Good Reads: How to Engage in Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

For some of us social media can be an exhausting experience. Let’s be honest it’s hard enough keeping up with the friends you see on a regular basis  now your supposed to have multiple accounts to keep up with acquaintances, old coworkers and even that girl you carpooled with in 3rd grade. No thank you. As someone who went on a 5 month Facebook cleanse, I hated getting back on, strictly for the  purpose of promoting my website. This is the world we live in, if you want to be successful you have to use all the tools you can and that includes social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and a dozen more other sites.

One thing about starting a website that I wouldn’t have predicted was that I would spend about 30% of my time on the writing and editing and the other 70% promoting and marketing.  Just with Twitter and Stumble Upon the first few months required a lot of work. Now I share my articles on FacebookMedium, Stumble Upon, Digg, Twitter, Google +,Tumblr and Pinterest, while also contributing and pitching to other sites. I’ve developed a system for avoiding social media overload but it is still a struggle sometimes. Fighting the urge to see how many likes a post has on Facebook or making sure my Twitter followers aren’t decreasing but it’ doable.

I read an article on Be More With Less this week, How to engage in social media without losing your mind by Courtney Carver that I think would benefit anyone regardless if they use social media for work or play.  Carver makes great suggestions for getting the most out of Facebook without going into overload or wasting a lot of time.

My favorite tip is to delete the app. Without Facebook on my phone I am more present and check it a lot less than I would if I had the app.

Check out her article and try it out. Let me know what social media site you are addicted below.

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