Stop doing all the things if you want a successful business

Follow Your Own Model

Stop trying to shove a square peg into a round hole!

You are unique! So that means the way one person finds success may not work for you.
You aren’t broke. You aren’t bad at business. You aren’t doomed to fail. You’re YOU.

In this episode, I share some tips for figuring out what works for you and how to stop trying all the different things to make your business work.

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Address The Mindset Part
Before you do ANYTHING you need to get ya mind correct. What do I mean? I mean that the best strategies, the best coaches and all the money in the world won’t make your business successful if you are blocking yourself from succeeding. If you’ve listened to the podcast often then you’ve heard the phrase “business ownership is a crash course in self-development.” It makes you look at all the ugly hidden parts of your life and business and forces you to face your biggest demons. You have to work on that if you ever want to be super successful. Maybe it’s journaling, therapy, crystals, meditation, going into the woods for a week alone. Whatever helps get you clarity. You have to address your mind if you want your pocketbook to grow.

Be Honest With Yourself About Everything
Since childhood, you’ve probably found yourself hiding under the covers from the scary things in life. A noise in the closet, a horrifying text you sent after too much tequila, your bank account after vacation. Avoidance is a natural response. We subconsciously think “This isn’t going to make me feel good so I’m going to avoid it.” While it’s natural it isn’t good for your business growth.

You have to be willing to check yourself on the hard stuff. You need to be willing to know what income is coming in. What funds are going out? What emails are being read? What posts are getting clicks? How are your customers are being supported and most importantly why you’re doing this to start with.

That last one is huge. If you can ask yourself why you do the things you do then you can realize when you’re having comparison paralysis that the thing you’re converting doesn’t match up to what you actually want. Which brings me to my next point.

Make Goals Based On Your Real Desires
It can be easy to see some influenster on a yacht and think, “I want a yacht.” I’ll be honest I’ve had those moments and then I realize, “I’m not a fan of water or sunshine. What am I talking about.” When you make your goals based on the type of life you want, instead of the life being modeled for you or that you believe you’re supposed to aim for your goals will be a lot more exciting to achieve and feel much more aligned with who you are.

Take Note Of What You Enjoy And What You Hate
If you absolutely hate being on video don’t buy Victoria Video’s new course on YouTube content marketing. Chances are you’re never going to implement it and if you do it will probably feel gross and tedious (which, surprise surprise will be hella obvious to anyone watching.)
You must know what you like and what you don’t when creating your business strategy because you want to create a plan you’re likely to stick to. Not just copy and paste someone else’s blueprint.

When you are realistic about what you need to be productive, profitable and happy in your business then you can stop investing in programs that are wrong for you and start investing in things that amplify your amazingness.

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