Good Reads: 3 Things Successful People Do During Their Lunch Breaks

Photo From Pixabay
Photo From Pixabay

I can’t tell you how often I see one of my coworker’s eating at their desks. I always think, what a waste of break time.
The Muse recently published an article by Lily Herman, 3 Things Successful People Do on their Lunch Breaks.
While you’ll have to check out the original article to learn all 3, I will share my personal favorite.
They Exercise
A few times of week I swap my post work, workout for a lunchtime workout and I always feel amazing after.
While I will admit sometimes I feel slightly rushed, it encourages me to really “bring it” since I only get about 30 minutes of gym time. There are so many benefits to working out during lunch. (5 Reasons Lunch Time Workouts Are Great) So the next time you want to heat up last night leftovers and eat alone in the break room think about “3 Things Successful People Do on their Lunch Breaks.


  1. Karen Nors

    Okay so I decided to finally take your advice. Went and worked out on my lunch break… and literally the afternoon has flown by. I’ve had more energy and those annoying coworkers did not push me to the point of wanting to slap them.. yay happy endorphins! Let’s see if I can keep this up the rest of the week!

  2. Dia

    That’s great! My lunch time workouts have been put on hold since my car accident so bust a sweat for me! 🙂

  3. Candy

    I use to go for walks around a park when I worked outside the home. Made me feel so much better.

  4. Dia

    It refreshes you.

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