Finding The Words With Sara McNally from Constellation & Co

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I talk with Sara McNally. Sara is a true wordsmith and the owner Constellation & Co. Based in Seattle, Constellation & Co. isn’t your average greeting card shop. Sara and her team create cards that reflect the highs and lows of life.

This episode was one of my all-time favorite to record. Sara was so open about her own experiences with loss and anxiety.

In this episode:

  • The need she feels in the marketplace that inspired her cards.
  • How to find the words when there aren’t any.
  • The way she lets her personal life inspires what she creates.
  • The “What-If” avenues we travel after a loss.
  • How working for yourself stretches you and can also trigger you.
  • Why she started a YouTube channel.
  • Her experience starting with antidepressants.
  • How she addresses anxiety with her husband and son.
  • How anxiety can isolate you and why it’s important to realize your feelings aren’t a burden to the people who love you.
  • The highway of anxiety. (My favorite new way to describe the highs and lows of anxiety.)
  • Why you need to check in with yourself and ask for what you need.

Listen here:

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About Sara

snail mail superstar

Sara McNally is the owner of Constellation & Co, a letterpress stationery company and brick & mortar gift shop located in the Seattle Fisherman’s Terminal.

Constellation & Co uses the power of words and the magic of snail mail to connect people and make us all feel less alone.

Our line of cards and gifts are inspired by the events and occasions in life that are made sweet by close, honest relationships. Our work as Constellation & Co. is built for sharing joy and holding our loved ones close in the middle of pain.

Constellation & Co has been featured on a variety of publications such as Oh So Beautiful Paper, Creative Mornings, The Paper Chronicles, and more. Sara has been interviewed on podcasts such as Proof to Product, Let’s Talk About It with Taylor Nolan, and The Postcardist talking about business, mental health, and her love of postcards.

When Sara’s not working at the shop, she’s sending snail mail to her loved ones, buying copious amounts of fountain pens, and spending time with her husband and son.

Use code “CREATIVES” on my site for 10% off your purchase, including your first month of our stationery subscription box, Card Club!

You can find Sara here:

Mentioned in this episode

Anxiety – the Missing Stage of Grief: A Revolutionary Approach to Understanding and Healing the Impact of Loss Book by Claire Bidwell Smith

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