgets which she opened in 2005 after she and her husband Chris climbed their way out of nearly $100,000 in debt. She became a certified financial coach by Dave Ramsey’s Lampo Group in 2006 and combines her passion for helping people with creative debt reduction techniques so everyone can have a path to financial freedom. Ericka is a recognized financial expert who inspires people to significantly improve their finances, family and their future with a solid plan. Ericka’s Best-Selling book, “Naked and Unashamed: 10 Money Conversations Every Couple Must Have” was released online in February 2017 worldwide. She currently teaches her message of debt freedom through her e-newsletters, personal and group coaching, workshops and speaking engagements. Ericka, Chris and their two teenage daughters, Faith and Olivia reside in Fishers, IN.

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Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

The Power of Strategic PR in Online Business

Money Challenges:

  1. Only use cash for 30 days straight.
  2. Look at every single card statement and receipts you have for the last month and break down how you are spending your money.

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  • What are some ways you celebrate without spending a lot of money?
  • What is something you have no problem spending money on?

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