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Getting Visual With Viraltag

So if you’re a blogger or online business owner, you probably understand how important visibility is. When you’re visible brands want to work with you, clients find you and you build a reputation. One of the most important parts is building a social media brand. While you should focus on building your email list, having regular, relevant and visible content on the right social media channel is a huge part of increasing your traffic.

There are tons of social media platforms and depending on your needs, the one that is the right fit for you might vary. I am a big believer that if you find something that works you should stick with it, but when I got the chance to try Viraltag I decided to give it a chance.

What is Viraltag?

ViralTag is a social media management and scheduling tool. It’s all about the visual side of social media.

Viraltag Features

Viraltag has some amazing features including its own Chrome plugin that lets you schedule social media posts from almost any website.

Design– This program integrates directly with Canva to design graphics that are the right size for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Feeds– You can select your favorite Pinterest accounts and add them to your feed for easy access (quicker social media scheduling).

Circles– Similar to other platforms you can join circles of like-minded people in your niche to have your pins seen (aka more likely to shared) and vice versa.

Reports– I also love the reports feature. It lets you see traffic reports and analytics (When integrated with Google Analytics). My favorite part is the easy overview of your Pinterest progress; you can see trends and which posts had the most saves and comments.

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Which Social Media Platforms Does It Work With?

Viraltag lets you schedule posts to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Instagram.

What Does It Integrate With?

You can connect several of your accounts to get the most out of using Viraltag.

Current integrations include:

  • UTM Tracking
  • Google Analytics
  • Rebrandly
  • Bitly

What Did I Love?

The Bulk Editor is LIFE! When it comes to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I try to be pretty specific with the things I post. With Pinterest, while I do try to stick to certain themes on Pinterest, going in and individually assigning each pin to a board can be tedious.

Being able to set up feeds from my favorite Pinners and bulk add them to feed is a game changer. I can be confident that even if I don’t have time to hop on Pinterest my feed won’t be empty.

If you have the budget and are looking for a professional scheduling/publishing platform for your social media you should checkout Viraltag.

*I received a free trial to try Viraltag in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.


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