Good Reads: 8 Things You Didn’t Realize Annoy Your Bridesmaids

Photo From Pixabay
Photo From Pixabay

Maybe its the fact that I need both hands to count the number of girlfriends I have that have gotten engaged since Christmas but I felt like this article screamed out to me.  I am incredibly happy for my friends, I really am but being apart of a friends special day can be especially exhausting. PopSugar posted an article this week by Annie Gabillet, “ 8 Thing You Didn’t Realize Annoy Your Bridemaids.” Gabillet summarizes all the things brides should know and consider for the sake of their bridesmaids.

While I can appreciate most of the items on this list the one I would emphasize to any of my friends getting married is, Having multiple expensive events.

I don’t know about you but I am barely 3 years out of college which means I’m not even 3 years into paying student loans, between loan payments, living expenses, car payment, insurance, saving up (in the event I ever have a special day myself… and by that I mean finally go to Paris), I have to watch my spending. As much as I love my friends I don’t think standing up for them on their wedding day should mean that I have to go on a Ramen diet.

Cut your bridesmaids a break, if you’re having multiple showers be sure to clarify to them that they aren’t required to bring a gift to every event. Take into consideration the price tag on the bridesmaids dress you pick. If you have an out of  town wedding or bachelorette party look for group deals or consider renting a house instead of separate hotel rooms.

Be sure to check out the full article here 8 Thing You Didn’t Realize Annoy Your Bridesmaids.


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